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I have yet to ever see food prices go down, after any increase, regardless of whether or not the supposed reason for the increases is remedied, such as shipping costs going back down, an end to a drought, or regained health of crops or food animals after an outbreak of bacterial issues or other reasons why stock would be culled.
We are the proverbial sheep when it comes to price increases on necessities like food and gasoline, always just accepting it as the norm, even if the reason for high prices is resolved.

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One of the many pitfalls of living so close to the college.... probably why so many of those homes end up being rented out to students... no one else wants to live there! hehehe

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Essentially, yes. It's been that way for a very long time, since police can make up whatever excuses they want to justify a stop. Here in St.Cloud, my roomie and I were pulled over 8 times in the first 10 months that we lived here, because her truck is old and rusty. Of all those stops, only the last resulted in a fix it ticket for the "muffler" (brand new, but the o ring is in need of replacement). It's not that loud, especially compared to the window-rattling sound systems the college kids around here have.
I actually did get one cop to admit to financial profiling, saying they flat out assume run down or older vehicles are uninsured, or driven by druggies. They typically use their "Stop and Shop" method, stopping people on a pretext, hoping to come up with things like drugs or warrants, in order to justify the stop. We got tired of it, and I bought my slightly newer and less beat up Jimmy. I've only been pulled over in it once in the last 3.5 years, for tail lights not working due to a blown fuse.

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I'm sorry, but since it's been essentially genetically proven that sexual behavior is biological and not socially derived, I can't agree with her views, especially considering her program of study. If the remedial program they want her to take is based on science and biological fact, then she SHOULD be required to take it, to remove some of the misinformation her religion has fed her. However, if the program is based on impirical evidence and non scientific studies and heresay, then it's not worth anything more than the stories she's already been told. __Until someone in the straight community is willing to come forward and say that what THEY do sexually is strictly based on learned behavior, or "CHOICE", rather than biological imperative hardwired into their own brains, then there is no reason to believe that anyone would chose to be ostracized, ridiculed, discriminated against, and risk their very life in order to love someone of the same sex. The very idea that someone would chose to be hated by so many people, possibly even their parents or other close family, is rediculous, and worthy of that ridicule.

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They should have been brought up on charges LONG before now, when Republicans held the White House. Why didn't that happen, do you suppose??? Hypocrisy exists on both sides of the fence.

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He's only one in a thousand reasons, and not even the most important one, Admiral. The will of the people is lacking, first and foremost. Lack of fundamental understanding of what treason and aid and comfort REALLY mean is the primary reason. Holder is just a minute functionary, who will be subject to change a lot sooner than public perception and will.

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This isn't just "big government" regulating, though. It's small government, and interpretation of the Rules of Order. Not in and of itself a bad thing. As I said, I need to know Robert's Rules in order to conduct my charity work, and I can tell you, they aren't the easiest thing to read up on, let alone figure out, sometimes. If a small local government agency wants to pay lawyers to interpret them, I'll give the laywers the benefit of the doubt over allowing the agency to interpret as they see fit.

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The argument that Arizona's law somehow interferes with federal enforcement is a whole lot of BS, and we all know it, even if you don't like the law. A great example is bank robbery, which is also a Federal crime.
What no one has been able to tell me to this day is how the federal government can expect and DEMAND that local and state law enforcement agencies cooperate and ACTIVELY SEEK other federal criminals like bank robbers, yet they are NOT allowed to actively seek other suspected federal lawbreakers- namely illegals. Doesn't anyone else see this inconsistancy as just an example of the federal government's continued inconsistancies based on nothing but personal and poltiical ideology, instead of the Rule of Law?

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I heard about this in the St.Cloud Times, as well as talk in the streets here. They had better not win this lawsuit, since eating on the floor of nearly all production plants is a bad idea. Its a safety issue, as it causes distractions which can lead to severe injury, depending on the machinery in use. When safety falls by the wayside in order to accomodate religion, it's time to close up shop. They'll go under from lawsuits for injury if they don't.
I'm still looking for work in this town- but even I wouldn't stoop so low as to even try to get work at the Electrolux plant, since everyone here KNOWS the majority there are Somali transplants. They wouldn't be good to work with, since I'm an American female who won't put up with their mysoginistic attitudes. I doubt they'd even hire me anyway, since I'm white.

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I've had to read Robert's Rules of Order, as we use them in conducting our business in the Elks. I don't recall anything in it in reference to eyerolling and sighing being considered disorderly conduct. I don't even see how it could be considered "disruptive", since neither action stops or interferes with the conducting of business. At most, it is an irritant to the person or persons it may be directed at, but that does not constitute disruption in and of itself.