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I've never understood the compulsion of people to push their own needs on others... the ONLY way a single person is going to get suggestions about how to find a date is if they are bemoaning their singleness...Otherwise if my friends are happy as is then I'm happy! I think it's awesome that we all have different needs/wants/desires... you go on with your bad self :D

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this is excellent... although admittedly "closure" is just code for I want to tell you why you are wrong and why I should have left you anyway :D (been on the receiving end of that one)

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It may be cultural in some ways... but some of us with larger breasts just simply find life more comfortable with girls lifted and contained ... there is bounce factor and pulling forward factor...I don't give a darn about sag but man going about things other than just sitting are less comfy without some form of support and containment. that's just my personal experience with it :D But damn if you are comfy without go for it... (I dare you to try say running sans support --- ugh ;p)

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I love this so much. For way too many years my wild woman and my good girl have been at odds... they see each other as's been a battle for who was to win. It's only been recently that I began to understand that they are a team... you expressed it so beautifully.

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“At this point, Karen, if you stay with Bruce knowing what you know, then you are the asshole.” NOT ANYMORE this is exactly the validation I needed today... this very morning! thank you so much for sharing. Like, seriously:
Yep, the more we stay with and/or complain about a toxic person, the more we’re merely delaying doing the important inner work we need to do to heal our wounds, expand our limiting beliefs, and show ourselves far more love and respect.

All of this time expended on them could be time spent on expanding us—growing who we are!


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please also remember that everybody is different. Not everyone processes nutrtients in the same way. It depends on MANY factors. I know fat vegans, skinny vegans, healthy vegans and sick vegans and the same exact list for other diet standards... each individual should pay close attention to their body and discover what works best for their health. Personally I loved being vegan, spiritually, for 5 years. I was very happy mentally but slowly getting sicker. It was a sad and difficult day to go back to animal products but FOR ME it has helped and I'm slowly regaining my health. On the other hand I have a friend that only regained her health going vegan. REAL food matters most. unprocessed. untainted. seasonal. varied. and specific to your climate and your constitution. There is no one size fits all answer. I do not agree with scare tactics on either side. I actually have to guard against slipping back into vegan ways as my grain and nut consumption goes up and my health issues are exacerbated when I do. I actually tried "paleo" for awhile but that was just way over the top... a nice middle ground has been the most beneficial. I applaud (and am in fact a bit jealous) of those that thrive on a vegan diet...but no vegan should ever look down on someone who can't, or doesn't especially if that person has attempted and is conscientious enough to be aware of their health and diet.

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my only concern was saying anything negative about queen :D

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this made me giggle

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adding oregano oil is good too!