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The telephone company was one of the few places you could get easy access to computing in the 60s, exactly what you'd need to examine self similarity in mathematics.

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Ah, thanks for the info. It was my understanding that fractals were formalized in the 1960s because they showed up as artifacts in the telephone system.

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Morse code isn't binary. It's a time-based code of dot and dash (short and long) signals. Coin flips are (generally, ignoring landing on the edge) binary, head or tails. There is no way to convert between the two without first converting to a meaningful set of information.

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I fear the pattern will have components based on math that has yet to be discovered, such as fractals.

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HA! I have stared down the malevolent spirits! Now, to the tailor so that I may purchase new pants.

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ASCII wasn't around in the 30s, but there was a binary code around that was the precursor to it. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

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Very useful.

"And to everyone on main street, beware tarnished pennies. 30% chance of maiming today."

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At least there is no forced sugar distribution…

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That is no dream. It is the concrete opposite: a machine. Built with purpose, it has an outcome. It is nothing you will like.