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Good points Brent. Lots to consider with this stock. Today it continues to drop. Pretty risky to play a stock on the opening IPO day.

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If you think QE3 is coming, shouldn't you buy BAC at current levels and "front-run" the announcement?

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Now we're talking different stuff. Primary residence = an expense. I do believe in the use of debt for higher rates of return (assuming a large number of factors are good) and that includes rental property.

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Maybe the government will decide to recalculate how you determine what an ounce of gold is therefore they can suppress it's "price" and show people that their cash is still worth more than it is!

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I completely disagree. Big business loves regulation because they essentially write the regulations themselves. Regulation only hurts small business and erects barriers which prevent small business from chipping away at the markets that big corporations dominate. Big business has a seat at the table. Small business does not.

When has regulation prevented a crisis? It hasn't and it won't prevent the next one.

Of course big business doesn't throw money at Ron Paul, he wants to cut them out of the Washington circle and make them make it on their own without public backing. The last thing Wall Street wants is Ron Paul because it means cutting Wall Street off from public money either directly from bailouts and TARP or indirectly from Fed "lending of last resort"

The dumbest thing in America is that people think the Democratic party has it out for Wall Street. Time to wake up.

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See Ron Paul's comments from the debate here: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/complete-ron-pau...

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Richard: If there's anything that has proven over and over again to fail, it is socialism or a perverted blend of central planning capitalism.

Which book did you read? I have read End the Fed, and it is excellent.

If Obama or one of the other Republicans get elected, you can bet that nothing will change and the only change will come when the market forces it since we will have no leadership to change the course of America. The market will ensure it is a painful transition.

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kyle, you're correct. insurance premiums are definitely a problem with small business. I work for a company with under 10 employees and it is a major issue. I think more small businesses will opt not to offer health insurance to employees at some point.

The other thing is that it is getting overall more expensive to have full time employees. More businesses will hire contractors and part time employees rather than take on the additional costs of full time employees.

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More on the QE3 whispers: http://www.cnbc.com/id/43244609

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I'm not a premium dividend.com member, if you want to email me the entire analysis they provide on RAVN, I'll let you know what I think about it.