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Actually, I was focusing more on the ways you thought men then should treat their women & children. While it's not often a pretty picture, women & children were, essentially, property. They could be treated in vile, cruel ways.

I did not deny in my review that women and children were thought of as property. That being said, even then, not all men beat their wives in children. It is possible to relate that fact in this story. Other men could have found this behaviour acceptable while having Jamie abhor it and still be historically accurate. Further, Claire is not from that time and there is absolutely not justifying her forgiveness for Jamie's violence. That make absolutely no sense.

If Claire were his equal, he would not express on numerous occasions his regret that he promised not to beat her. If Claire were an equal she would be allowed to refuse sex from time to time, or at the very least initiate it. Jamie is constantly policing Claire supposedly for her own good so no, I don't buy the idea that he is forward thinking. Keep in mind, this is the same man who sought to slut shame his sister for being raped.

On a finale note, nothing Claire did justifies her brutal beating by Jamie. She had a right to want return to her own time and the husband she married by choice not force. This was the first time she had been close enough to the stone to be able to attempt a return without being stopped by Jamie, Collum or Dougal. How in the world would have made sense to pass up that opportunity?

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Wait, are you actually saying that it's historically accurate that gay men were all sadist, pedophiles and rapists? There are three major gay male characters in this series and all of them fall into at least one category and at least two fit in all three. If you think that's the case, you may need to retake some history classes.

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"Kenzi II: This Time with Benefits!"

So much this and what's worse is that it doesn't even remotely work.

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What irks me here is the way they constantly mess around with witch powers on this show. In one moment they are to be feared because of their immense powers and in the other they only rise to a level of irritation. The writers play with it based solely on story needs. Just look how easily Rick and Jeremy took out Kai for instance while Elena could barely defend herself. Which is it writers?

The minute I saw the Black cancer patient I knew he was doomed to die. Black people don't get to live in Plec's world unless they are playing servant to white characters a la Marcel from The Originals. Has Caroline ever met a black character whom she didn't cause the death of is some way.

I also agree that it makes no sense that vampire blood cannot cure Cancer. If Liz was turned she wouldn't die so why does it make sense for the blood not to cure her? It's also worth noting that Liz is the last of the parents on this show. Elena's parents were killed in a car crash. Stephen and Damon killed their father two hundred years ago. Bonnie's mother is a vampire and in some distant plot box while her father I believe is dead. Tyler's parents were both killed on the show. Caroline's father died rather than become a vampire after trying to do conversion therapy I might add. Matt's father was never in the picture and his mother left him and his sister to fend for themselves. Talk about dead parent's trope. I guess it's hard being an adult in Mystic Falls where one has to do something other than attend Founder's Day events.

On a final note, can we just stake Enzo already? Why is he even there? He is almost as useless as Matt at this point and twice as irritating.

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I really liked that we finally learned why it is that Chaz cannot die. It seems that he has 47 souls inside him. I also like that we got some of his back story because all of this time he has simply been Constantine's back up with no explanation. I also like that Constantine didn't ask questions and went immediatly to help Chaz making the relationship truly works both ways.

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I do talk about how everyone wants to sleep with Jamie but I do it in later reviews which we have yet to published on the blog. We will be publishing reviews of the entire series, along with several Friday discussions. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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No actually and based in what?

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So, a writer of Historical Fiction has a choice: present history as it was, warts and all, or write it to appease modern views (just to be clear, I'm not talking about, say, the all-white cast of Brave. Having POCs in medieval Scotland is plausible. Also, the inclusion of homosexuals (and heterosexuals) in Historical Fiction is a bit tricky, as the modern categories of homosexual and heterosexual are largely Victorian inventions). As a historian by education, I much prefer the former, but I do understand the problems it causes.

The premise of this comment is completely faulty and illogical. The main issue with the first book in this series is that each gay characters is a rapist, sadist and pedophile. That is not representation and is in fact homophobia. While Galabdon is writing about a specific time period she is herself a modern woman and has certainly internalized negative ideas of what it is to be a gay man. She could have had her gay characters perform a myriad of acts. Ask yourself why their role and not that of the straight characters was to perform rape and pedophilia. There is, unfortunately, a long connection between gay men and pedophilia as a way to other them and suggest their sexuality is deviant. Gabaldon didn't include gay men and show the homophobia they may have faced in that time period. What she did do was introduce them to be antagonists to the ever so straight Jamie. It was a conscious decision on her part and that deserves to be recognized.

Oh, and then there's the fact that according to Grammarly, you have 103 grammatical and spelling errors in this article alone. It's a good thing Renee was the one writing this article, Sparky, as most of the articles you've written are nigh-unreadable due to their grammar and spelling mistakes. For people supposed to be reviewing literature, you sure don't come across as very literate.

Actually there are 26 and that includes direct quotes from the book in question. You seem rather concerned about grammar mistakes which is ironic given the grammar mistakes which exist in your responses, thus far. Does being a grammar nazi give you some kind of secret pleasure? The purpose of language is to communicate a message and since you so clearly understood the message, then the language has served its purpose. Writing Fangs for Fantasy is a labour of love for Paul and I. If you don't appreciate it, you are welcome to stop reading.

Three, if this really was a request by your readers, then I apologize for casting aspersions on your character.

Really? Earlier in this comment you go on about how the review makes no sense given the nature of this book and when you do get around to giving an apology, you qualify. I will not have my integrity questioned. You are more than welcome to google and find the last request for series and books we wrote and there, you will find a reader asking us to review the television series as aforementioned. I will not do the work for you.

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Every once and awhile we write a post asking for suggestions from readers about what they would like us to cover (books, movies, television etc). We specifically got a recommendation for Outlander and decided that rather than review and recap the series, we would simply review the books. We have always tried to read books or watch shows when recommended by our readers.

As to the other part of your comment, "God, I love reading you guys. It's like watching a train wreck," you do realise that it's more of a reflection upon you than it is us right? If you have something specific to say about this review fine but otherwise, you are wasting our time.

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I thought the entire series was absolutely vapid. I hated the fact that not only was Ezekiel the least intelligent but he's a thief as well. They didn't have to make him uber smart but why couldn't he have been the equal of the other Librarians? It puts him in a second class status from the beginning.