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I actually payed money to see that -- at a matinee, thank goodness -- based on the recommendation of someone I thought knew better; luckily for their sake, I can't remember who.

I also had a boss who invited (did not require, thank Crom) everyone in the office to sit through a video on "The Secret"

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This post brought to you as a public service to prove that Wonkette doesn't only mock fundamentalist Christians.

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oooh, maybe the OSA people were actually a False Flag operation!

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First, read Arthur C. Clarke's "The Star"...

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Minute Maid wants us all to go to concentration camps!

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Oh, sure, everybody goes back and kills Hitler, but that's only because they didn't read the FAQ. And then others have to go back and clean up all those sloppy edits.

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With a weekend of heavy drinking?

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From the wreckage of United Flight 93 in Pennsylvania and American Flight 77 at the Pentagon, yes. From the two planes that hit the WTC, no. This is not surprising, considering that both planes' wreckage was embedded deep inside the buildings, at a height of about 95 floors up for the North Tower and 8o-something floors up for the South Tower. And then both wrecks, fully loaded with fuel for transcontinental flights, burned until the buildings collapsed -- 46 minutes for the South Tower, an hour and 42 minutes for the North Tower.

Flight Data and Cockpit Voice recorders are reinforced, but not made of Adamantium. They sometimes are sometimes so badly damaged that no data is recoverable, even in crashes that don't result in the recorders being at the middle of the collapse of two of the world's tallest buildings. If you think that they somehow should have survived being sandwiched between the rubble of everything above and below them, you have an interesting notion of how physics works.

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Oh, I loved Rum Raisin Arizona!

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Happily, where *I* work is Wonkette. They should feel free to call me at Wonkette's phone number whenever they want to.