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I did the HBBC a few years ago and it motivated me to run on days that I would have much rather just sat on the couch. And since I've been doing a lot of couch-sitting again recently, I'm super excited this is here to get me back off the couch!
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I'd probably put the gifts I'm giving them (i.e. the jewelry I'd love them to wear during the wedding), plus a thank you note with a message from me. Haven't thought too much about what else I'd like to give them, but I'll figure it out eventually!

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Good for you for starting! Saw one of your comment/discussions above about tracking numbers: I'm just as obsessed with tracking fitness stuff (weight, workouts, etc.) as I am with money.

Also saw that you ended up starving yourself with Weight Watchers by trying to stay under the points and stuff. I used LoseIt for awhile when starting out, and it helped me see where the extra calories were popping up. Stopped eating seconds, toned down on the unhealthy snacks. But I do think I also maybe undershot on calories some days, so I don't know if LoseIt will be just as dangerous as Weight Watchers for you. Just a thought. Watching what you eat + exercising will work together to get you where you need to be.

Also, drink water. I know everyone says that all the time. But thirst sometimes manifests as hunger, plus there's a million good reasons to keep hydrated. So, do that.

As for the getting exhausted business, I know all about that. In fact, the vomiting issue has been a problem for me in the past: after the past few 5k races I ran, I puked. Then and also during some exercises, if I push myself too hard, or my heart rate gets too high, I get sick to my stomach and think I might vomit. So, the feelings happen, it's a sign from your body that you're pushing too hard.

As for accountability, you should join in on the #pfworkout hashtag! We'll support you and cheer you on there.

Okay, I've said way too much for one comment. I'm really proud of you for starting this! I think videos can be pretty great, and you can get more through youtube and on-demand cable.

Seriously, I've kind of gotten obsessed with this fitness and healthy eating thing, so I'm here for more ideas :) And of course support!

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I haven't been to the gym or gone for a run in weeks. I stopped working out when I realized it might have been making my chronic cold stick around (it's still lingering...almost 2 months with cold symptoms :( ) But I do want to get back into running. I never was that fast of a runner, but I feel discouraged the longer I'm away from it. Thanks for the advice!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you! Glad I stuck around after your rebranding :) And glad to hear how well things are going :D

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Whoops, just realized that this is no the Mad River that I know! I thought it was the Vermont one! So...I dont think I'll enter. Thanks for the giveaway, though!

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I've done 5ks before, but never an obstacle course! And I love Mad River! Skiied in winter and hiked in summer! :D

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I also just tweeted about your giveaway :)!/StephTheBlogger/status/177...

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They were giving away mini larabars after a 5k I did a few months ago. Loved them! My favorite is probably the chocolate chip cookie dough one :D

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I'd love to try the sea salt one!