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The Sinai has become Muslim Brotherhoodistan.

Israel better buck up for more of this kind of insanity.

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Maaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt Daaaaaaaaaaaamon...needs to be stop reading so much Howard Zinn/Bernadine Dorn retreads.

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The Boehner plan would also be seen by liberals as a loss for their champion.

I'd like the Left as demoralized as possible in 2012, so anything that makes liberals sullen, moody and far less psyched to vote for St. Barry is all good and gravy.

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The McConnell plan is a joke.

Lets see what happens tommorow.

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Obama's cards are off suit, he's on the button and his chip stack is is lower than whale shit.

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They have to get their stories straight so they have plausible deniability for the next 9/11.

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I'd say there's plenty of lunatic yakkety-yak in those thre clips to characterize all of them as nuts.

But yeah, Norah O'Donnell is a particularly pungent brand of usefulidiot nutbaggery.

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Don't let the bastards get to ya, John.

You're better than the hacks you'd be forced to sit next to, so keep on keeping on.

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Let's have it not to come to the point where we have to get into a stand-off with the federal government.

Instead, let's just repeal ObamaCare and be done with it.

John Boehner...are you hearing us loud and clear?