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The 'mark of Cain' is on Israel - as the current inhabitants of the rogue state of Israel have NO relationship to the Israelites of the Old Testament - they are indeed from Satan. Just look at their criminal actions!

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Friedman is a Zioinst Jew - what would you expect from him? Thomas Jefferson said: "I tremble for my country because God is just and His justice will not rest forever." For every action there is a reaction - a basic law of physics and of life. IF we would stop killing tens of thousands of them by invading their countries, by occupying their countries, by destroying their countries - maybe just maybe there would not be a 'blowback'?

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"Winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people" - by bombing them and killing them, - it worked really well when that strategy was used in Vietnam - didn't it? As in Vietnam -every 'civilian' killed was the enemy - weren't they? Every person killed in Afghanistan is Taliban - right? Let's see -as per 'NOVA' on PBS TV earlier tonight - ALL of the 9/11 attackers trained in the United States; ALL were under suspicion and were being monitored by the 'NSA'; ALL were granted visas to enter the U.S.; NONE came from Iraq or Afghanistan. 'They' killed 3000 of us - we have the right to murder hundreds of thousands of them - don't we? There won't be any "blowback" now will there be? - 'they' do not have the right to do to us what we are doing to them - right? Mao said it best: "It is easy to defeat an arrogant enemy." NO country is more arrogant than America - perhaps Israel! As Thomas Jefferson said: "I tremble for my country because I know that God is just and His justice does not rest forever."

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Let's see - we continue to "win the hearts and minds" of the Afghans by dropping bombs on and killing their civilians; by invading; occupying their country; by destroying their country - yes - that will work - won't it? It worked in Vietnam, didn't it? - you think?

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Patton always held it against Ike for NEVER having earned a 'combat medal' - Ike had always served as a staff officer and NOT in command of combat troops. The accusation by Patton in 1943-1944 was - "what is Ike doing, running for president?" Throughout the war - Patton was restrained by Ike - Montgomery, who was NOT a good general, was favored. Many - obviously Patton - felt that Patton's army could have been unleashed to make an end run around the Germans during this battle, which would have trapped the Germany army. Instead, Ike ordered a frontal attack which greatly increased casualties. Much blame can be given to Churchill and the British for WWII - Buchanan's book: "Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War" - is a must read!

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As Sophocles noted some 2000 years ago - "It is the merit of a general to impart good news and to conceal the truth" - seems that the generals have always LIED!

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It is NOT likely that the 'Jews' who now inhabit the state of Israel have anything to do with the Israelites of the Old Testament. Claims by racists terrorists like Begin that Jews "are the Master race" - NOT likely in keeping with a loving God? And often the 'God of Israel' punished his 'stiff necked people' - didn't he? It seems that Jesus referred to many Jews as being from Satan - now didn't he? Oops - forgot - the Jews hate Jesus! "An exclusively Israeli God"?? Interestingly - the term 'Jew' does NOT enter the Bible until translations made in the 18th century.

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"All murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets" - Voltaire - and - "Because I do it with one small ship I am called a terrorist. You do it with a whole fleet and are called an emperor." - a pirate from Saint Augustine's 'City of God'.

Had the Germans won WWII they would have hung Churchill, and the Allies for their war crimes.

Truth is indeed the first casualty of every war!

Who is there to hang Bush, Cheney, Blair, etc for their war crimes?

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It was General Douglas MacArthur who warned against involving the U.S. in a land war in Asia. Obviously our LOSS in the Vietnam War did NOT teach US any lessons. Mao was correct in observing that : "It is easy to defeat an arrogant enemy." There is NO country more arrogant than the U.S. is at this time. Does "finishing the job" in Afghanistan mean making that country safe for the American Oil Companies to build their pipeline through that country? "War is a Racket" - a greaty book that details how America's wars are fought for Corporate profits!

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YES - George Orwell would indeed understand - war is peace - right? Great irony! And YES - Wilson's involvement of the US in WWI guaranteed the rape and plunder of Germany by Britain, France, and the Allies via the Versailles Treaty and that there would be a WWII.