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The members of De La Soul are:

-Kelvin Mercer aka Mercenary aka Plug One aka Posdnuos
-David Jude Jolicoeur aka Dave aka Trugoy the Dove aka Plug Two
-Vincent Mason aka Maseo aka Pasemaster aka Plug Three aka P.A.

My favorite De La Soul song will always and forever be "Breakadawn"! The first time I heard it I was 13 years old. I just came home from training and was deadbeat tired. It was passed 11pm, i just reheated leftovers, grabbed my books and homework, plopped myself down in front of the tv and turned it to BET.....aww sookie sookie now, Midnight Love was on! Right after they played "Two Occasions" by the Deele, this hip hop song came on which totally distracted me from my geometry, and the feeling that sparked was instantaneous love! Maybe it's because I was a die hard fan of "Off the Wall" since age 4 and loved "Can't Help It" by MJ. Maybe it was because I was 13 and something about the lyrics oozed nostalgia and warmth....the beat and the rhythm of the lyrics truly made me want to EXPLODE! I love love this song to this very day.....aaaahhh but back in the day.....