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My problem is that both Helen and Gary are a distraction. There is enough drama going on without it. What's happening with Tom and the Langston's is compelling. How the Returned effect the living is what this should center on

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For Jacob I think it's about healing his father's broken heart ands allowing him yo fins peace.

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In Pandora, Lydia and Marius have intercourse. It's something she insists on for their blood exchange. He finds it ridiculous because neither of them experience sexual feelings from him inserting his penis inside her. The important tthing is the blood exchange. Lydia wants to be penetrated because it reminds her of being a living woman. Yes vampires can get and even maintain an erection but it does little for them.

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I don't know why Elena is concerned considering she hardly went to school herself and judging from her attendant at college she is probably failing there.

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Well at this point I have Governor fatigue. They needs to offer the readers something new.

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It doesn't make sense to me. The moment someone picks up the book and starts reading, they are going to realize that the cover doesn't match the books.

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I already want to see the back of Elena and her super special self.

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You have to admit that the idea of Philip becoming a werewolf is interesting.

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All of this made me team Bass. At least he had a plan while Rachel is just weepy and Miles is only concerned with keeping Rachel happy. A resistance movement means they actually have to resist not run, hide and watch.

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I think that a large part of this issue is that it has been absolutely normalized in Paranormal romance. It has become an accepted element. Marginalised people always contribute to their own oppression. This in part is how systems of oppression are maintained. It bothers me that these are largely written by women for women readers; however, this tells me that the support of rape culture has been normalized to the point where few see the problematic nature. As a rape survivor myself, I cannot afford to ignore it, which is why I make a point of mentioning it and including quotes to prove the point. When I checked Goodreads after writing my review, I was not at all surprised that no one mentioned it in their commentary on this book.

I intend to write a more comprehensive piece on this series soon.