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i highly recommend using the ombudsman for any issue you'd like to discuss. i talked with the university ombudsman when i was a postdoc after i started doing a side consulting job (at the firm i now work at). i wanted to know if i could get in serious trouble if my PI found out and the ombudsman gave me some great advice. and as far as I know, the meeting was kept strictly confidential.

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My PI would always show up late to group meetings- 20-30 minutes- and never give an excuse or apology. It was incredibly frustrating given *he* was the one who scheduled the meetings in the first place!

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pH of blood plasma = 7.4

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that's the tough part about basic research- it's often too far removed from what the average non-scientist cares about for them to see the importance. as @scwai put it- you've got about 10 seconds to drop a few words that interest people- family included- or they're gone.

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if this horrifying day ever actually became a reality, i think i'd seriously consider finding a new job.

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toolbar installed! now trying to trim my list of needs to 100 words...

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you seem to have forgotten to include "a raise" on the list...

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dan is smart to ask the hard questions early on. science is a great career, but it can be a tough road. if you're just going through the motions without a plan, you may end up spending the better part of a decade working towards something you're not truly interested in.

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exactly. you should always have one very high-level sentence about what you work on that you could tell anyone. the idea is not to blow them away with every detail right away- just to get the conversation started. if it's an interesting sentence, they'll want to ask more and you can slowly move into the details at a pace they're comfortable. took me many failed conversations to figure that one out...

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card downloaded and printed. total holiday shopping time - 41 seconds... sweet.