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Great to meet you. So glad you've joined the party!!!

He BIT you????? That's crazy... I'd be like, "WHAT do you think you're doing?" LOL

Love your list... I'd love to sit down and chat for hours with you.

Talk more soon

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I love it!

You've got a fantastic blog here and you've got a message everyone needs to hear. Perhaps we can do an interview or something with you sometime at 5 Minutes for Mom. Check back with us when the party dust settles.

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I LOVE this!!!

I need to improve in many of these areas... thanks for the push.
My recent post Chris Mann — LIVE at the Ultimate Blog Party 2010

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The fact that you are here typing a post telling us about the dreams you had while we were waiting and praying for you is a true dream come true!!!!

I believe all your dreams will come true.


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That's funny... I admit I liked that movie and I love Reese Witherspoon. Great point... she did have confidence in herself and prove everyone wrong.

Yes, losing a child is the worst fear ever as a mom.

I hate snakes too. Luckily where I live we dont' have many.

Talk more soon
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Ouch. That sounds like it hurt.

And yay for Big Wheels!

Cool about the photographer thing...

That is a drag about not having a photographer at your wedding. But I can understand... all the wedding stuff can be so expensive.

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Such a drag being sick. We've had colds here forever but thankfully nothing worse... so far.

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Fabulous list! Now I have to go update our about page. Ours is so sadly neglected and out of date.

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Great list! Keyboard short-cuts help soooo much.

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You said it, Girlfriend!

First, I am sorry that you've had to endure this crap... it is ridiculous.

Second, remember that it all translates into traffic and in the end, that is good.

Third, I'm not surprised that journalists are threatened by bloggers and they are trying to take us down. But they will not win. The world has changed.

Hang in there and remember you've got TONS of FANS!!!!!!!

Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)