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Speech on private websites is not 'free speech' but subject to the whims of any particular website owner. You have obviously not investigated the website to any degree or you would realize that I typically approve comments pretty freely.

If you would like to kick sand in your own sandbox, feel free. But this is my sandbox and everyone's ability to play in it is purely at my own discretion.

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It hasn't made sense and still doesn't make sense. Its part of why I have kept looking at it, sheer puzzlement
Erica Saunders

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No judgement ... just observation of a pattern. Curious how federal tax court records qualify as unsubstantiated, especially when copies have been made accessible for examination and review by readers.

Perhaps your definition of unsubstantiated differs from the one I'm familiar with
Erica Saunders

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Ah yes .... my thoughts on the "WSB-TV" threat to sue Richard Berman that just 'happened' to be mailed to the HSUS address?

Here you go, as requested.
*snork* *giggle* *snort* *uncontrollable laughter* *wipe tears from eyes*

No need to thank me, I'm happy to oblige my readers when and where possible. (Even those with IP addresses suspiciously close in location to the HSUS headquarters)

Erica Saunders

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Hello Angelo,

Please note that approval of comments does not necessarily indicate agreement with the comments made. There is a fairly narrow spectrum of comments that I do not approve. (Major profanity, racism, outright craziness. I even receive comments that combine all 3 categories)

Personally, I don't see this as a liberal vs. conservative issue which is why I do not use such language in my articles. However, consider that statements equating animal abuse to child abuse are made with regularity as justification for legislation and accepted as legitimate. In that light, how is it unfair or 'riling up' to look at the same issue from the exact opposite perspective? If a person says animal abuse is as bad as child abuse, they are equally stating that child abuse is as bad as animal abuse. It is like a mathematical statement a = b therefore b = a

As much as anything, my writings are often examinations and reversals of 'spin' as much as examinations of legislation, political and law enforcement activity. Thank you for reading and commenting. Feedback is always appreciated.

Erica Saunders

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I do own animals and have owned animals all my life (and am not a sir by the way)

I stand by what I have written. You are welcome to disagree

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Thank you for pointing out the need for clarification on that point in the article. It has already been restated for clarity and legal application accuracy.

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A few comments in response to your posts.
a) Despite your protests on Uric acid release and its eventual poisoning of the consumer, I have not seen any credible scientific evidence that demonstrates this.
b) the term \'rabbit starvation\' does not refer to those eating a \'like a rabbit\' on a vegetarian/vegan diet, it refers to the body going into a catabolic state in the face of a diet high in protien but nearly devoid of fat or of carbohydrate sources. (ex. hunter-gatherers living off of animals such as rabbits in the winter which did not have much in the way of body fat on the carcass)
c) Your comment on meat being \"simply reprocessed herbs, grasses and veggies\" is patently disproven by the well-documented fact that sufficient B12 in the diet (a critical nutrient) is difficult to manage for a vegetarian and nigh impossible in a truly vegan diet without extra supplementation sources. B12 deficiency can result in such issues as brain shrinkage through tissue deterioration, clumsiness & coordination problems, cognitive difficulties affecting a range of processes including critical thinking, and even dementia
d) Chimps are well documented to eat meat in the wild, when they can get ahold of it.
e) I\'m not sure where the focus on milk comes from as human adaptation to milk consumption varies on a geographic scale. Some of us are genetically adapted to consume milk, some are not.

You have thrown a lot of items up there, but a great deal is overstating the research conclusion or making unsupported leaps. Credible scientific research do not make statements and leaps of this type, but junk science does it ALL the time.

I welcome you to your choice of lifestyle, it is your choice and does not require fear-mongering or junk science to justify it. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to
Erica Saunders
AR-HR Founder