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We need to ask who is protecting that woman. How much power does she and her husband, Robert Kagan. have as Israeli Agents? My take is that the Israelis are behind most of these schemes. Their fear is that if the US slows down interventions, it might stop defending Israel.

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Bastards! That the Democratic Senators treated this as though it were a routine confirmation vote is outrageous. Their only defense could be that Jay Bybee was promoted to a position on the 9th Circuit court after signing off on the infamous torture memos created by John Yoo.

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That 20% fuel rod story is something that Porter should have talked about. Iran was trying to buy 20% fuel rods to re-fuel a medical reactor that made medical isotopes. The US at the behest of Israel kept all countries from selling them. Iran started enriching to 20% and that was the excuse for the US and Israel to start shreeking, "Iran is building nukes". The US then asked Brazil and Turkey if they would use their good relations with Iran to get an agreement? An agreement was quickly arranged where the 20% fuel would be shipped out and 20% fuel rods would be returned. The US quickly sabotaged that deal by insisting all of Iran's nuclear fuel including 5% had to be shipped out also. Fire every Jew that is involved in the nuclear negotiations and we will have less Israel Agents working to sabotage rapprochment.

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The Israelis have been trying to sabotage any deal with Iran for years. They have been screeching about non-existent nuclear weapons for over 20 years. The closest they came to an attack was in the early summer of 2008 when all their top officials came to DC to whine and ask for help in an attack. Bush would turn them down because all our intell stated that Iran was not working on nukes. The price of crude oil jumped to $150 per barrel before Bush turned them down. Eventually the US might get smart and realize all their saber rattling drives up the price of crude and the insider hedge funds are tipped about a week before the threats to attack start. Ehud Barak, the Minister of Defense became a millionaire with his side job as a consultant to a hedge fund. News that we haven't seen in US papers is that Ehud Ohlmert the past Prime Minister of Israel has been sentenced to seven years in prison for bribery.

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The Doctors Without Borders report of the dead is the most accurate. The hype started quickly with photos of rows of kids in burial shrouds, except that was outed as a photo from the Iraq War. The NYT had to confess in a back handed way that the rockets that contained the sarin only had a range of about 1 1/2 miles max and couldn't have been fired from a Syrian base nine kilometers away. The official report is still out there, "UN Chemical Weapons report".

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The Israelis don't have to spy very much. They have all their agents in very important jobs. Victoria Nuland is Assistant Secretary of State. We have David Cohen at Treasury leading all the Israel sponsored sanctions against Iran over a non-existent nuclear weapons program. We have Bob Menendez, Shumer, Corker, and many others in the US Senate. No, they don't need spies.

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Imagine what would happen if a US Senator put forth a resolution to blockade Israeli ports and not allow gasoline into Israel as a couple US Senators have been trying to do against Iran on behalf of Israel. We would hear the screeching and wailing all the way from Tel Aviv. "Chutzpah" is a Jewish word that means shameless audacity and the Zionists will never run short.

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Some writers are becoming brave enough to bust the Zionist censorship of the news from Haaretz (June 17) "Mossad: Iran Will Have Nuclear Weapon by 2014" and "Israel Can't Make up it's Mind About Iranian Nuclear Weapons". Those two articles show how the Israeli Zionists and their facilitators in the US have lied for years about Iranian nuclear weapons programs. Some of those members of Congress who have attempted to get us into a war with the Iranians are Senators Leiberman and Kyl and Reps Ackerman and Pence. Last year they introduced Senate Resolution 580 and House Resolution 362 which would have called for blockading Iranian ports. That attempt fizzled when Congress was warned that it amounted to an act of war against Iran. This spring the same crowd came back with a new name for the same war attempts "Iran Diplomatic Enhancement Act". This was also shot down and now they have a new attempt, "Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act" which would threaten sanctions against anyone who provides Gasoline to the Iranians.

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The US would have better relations with Iran in a few months if: Obama stopped accusing them of building nuclear weapons; Fire Dennis Ross and Zionist holdovers from the Bush regime who are still putting out false stories about Iran and sabotaging any meaningful talks with them; cancel most of the trade restrictions against Iran; pull our Special Ops troops out and cancel the Bush secret program to destabilize the Iran Government; tell Clinton to stop screeching about civil rights (the Saudis are ten times worse); ask them to allow a US Interests Section in Tehran (Iran has one in Washington, D.C.); lastly, very publicly, tell the Isarelis to shut up with their threats against Iran.

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I am at a loss why Pat Buchanan and others have not brought up an embarrassing censorship of important news from Israel. On June 17 Haaretz messed up the daily ritual of the Zionists and Likkudniks who call for the immediate bombing of Iran because they almost have the bomb. "Mossad: Iran will Have Nuclear Bomb by 2014" and "Israel Can't Make up it's Mind About Iran Nuclear Timetable". These two stories show how the intell has been falsified by the neo-cons and Zionists in Israel and the US for years to manipulate and sway public opinion for their political gain. Those stories have been censored in the US and Europe, but they goofed, it's all over Google! Buchanan should have ripped Obama and Clinton for kowtowing and groveling to AIPAC and other Israel lobbying groups. Obama parrots the Israeli line that the Iranians are building nuclear bombs when the CIA, the Russians, and also the new head of the IAEA all say it isn't so.