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The problem with the Leftovers is that it asks a lot of questions but doesn't give any answers. If I didn't know that the show was based on a book and therefore had an explanation as to what was going on, I think I would have given up on it already. The Leftovers does however have to start providing us with some answers. I want to know what the deal was with the Guilty Remnant, The man hugging people and taking away their pain, the connection with the prehistoric lady who died in episode one, why Mercy didn't lose anyone, as well as where the people went and why. I am sure if I thought about it, I could probably find a lot more questions that The Leftovers has raised but haven't come close to answering. They can only keep this up for so long.

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My biggest worry with Clive is that they will make him a zombie. I want him to be in on the secret but I want him to stay human. To zombies changing each week because of brains would kill the show. It was bad enough when Ravi was taking drugs.

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So we're finally done with the Stefan/Damon/Elena love triangle and they introduced another one? I know that this is season seven but I think the writers need to find a new bag of tricks.

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All as good as long as they keep Betsy in the past. If they move her forward she will become Katrina 2.0 and no one wants to see that.

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The whole thing is absolutely incoherent and the little plot we have seen has been used as a backdrop for gratuitous rape.

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It's just so confused and sometimes has me shaking my head. The zombie wise men were great because I can just imagine how that would have set fundie Xtians off.

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I don't even know why Matt is still on the show? What the hell does he even do? He is a human sheriff in a town now populated by supernaturals, the man should be lunch meat.

Also, shame on you for expecting anything on TVD to make any kind of rational sense.

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Klaus's past doesn't matter in this case. Yes he has a history of abuse but has not abused his daughter. Regardless of the situation, Hayley had no right to decide unilaterally to take Hope away from him. She didn't even tell them where they were going or arrange a way for him to see his daughter. That's not her call to make regardless of who and what Klaus is. Let's be clear about one other thing, all of them are violent murderers and that includes Hayley, so if Klaus isn't good for Hope, neither is she.

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My issue is that Doctor in peril as a cliffhanger for the next episode when we know that the Doctor has plot immunity. They need to give us something else because we know that the Doctor is going to survive. It just feels rather tiresome to me actually.

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I do love the idea that Regina is going to save someone. I even love that it was her sacrifice and power with the aid of others that saved Robin. They had to believe in her for her sacrifice to work. I am really enjoying the direction they are going with Regina.

Also, Gold needs to wake up. Yes we have his other half whispering away to Emma but I also miss Gold.

It's season five and the Charmings are still getting on my last nerve.

And finally, did I miss it or was there some reason why the Knave was dropped into the plot box? He's too cute to be dropped off like that.