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I agree with erikcreature. The moosehead was a total do-over of A) David Bromstad himself, and B) Antonio's pink doves, which were much more unexpected. Definitely not something to win over.

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nope, haven't. i will look it up.

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Well, I happen to think moving furniture every two weeks or so is actually exciting! You say tomato, I guess.

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<Replying to Myself!>

I always taught my students in school that a "fact" is something that can be proven. How *do* we prove emotions, anyway?

(I think that's where I was going with my above comment...just didn't get there. ha ha.)

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Interesting concept...loving someone as factual. I've never thought of emotions as facts...for aren't they ever-changing? At least malleable?

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"King" Budweiser indeed. Those jokers. Speaking of which, we have a 12-pack (10 left) of Bud in our garage that some dude brought over, drank two of, and then left here... If anyone wants them, come on by...! Ain't nobody here drinking a bud. (Personally, I am not allowed to ever since that incident in Fenway Park. Everyone else here just has great taste.)

I also like the one about drinking in public. I hesitated in pointing this out, as that would indicate the only two witticisms that speak to me have to do with Beer, which just ain't true. And, yet, I went ahead to point it out. Argh. Going to open a beer now...

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The only thing that beats a road trip is finally making it home. Oh, and Google maps. Often, that totally beats a road trip. ha ha.

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Ah, the plight of the 30-something. I truly believe this is our generation's {greatest} obstacle. We weren't shepherded or cajoled into careers, and now we don't know what in the hell we should be doing. Does anyone else feel this? Some of us, I guess, get lucky. Others of us don't. So we keep searching. Hey--searching takes a lot of guts--so Kudos to you.

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The one and only NFL game I've been to was in Dallas. I didn't know much about football then, and know only a smidgen more now...but I remember someone running all the way down the field for the very first play of the game. It was pretty damn exciting; even not loving football, I felt like I could pretty much die right then and be happy about it.

So many good red sox memories... don't know if I can pick a favorite. Sometimes it's not about the actual game! My stepdad caught a ball at a spring training game and gave it to my son; that was awesome. And I remember Varitek hitting a home run at a very intense game, and my sister and I throwing her (then 3-year-old) daughter back and forth, cheering. Also, I loved the first game I took my niece to where she really showed an interest in what was happening. Baseball's never more enjoyable than when you're explaining it (or learning about it) with someone else.

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Welcome back, Jamie!