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So, the Dems should rejoice at Angle's victory in the Nevada Primaries. Their hold card? Angle is to extreme for the state of Nevada. They should remember, the Independents did not vote for Angle, it was the members of the GOP who are fed up with the "Good Ol' Boy " (or "Girl" in Lowdens case) establishment types that are locking this country up. The GOP conservatives along with the Independents AND the conservative Dems in that state are fed up with the rabid socialist agenda of the left and standing by just to watch the so called conservative leaders of the GOP do nothing to stop it.

I.E. illegal imigration, intimidaton by unions, the survival of the 2nd amendmend, (which if that one goes, they all go) the spiraling loss of private property rights, the out of control spending by the Dems and GOP, the insanity of abortions, the venomous rage against Israel's right to defend itself, let alone exist, States rights issues, political correctness crap, and on and on it goes.

Is Sharron Angle "extreme"? She better be, we all better start getting "extreme" before it's all too late.

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Well Done, very nice!

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God bless the Israelis. Israel and her people cannot be defeated, it's prophecy pure and simple.

Her enemies can strike and strike and strike all they want, there will always be victory for the Jews.