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@joanNrama done!!! :D

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This is beautiful. As a blogger who doesn't have children, I generally tune these discussions out, but this? This I can get behind. In fact, a voice came into my head at the end of this saying, "Maybe I want to adopt." I still don't know if my husband and I want kids, but you just stirred one of the stronger maternal instincts I've ever had in my life. If you can do that to ME, I can only imagine how many people you've inspired to make a difference.

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Oooh, loving it! What a smart idea.

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Love it! Now I just need that new address so I can send you a Happy New Mailbox! card ...

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Wow, I love it. I would never think to put the wood with the modern white the way you did and it's just LOVELY.

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Love this idea -- brilliant! Cannot wait to see it once it's done and you're madly in love with it.

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Oh my gosh, I am just so jealous. It looks beautiful!

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Yeah, I think I'd DEFINITELY skip right to the cocoa part. But that has more to do with me being lazy than being smart or anything :)

Love that you're sharing the bad along with the good!

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It's looking fabulous! As is your hair -- LOVE the short style on you.

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If I'm being honest, Trina Turk is one of my favorites so I'm just thrilled that she has a home line. And most of the others I really love (DVF, Ralph Lauren) already. But, I'd LOVE to see some of the designers behind the really fantastical runway shows put together some funky home decor, a la Alexander McQueen (may he rest in peace), you know?