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...I can't help wondering what would have happened if you gave him your ice cream.

I have met a road bully once. I was feeling grumpy and didn't back down. Managed to get away safely though. I do remember how horrible his teeth were, and being amazed at how he could still speak semi-coherently. I almost laughed then, which really wouldn't have been the smart thing to do...
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I always cringe during torture scenes in movies, so this one was torture for me. I went to see a movie to entertain myself, not to watch one guy get beaten up throughout.

...I think I get your point though. I was looking at the film as a 'movie' and not as a religious tribute. Looking at it from that perspective (or as an historical documentary, even), I wouldn't have had a problem with it.

Ye gawds, you've somewhat enlightened me on this issue. I refuse to watch that youtube link, though, heh.
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Wonder if this post will get you banned from visiting Germany. They've done some weird stuff over the years... like trying to stop Tom Cruise from popping by for a film, so it's not entirely impossible...

As for Mel, I don't remember any of the movies he starred in. Oh, besides 5th Element (which was nice) and that Shyamalan one (which was crap). I think. I do remember watching Passion of the Christ and getting turned off. Just a gore-fest, IMO.
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I wonder if Justin Toth is one of my readers. The majority of hits on my blog (mostly from the US) go to a Doraemon movie review I did some time back- and most of the search terms driving traffic to that post seems to be "Doraemon naked", "Sex with Shizuka"or whatnot. Quite amusing, really.

Time to claim that bounty and add 'bounty hunter' to my resume...
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Gluing stuff to walls- to prevent theft, or to stop it from falling off in the event of an earthquake?
Come to think of it, the tilt might be some dopey attempt at artistic expression... (yup, that's me, putting a lame positive spin on something obviously stupid)
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Quite often it's the low-key crappy looking places that have the good stuff. I remember some local article years ago (the stuff of legends by now, I'm not even sure if it's real)- where the writer speculated that eating at a drain-side stall just tasted better somehow (vs the same dish in a 5 star hotel). "It's just how we are", is what I think he said.

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In pretty much every other chapter, though it's normally restricted to a few panels, and nothing really explicit. Compared to some 'modern' titles it's actually quite tame... Lupin himself isn't, though.

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I wonder... maybe you should get a punching bag to take out your anger. Definitely not worthwhile getting thrown into jail for assault/battery over some dim doofus, even if you're right. And forget boxing gloves, get spiked knuckles.
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The only problem is time... I really miss being able to wake up just to read a book till bedtime:(

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I can't decide which is better. Over here if, say, a Christian tries to convert a Muslim, and vice-versa, the media and the politicians will go nuts about it. Meanwhile you get the chance to be annoyed, and to annoy in turn... Peace vs Entertainment. Oh wait, I still get bugged by all quarters because I'm not attached to any creed... which technically gives me the license to buy everyone, if I so dare. Woohoo.
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