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This incident should provide final proof of what I've been telling you for a long time - the state's military/paramilitary apparatus will *not* be held accountable within the established system because those who run it don't want them checked: only the fear of sudden death has any real impact on these people - consider that and act accordingly...

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Trusting the political class is what keeps getting people killed - forget Congress, forget the Executive branch, forget the MIC: this whole model of society needs to be left behind once and for all!

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"Abbadon- the Jews are quoted as saying kill the mothers of the Arabs"

Some of them among the ruling classes of the Israeli state have, but do they represent Jews as a people group or their own interests (using the "good of the Jewish people" as a cover for their agendas)?

"They are funding and training terrorists groups elsewhere for when they march outside to continue taking more and more land in Syria, Jordan, Iraq, etc. "

Ok - now you're just talking nonsense: there are no "terrorists" anywhere - it's just an arbitrary label with no real meaning attached to it.

"They have taken over the US government and every Jew in the US sends money to Israel."

1. It's the other way around - the Israeli state is a puppet of the U.S./NATO empire.

2. I know for a fact that not all Jews send money to Israel - I l know this for a fact because I know a couple of ethnic Jews who have no real interests in nationalistic politics (as they are Anarchists or apolitical - and they're respective theologies can be summed up as "god is dead") and thus don't have any interest in the Israeli state whatsoever.

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"Ah, minimal damage... I didn't realise. Oh well that's ok then. Israel has no right to complain if those 12,000 rockets only did "minimal damage". "

You miss the point completely - take just one moment and turn the proverbial chess board around here: would an organized insurgency that has been successfully fighting against the IDF (which is a military force backed by the funds and weaponry of a superpower entity) waste its limited resources on 12,000 rockets to launch at targets that deal little or no lasting damage to the Israeli state (its mortal enemy)?

No, the actions here are inconsistent - a competent guerrilla insurgency would not waste its very limited resources like that: it seems more likely that another entity launched those rockets at different points in time and then blamed the guerrillas for it - in time, seeing how the guerrillas would not be believed if they denied the attacks, simply started taking credit for the actions for propaganda purposes.

What you fail to understand is this - the truth is *always* the first casualty war as it becomes blurred under a flurry of activity and spun around by the warring factions to support their respective causes.

"You can put a good face on just about anything. But I don't hear anyone on this site presenting a balanced viewpoint."

Define "balanced viewpoint" here - what exactly do you mean by that and how woul you present one?

"Its ALL irrational hatred for a tiny nation struggling to exist against enemies occupying 650 times the land that they do, yet still spewing hatred and spite with every breath. "

This is Israeli state propaganda - most of the Arab states want good relations with the U.S./NATO empire and the Israeli state is a vassal of the empire: the leaders of these states might spit vitriol for the sake of rallying their subjects against an external foe (regardless of whether or not they actually intend to do anything about the alleged foe), but they won't dare to move against them so long as the empire supports the Israeli state and remains strong enough to enforce its will in the region.

What the Israeli state wants in the indigenous population gone so that it can lay claim to their territory for its own ruling classes - an interest that has been flustered over and over again by the native's own resistance forces over the course of decades: the Israeli state has no recourse left to defeat the guerrillas other than full-scale ethnic cleansing because they enjoy the support of the native population (which views them as the only thing standing between themselves and extermination). In essence, they are facing the same basic challenge that the Israeli settlers faced back in Europe during the 1940s: something that the Israeli state won't admit lest its own legitimacy be undermined...

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So, you want to wipe out a people group because a state entity that ostensibly represents them wipes out people groups? Do you not see the irony here?

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You do realize that those rockets do minimal damage to the Israeli state, yes? It's almost as though these attacks were *calculated* to be inefficient (a trait typically not affiliated with guerrilla resistance movements - since they generally have more limitations on resources than their conventional counterparts they have to make the most of everything they have): just enough damage inflicted to enrage the civilian population, but no lasting damage done to the economy or military capacity of the Israeli state - which leads me to think that many (if not most) of these rocket attacks are being launched by the Israeli state itself to provide an excuse for its campaign of genocide (probably through agencies like Mossad).

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To take that even further, "crime" only exists because of "law" - no "law" means no "crime:" since "law" is just the will of the entity that has more cash and guns than everyone else, "law" is essentially a fiction - making "crime" a fiction as well.

And "terrorism?" Such a thing is no more real than unicorns or Jesus...

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But alas many do not recognize when other resist extermination - only being able to see passed the propaganda once they themselves are in the crosshairs...

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"Number one problem for the entire planet?" I think that you exaggerate the power of this U.S./NATO puppet state - apart from its backers in Washington it's not much of a threat to anyone (at least no more than any other state entity is - and all states are dangerous monsters that need to be put down in my own view...).

Yet you make a point - the conflict isn't a simple "eye-for-eye" feud that the Western press tends to present. Rather it's a struggle of an indigenous population against the puppets of an imperialist regime looking to control the region and its supply of oil: a regime that will happily kill anyone in its path and is allowing the façade of humanitarianism that it surrounded itself with to drop - meaning that time is indeed short and soon it shall no longer pretend to care about things like "truth" or "justice" or any of these other pleasant social fictions that "civilized" people have been taught to worship since birth...

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What's this bullsh-t about "terrorist" encryption? There is no such thing! Why? Because there are no "terrorists" (making the idea of one using encryption ridiculous - that's like a unicorn searching the web...).

It's like these people believe that if they keep talking about the non-existent over and over again it will somehow magically pop into reality one day...