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In 1994, RPF didn't want no one to intervene, because if they did, it wouldn't have taken power by force. You need to wake up and face up to the facts. RPF threatened everyone who would intervene that they would shoot them. Dusaidi and Gahima wrote on behalf of RPF telling the UNSC that there was no need to intervene, because it would've jeopardised RPF plans. They went to NEW YORK at the office of UNSCI with that message and convinved its members. I don't how old you are but the fact is that RPF has been fooling the younger generation of Rwandans that the world failed to intervene when it is RPF which stopped other countries from intervening. That's machiavelic to see a government pretending that probably your parents and ours were killed by somebody else when it is the first responsible of their death because they didn't want people being saved.

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Having Kagame in office after 2017 is a very big deal for the majority of Rwandans. Maybe you are among the 1% benefiting from the RPF system but the rest if they are not dying from hunger, unemployment, being killed, imprisoned or disappearing, not accessing education or health, they are walking dead. I however do agree with you that it's up to Rwandans to change whatever needs changing.

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Jameskisombe If you cannot grasp that kayumba, fdlr or himbara are one similar side of the struggle against kagame there is no much to say about your understanding of issues. Furthermore if you don't have no moral to stand for, you should not blame ann garrison who is a fervent advocate of human rights. Therefore you should not be surprised seeing her always after kagame, because as many including philip reitjens, have said, he is the most criminal individual in office today.

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I remember my elder brother, before he was also killed poisoned by the system, telling me that Rwandans outside the country were the ones who had to do more to liberate their compatriots from RPF oppression. Apparently from inside, it takes only the fearless ones to stand up against it. And they are very few given the task at hand.

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John, a foreigner who tells you the truth on what has been happening in Rwanda is misinformed and or stupid; a hutu who tells you the same truth is called a genocidaire or has a genocide ideology; a tutsi who tells you the same truth is labelled an enemy of the state. If all these people are telling you a similar story, don't you think it is time to reflect on what they are telling you instead of being in denial. In fact the more people telling you the truth, the more difficult it will become for you to face it later, if you continue being stuck in denying the reality.

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Good metaphor about the fox guarding the hen house.

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Today there is overwhelming evidence about Kagame being responsible of the assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprian Ntaryamira on April 6th 1994, so much so that even those still trying to cover up his involvement must somehow feel ashamed of their actions.

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A great speech by Sister Cynthia Mckinney.

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And what the proposal from the Tanzanian president Kikwete of having talks between armed rebels in the region with their respective governments [Rwanda, Uganda and DRC] would bring to the situation?

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Great woman Cynthia McKinney. I met her for the first time in Tripoli back in January 2011. We were both attending an international conference for the global African diaspora which was organised by Kaddafi government. Coming from the Great Lakes region where there is a human tragedy which has been going for almost two decades, but within which US and UK responsibilities are distorted because of their economic interests, she was the first during her time as congresswoman to question such role for her government.