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Thanks for all the kinds words. When the Challenge first began I resolved to go out of my comfort zone and post at least once for each note. So glad others got something from that because I sure got plenty from all of your postings.
On day 51 I attended a seminar with Dr. Brian Weiss (author of Many Lives, Many Masters) and psychic medium John Holland. Their "messages from the other side" had some things in common with a few PN Big Ideas. All the messages stressed that there is nothing to fear. Life is to be enjoyed, don't let fear stop you from doing anything, and know that you are loved. It was quite cool. See if you want to read more on it.
Also want to share this free call with Rev. Michael Beckwith on Tues 3/23
Be well - AF

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A great note to end the challenge with. I’d never heard of this book or the authors but I loved the note and have ordered myself a copy of the book.

Everything is energy. That is a core learning from so many teachers I’ve encountered over the last few years and that is why I knew I’d love this book as soon as I read; “Performance, health and happiness are grounded in the skillful management of energy.”

A year ago I made the switch from always having a Diet Coke in my hand to water. Within a couple weeks I noticed more energy for the entire day despite no longer having any caffeine intake. At that same time I got rid of the bedroom TV and cut my watching down drastically. It used to be on all day long, now I might average an hour a day – and NO news.

Yay – another appearance by the Stoics and a new word – Anacoluthia.
The notion of specificity of timing is something I’d never heard before, at least in terms of researching into it. That is very cool. Something as simple as a todo list or daily planner instead of just a mental task list will get more done.

The ‘jump ahead to the end of your life” is a fantastic exercise. Great way to wrap up the entire challenge. I think after a week off I’ll be looking to dive into the next 50. Phenomenal work Brian.

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Really enjoy these ancient notes and this is another book I’ll pick up soon. First idea that struck me in a powerful way was “This means that the longest life and the shortest amount to the same thing. For the passing minute is every man’s equal possession” So cool to find that living in the moment is such an old idea, as well as not being concerned with the opinions of others.
Seeing time as a river is powerful too. If we accept, even embrace, the constancy of change our lives will flow with ease.

So many qreat quotes: “If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”
“I seek the truth… it is only persistence in self-delusion and ignorance that does harm.”
“Nothing is worth doing pointlessly.”

Here’s to a huge comeback for Stoicism as the dominant philosophy in our world.

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Congratulations on some top notch realizations. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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I first heard of Carlos Castandeda from James Ray at some of his live events last year. James is big into the whole Toltec Warrior thing but I’m not a fan of the all the “warrior” and “battle” metaphors since it was that mentality that pushed three people to die at James’ “Spiritual Warrior” event. I don’t think self growth needs to be a battle.
I’ve never read a Castaneda book and after hearing criticism about how much of it was made up, I’m not sure I ever will. But regardless of all that baggage and resistance I did enjoy this note. I especially like the Warrior’s Perception and the oft repeated theme of detachment.

Death as Advisor is wild. So anytime you think things are so screwed up that your life is over, Death can remind you that isn’t quite true. Casting aside our personal history is another very cool notion. As is “great deal of effort with not stress or obsession.” So many people think effort and stress are synonymous.
Might need to update all the notes that reference Tiger Woods : )

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I've never messed with Apple Lossless so don't know. Contact Centerpointe support to see if that is fine to use. They are who gave me the WAV tip.

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Yes, file compression is real. But you can put Holosync onto your iPod. You must import it as .wav files not .mp3. Wav files are bigger (not as much compression) and don't lose any mojo.
I listen with noice cancellation headphones and was warned that for the upper levels I can't use them, they too cut out frequencies that are part of Holosync.

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If Holosync costs bother you check out Same tech, less cost due to no support. I've read that mp3 compression loses too much of the frequency range to be of max benefit - that comes from Centerpointe so take it or leave it. Personally, I saw so much benefit from Holosync the cost is a bargain.

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Sweet, we're good to go for the next challenge.

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I’ve been looking forward to this note. I discovered Burt Goldman (The American Monk) a couple months before the PN Challenge started. He has a great blog and gives lots of short meditations away. In the last month I’ve even heard him tell the story of the dented bumper and creating three times the cost of the repair. Plus during the challenge I’ve had two people tell me about Silva Mind Control Method, they’d both taken courses on it years ago and raved about it. Check out or search YouTube.

This note is full of things that James Ray teaches and it is a heck of a lot cheaper. ; )
Totally dig the 7 Hermetic Laws, I’ve heard each of the laws before but didn’t know their origin. Love the 5 rules of happiness too, perfectly simple like all great truths are. Great note and another book to buy.
Wow! Only three notes to go.