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Good list Harold. Congrats!

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Thanks Lisa. I've always enjoyed the Laura Ingalls books. I hope that in a TEOTWAWKI scenario, I would have the grace, dignity, and resourcefulness she and her family displayed.

The comments are great. I hope this list is a catalyst for other Q&A. It would NOT hurt us to spend a few minutes thinking like Ma Ingalls.

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Thx Lisa! :)

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Can you recommend an hand-crank grain mill?

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I'm interested in that too!
The Wondermill's Wonder Jr. Deluxe seems popular, but the $200 price tag will hit my budget hard.

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We're in similar situations. My 93 y/o grandmother can still "can" circles around me! She's done her best to teach me, now it's my responsibility to not let those skills go to waste or be lost to history!

Our family's favorite pressure cooker meal is Charro beans (pintos w/ onions, bacon, left over meat, and seasonings). Rather than all day (or night) in a crock pot, I boil the beans for 2 minutes then let them sit for 1 - 2 hours in the hot water. Then I throw everything in the pressure cooker for 10 minutes. With a side of cornbread, in my cast iron skill of course, my hubby and sons are smiling ear to ear!

Guess what's for supper tonight!!! ;)

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I have been "on the fence" about investing in wheat berries and a grinder. Your article has simplified the process and eased my nerves.

Question ~ I've heard a 25 or 50 lb. container of wheat berries will last a very long time. Can you estimate the whole berry to ground flour ratio? i.e. How much ground flour would I get from 1 cup of wheat berries?

Also, have you ever tried wheat berries in a pressure cooker instead of a crock pot? I've been practicing with my pressure cooker, in case electricity prices or availability become a problem, and I don't want to run an oven or crock pot for 8 - 10 hours. I've hand several successes.

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Interesting article on 100 year old canned veal still being good.
I'm not promoting the concuption of expired foods,
but in a TEOTWAWKI if it smells good and doesn't taste rancid, I'm going to eat it!

I've experimented w/ canned milk as old as 6 months past the Best By Date.
Open, smell, taste...I've relied on my senses to let me know if it's dangerous.
So far...so good!

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You put into words exactly how I feel. Thank you and blessings!

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"NUTS!" Loved and miss Jericho!

Always liked "Red Dawn" ~ Patrick Swayze!!!
BTW ~ They're re-making "Red Dawn" for a Thanksgiving '10 release!