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336 weeks ago @ Vision to America - Modern Liberals Stumpe... · 2 replies · +8 points

I'm reminded of Peter Stengel's inability to take sides in the discussion of that Afghani woman they featured on the cover last year, the young beauty whose father had cut off her nose over a family marriage dispute: "... moral relativist like Editor Peter Stengel, who makes a fine point of assuring us he isn't taking sides":

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Every tweeter should read this and take it to heart. You are, as I say in this tweet, The Friendly Persuader:

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Was shocked and thrilled to learn that Graham Beckel is Bob's brother. Does that prove or disprove there's a God?

347 weeks ago @ Big Hollywood - Andrew Breitbart Makes... · 0 replies · +1 points

I can see angels and exploding liberals' heads from my porch. Am reading "Righteous" this very minute on my desktop and was first in my neighborhood to take in "Shrugged" last Friday. Here's my take:

Will "Who is John Galt?" be the "Hope and Change" of tomorrow?

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Dearest Greg, Mamet sealed his fate way back in March of 2008:

"Not only a fit subject, but the only subject of drama"

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Great article, but as a woman who is totally turned off by the Oprafication of our culture, I cringe at your use of the word feminization for what's happened to the Shining City Upon a Hill. I attribute the evisceration of our nation's Judeo-Christian gut to the Gramscian march. Postmodern "feminism," whose adherents won't allow that Sarah Palin can be a "true" feminist, are but one manifestation.