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This is how the game is played. These are the rules that everyone who plays abides by. Joyce screwed up a call. Many times, but not a majority of times, calls are wrong. Do we re-call all those too?

I was upset at first just like everyone else. After thinking about it, I realized it's the game. The best game out there. The human-ness of it is just one of the things that makes it great.

Change that, and you might as well add a clock.

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Are you kidding me?! I wish Jerry would figure out some things.

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I understand about shake up, I think we need to be patient. It's a long season. It will take a little while to find the proper order and not shaking things up too soon is also something to consider. Last year Jerry couldn't find a batting order if he tried, which I'm sure he didn't. This year he seems, to me, to be on track to find the proper place for everyone.

I also agree about Beltran.

Thanks for making me think. I like it.

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Beltran when and if he returns remains to be seen if he will bat 3rd in the order. You cannot assume that he will be the same as he was. So, agreed, that whole scenario is moot.

Reyes batting third allows Bay to follow and therefore Bay gets fastballs thrown to him. This is the only proper way to place Reyes and Bay. Period. Bay needs fastballs. Reyes on base in front on him ensures this. There is reasoning to a lineup that plays not only to each players strengths but also to those who follow him and in what order. I like Pagan,too. His OBP is respectable and he's been playing exceptionally well. Being in the lead off spot seems to suit him and doesn't harm a damn thing, imo. I must disagree that Barajas is the most consistent Met. Sure he's gotten HRs but he's no more consistent than any other player. I understand your reasoning, I just think it's wrong.

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Why that order? I'd be interested in your reasoning.