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The Maharaja didn't make any sense to me. I further didn't like it that Ma Petite was acquired in order to allow Pepper to display her maternal instinct. I think I have given up on them acknowledging that the actress who plays Ma Petite is actually 20 years old. It's sad really.

Also, Desiree winning her new love by displaying her three breasts is more than a problem. It's just such a waste of an incredibly talented actress.

I really did enjoy this episode and the tie in with Briarwood. It felt like Pepper's story had come full circle. I also liked that they showed that Pepper was a much better parent than either Rita or Larry as socially it is often suggested that disabled people are harmful to children and most certainly shouldn't parent.

I cannot believe I am complimenting AHS but I do believe overall they did a really good job this episode.

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Meredith Fell is Paul Wesley's ex wife and as soon as the divorce was finalized she disappeared from the show. She was either pressured to leave as Wesley is a major character, or chose to leave to avoid having to work withher ex husband. Beyond that, I have no idea.

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We have just discovered Fforde and I am really excited to read more of his work.

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What I was wondering is why they didn't hop in a car and meet Bonnie half way instead of sitting there and angsting.

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IMBD has her listed as the Mystery Woman.

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Oh, you are just as bad as they are now. Wretched movie.

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You have to admit that Viagara zombies is funny though it does not make sense biologically. The heart of a zombie is not beating and therefore he could not move blood to the genital region. Further, one needs to be actually aroused for the viagara to work in the first damn place.

Murphy's mind control just felt like a plot device because the writers were stuck and didn't know how to get the cast out of the situation they had created.

As for Addy and Mack, I have no idea. To be honest, I was shocked with where they left that storyline. I suppose I still have Walking Dead syndrome i.e. anyone can die except this people. I didn't find the relationship between Addy and Mack interesting but Addy's backstory was. I would be okay with it if they got rid of Mack and brought Addy back.

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How does a foreign prince enter a country and arrest the heir of the throne for treason? Does Arendelle have no guards? No soldiers? No laws? Anything? And can anyone just wander in and say “I’m king now! Crown me! Make with the shiny hat!” And that’s it?

This is exactly what I was thinking. The problem is that Frozen really just doesn't make sense or work with this world but they are determined to shoe horn it in to capitalize on the movie. I read yesterday that they are planning a Frozen two and all I could think was kill it with fire please. I am so done with this damn movie.

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I must admit that the the British crime drama stuff went over my head as well; however, I enjoyed the way that he played with nursery rhymes and found myself laughing anyway. I love the idea of the three little pigs being charged with premeditated murder for instance and Jack objecting to being called a giant killer because three of the people he killed were tall and not in fact giants.

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I am leery of the flashback of the musician with the injured hand – now the injury could have been caused by many means but I think the nature of it and the circumstances needed more clarity than we had.

I think the problem is that we heard him fighting with his girlfriend before appearing in Henry's doorway. He either could have injured himself hurting her, or defending himself. That said, are we really supposed to believe this happened in the 1950's? Since when did Black people live in the same apartment unit with a White doctor's family as all things? That was beyond historically inaccurate. Even if the musician made a lot of money, it's unlikely that he would have been allowed to move in and as for Henry he would have had to have been a broke doctor to move into a Black neighbourhood. Even to this day, Whites only move into Black neighbourhoods when they want to take it over.

I do want to mention that Jazz being called American classical music was a very important statement. I further loved that all of the Jazz greats were Black as Jazz began in the black community. Further, Abe never appropriates, he simply appreciates and I liked that.