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Heinrich Himmler = Binyimin Natantanyahu/Arik Sharon/Menechem Begin/David Ben-Gurion/Yitzak Shamir/Moshe Dayan/Golda Mier?

"What's in a name?"

AS for the rape, murder harrassment of Jews. Have you Jews ever thought about the rape, murder and hassassment of the Goyim by the Jews?

How about the massacre, maiming and displacement of Palestinians by the Jews over the past 65 years on their own turf by the athiest AshkaNAZI 'Torh demon' Jewish terrorists?

As for 'Token Apologies,' just how many of these have the Jews delivered to the Palestiaians, after the Nakba1948/Sabra & Shatilla. Jenin 2004, Lebanon 2000 & 2006, Gaza 08/2008 Gaza 2012 and Gaza 2014?

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Defensive wars?!!!

Boy are you Jews (((screwed -up))) in between UR ears!

The Nazi's 'defensive' war against the Jewish gangsters who stole everything that wasn't (((nailed down))) in Germany (1910--1938) as we are 'again' seeing on Wall Street and the Jewish bankser in the US isn't something the Jews ever bring up when asked: "So, why did the Germans hate you Jews so much?"

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Jajajaja, seems ehat when the IDF bastards 'stand around' as the low life paramilitary Settlers cut-down, burn and/or bulldoze Palestinian olive, fruit trees and vineyards that you don't hear a (((peep))) from the 'B' Jews,huh Kimosabe?'

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Having stolen all of value the Palestinians have owned for centuries the Jews have now discovered that there in't much the Palestinians own that they would trade their 'stolen goodies' for!

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LQQKs like you 'ignored the CNN Jews 24/7 coverage of Israeli IDF (Givati death squad) cowards massacres and war crimes against innocent children, especially after the Hamas 'Freedon Fighters' 'waxed' some 89 IDF 'baby killers in Gaza in 07-08/2014, huh Pilgrim? (Of course, it wouldn't have mattered much, huh?).

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Palestinians hide rockets in schools -vs- Jews bomb innocent civilians (1,765 men and women, plus 580 children massacred during 07-08/2014); use Palestinian kids as 'human shields,' - with the best in the US 'illegal' war arsenal (White Phorphous and D.I M E [Pentagon field testing of Chemical minitions on the Palestinian population in Gaza and the West Bank and has been common since Israel's Operation Cast Lead in 2008]: "So, just who are the "Bass Terds,' the world community asks? (Not really - they know this already)... it's the the ZioNazi Jews who try and debate this point - in vain.

Hamas home-made Qassam 'firecrackers' hit a Jewish target once in every 486 Qassams fired - Jewish US supplied GPS 'precision munitions' 'hit' Palestinian UNRWA school children's shelters, 18 Hospitals, 22 Clinics, Water, electricity, and sewage plants, fire/police stations (An international Law war crime), Ambulances (full of dead or dying Palestinians - EMT's - Nurses and often doctors); Crops, Stock yards, Elder care hospital centers @ a rate of, 98.7% of the times : "So who are the real 'bass terds?'

To be continued - after the ICC (Nuremburg protocol) SATANyahu & LIKUDNIK Company trials next summer, OK?

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After the theft of 88% of Palestine and 95% of its aquifer resources. The murder and maiming of Palestinians working their farmland, the continuing confiscation of Palestinian lands (Nil'in, Mil'in, East 'Arab' Jerusalem, the bulldozing of Muslim graves in Jerusalem to build Israel's 'Peace Park' and a multitude of land/home thefts & confiscations, brutal abuses and the murder of Palestinian children by IDF 'snipers' the Jews could do well by ceasing to brutalize the down-trodden (army-less defenseless) Palestinians and remember 'You once walked in their shoes in Egypt, Germany, Poland, et. al.

BTW: The Arab League has had nothing to so with AshkaNazi/ZioNazism terror and their crimes against the Palestinian people!

"Israel is small and surounded?" You seem to ignore the 'facts-on-the-ground,' that the Great Satan has assured Israel of the best in its war arsenal (Some 500 F-16.s, F-15E's, Apache gunships, 300 nukes, 200 Jericho III IRBM's, 100 Arrow III anti-missile (IRBM missiles), does not a 'victim' Israel make!

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Typical 'attila-the-Hun' (AshkaNAZI) complex among that cut-throat Jews. OMG! We were 'just' murdering them, stealing their land, water and freedom, burning their oilive/fruit trees/vineyards and demolishing their homes and here they hate Jews and wanna kill us all!

After the 08/2008 & 08/2014 massacres in Gaza more IDF/IAF Jews than Messer SATANyahu would like to admit committed PTSD induced suicide. Several thousands 'questioned' the wisdom of not just attacking the Hamas resistence but savaging innocent Palestinian civilians. Destroying a peoples (living resources - water works, sewage systems, crops, live stock/chicken farms, hospitals, clinics, Fire/Police stations/schools (a violation of Int'l law) and a majority of IDF soldiers found these 'orders' repugnant. Over 2,200 signed a declaration of 'refusing to fight, murder, spy on or target innocent Palestinian civilians - especially women and children and their homes and UNRWA school bomb shelters. Israel will pay a heavy price for their latest 'war crimes' and crimes against humanity.' and the Jews know this.

Abe Foxman of the ADL talks about a recent world-wide poll (paid for by Jews) that indicated that there are some 1 billion anti-semites in the world - released some time in April/2014. The figures were upped to 3.9b anti-semites after israel's latest pogrom in Gaza and anti-semitic acts against all Jews (Torah/ZioNazi zealot Jews) are up 1,200% world-wide.

The 'eternal victim' shield have now been removed - forever, and the Jew is in deep caca for the duration.

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Kahzaria (((ring))) a bell? Jajajaja.

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Yup, prhaps the (Jewish) fleas have 'almost' killed the Palestinians dog - but please remember:
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight - It's the size of the fight in the dog!"