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I am leery of the flashback of the musician with the injured hand – now the injury could have been caused by many means but I think the nature of it and the circumstances needed more clarity than we had.

I think the problem is that we heard him fighting with his girlfriend before appearing in Henry's doorway. He either could have injured himself hurting her, or defending himself. That said, are we really supposed to believe this happened in the 1950's? Since when did Black people live in the same apartment unit with a White doctor's family as all things? That was beyond historically inaccurate. Even if the musician made a lot of money, it's unlikely that he would have been allowed to move in and as for Henry he would have had to have been a broke doctor to move into a Black neighbourhood. Even to this day, Whites only move into Black neighbourhoods when they want to take it over.

I do want to mention that Jazz being called American classical music was a very important statement. I further loved that all of the Jazz greats were Black as Jazz began in the black community. Further, Abe never appropriates, he simply appreciates and I liked that.

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Quick question - did I miss where Pythagoras learned to fight? He was doing some moves in this episode that he certainly could not have pulled off in season one.

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Liv and Luke have a tragic back story which will feed the Liv/Tyler romance. I’d like to say someone went after Luke in the same way Tyler went after Liv to comforting him about his impending death (because, let’s face it, after what we’ve seen so far if it comes to a contest between him and Liv, the writers will kill him off so fast he might be accidentally retconned out of existence) but absolutely no-one gives a damn and he isn’t there to have feelings but to facilitate the feelings of others.

What more, they made it more than clear that when the time comes, it is Liv who will absorb Luke's powers and not the other way around. Luke is facing death and Liv is facing guilt but it's Liv we need to be concerned about because she is into Tyler. This makes sure we know that Luke is disposable and not someone we should really give a damn about.

Also, Elena telling Damon to find Bonnie so that she can Bonnie if she should be in a relationship with Damon makes what is going on ALL ABOUT ELENA yet again. I am sick to death of this.

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Nice try but you are not passing that off on me.

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You're right, . Music to my ears.

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You've definitely written a well-thought out article with valid points about a trope that should be avoided that appears in certain books, but I kind of think you're just looking for ways to get offended.

Marginalized people don't need to hunt around for reasons to be offended. Further, your statement attacks our integrity and I am not at all pleased. You don't have to agree with our assessment of any book or series we review but it will never be acceptable in this space to suggest that we, or any of our readers, are "looking for reasons to be offended."

Finally, in each and every book review we write, we state what the good elements were and what the bad elements were. We attempt to be as fair and balanced as we possibly can be.

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Plec will never allow Bonnie's character to usurp Elena, though she is stronger and has a better case to be the lead actress. I am afraid the best that we can hope for is for Bonnie to get her how show and even that is the equivalent of wishing on a star. Plec et al simply has no idea what to do with a character of colour unless they are in a servant role to a white character. Just like at Marcel from The Originals.

I know that The Vampire Diaries is supposed to appeal to a younger audience but at this point, it's absolutely vapid and filled with angst and romance. I don't care about Elena's love life and in fact, I never have. I care even less about Caroline and Stefan. I don't even know what the plot for this season is actually supposed to be about really? It seems to be nothing more then let us watch as these characters angst over their love lives.

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Doesn't the actor, Paul Wesley seem bored? He acts bored and kind of snarky. I think he's sick of playing, Stefan the doormat. That's the impression I get from him. Who knows?

Yeah I think he's sick to death of the character but he is under contract and has to ride it out. They certainly aren't going to do a spin off of the moping angsting Stefan. I know he liked playing Silas 'cause it gave him something different to do. That said, he better hold onto the role of Stefan because his acting isn't great and this is about the best he can do whereas other actors in Plec's world namely Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Ian Somerhalder clearly can act (in the case of Somerhalder, when he is given the material).

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Although the scenes with *just* her don't really square with working for Team Evil. Maybe there's a door no 3, or maybe she thinks she is/should be/can become the other Witness instead of Abby.

This is not an angle I had considered and it's a good one. It would explain Katrina's incompetence and make her more than tool. I would approve of that direction but am not sure if that is what the writers had in mind.

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You wouldn't believe the amount eye rolling this episode inspired. I am sick to death of Katrina and wouldn't mind if they dropped her into the plot box and forgot about her. I am sick to death of her damsel of distress shit and being told she's so powerful, only to watch as she is continually saved by a cast member. And the whole fruit of womb therefore precious and innocent and wonderful is shite, considering that Moloch is also fruit of her womb. Also, I swear if they put Abby and Hawley together to create angst between her and Jenny, I am going to spit my damn dummy out. #abbiemillsdeservesbetter #cranewrecked