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Oh yeah, him. I keep forgetting him. Then again, he takes dictation, doesn't really handle letters from trolls himself...

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Dude, I make enough typos already -- don't send me chasing after the ones I didn't make .... : )

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I saw that when I was about 11, and a whole new world opened for me -- I realized for the first time that movies could be deeply, insanely bad.

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Just look at the people Wonkette hires!

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I'm no mechanic, but I think that's fairly accurate-- the smog control devices all on their own reduced fuel efficiency and power, but automakers eventually figured out ways to reduce weight and improve efficiency to make up for it.

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I don't think the teabaggers will be very receptive to this Cummin' Core curriculum, either.

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I always liked Too Much Joy's punkish cover

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An excellent question, which I suspect may be hard to track down since Christian schools are pretty much unregulated and both BJU Press and Pensacola Christian/A Beka are privately held companies. Might be able to find something in their promotional materials, which I'm not about to go looking for on such a nice day. :)

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Also, because I couldn't really find anywhere to fit it in: OF COURSE Land I Love tells us that at the end of the Vietnam war,

The Communists agreed to return all American prisoners of war; however, it is doubtful that all were returned. Many MIAs (soldiers missing in action) were never accounted for.

At least there's nothing about the need for a rescue mission led by Sylvester Stallone or Chuck Norris.

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Thanks for the explanation -- I'll add an update to the post!