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Nope that was the sound of your denial. Get your reading glasses on my friend.

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I guess that means that Sparky needs to get reading. LOL

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I suppose I should have put it in quotation marks but psychotic is what she is called in the book.

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I think that Melisandre is going to resurrect Jon Snow as well. They didn't use Caitlyn and so it's open for Jon Snow.

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There isn't a time travel element. Wayne, the man Theresa gave the house to said that people were in pods. That suggests that they were frozen when they visited Wayward Pines and then defrosted when it became time to introduce them to the town. The only thing I can think of is that in the past, Theresa and Ben were taken and frozen by Pope before he was frozen himself.

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I actually found it predictable and irritating. The tropes got on my nerves because they're so obvious and indicate a lack of effort despite having a 50% cast of colour.

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I am particularly pissed off with the death of the McCaulys. The writers have now killed off all humans of colour. It irks me that the only person of colour left on the show is actually Alac but you cannot tell because his face is painted white. Giving us a new alien does not make up for the complete loss of human inclusion particularly when you have Nolan running around trying to save the world like the great White male saviour they have written him to be.

Nolan's violation of Yule this week was absolutely terrible. He and Amanda held her down and had a strip of her flesh peeled off. Look I know that Yule is know angel but the same time the whole ends justify the means approach that Nolan takes to everything doesn't make him a hero or the damn moral center either.

I just don't know with Defiance this year. It's a really disappointing start.

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Leethu is the succubus in this, yes? I wouldn't have thought there'd be any kind of sex a succubus couldn't handle.

Well I think the whole Leethu is to delicate for demon sex is really about finding an excuse for Sam not to sleep with her. It's part of the ongoing problem with this series. Dunbar goes to great lengths to say that Sam would hurt Leethu but then later, has Leethu sleep with Dar their demon brother without incident.

In another book, Sam refuses to sleep with Leethu because she says that a succubus cannot resist enthralling the person she sleeps with. Sure enough, following the pattern that Dunbar established in earlier books, Dar ends up sleeping with Leethu yet again with absolutely not mention of worry about becoming enthralled. Essentially what this does is make Sam and Leethu bisexuals who despite numerous opportunities and stated desire who never have sex with women.

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I did not imply or state the following:
"implying it's their own fault, they could have just left, they chose to stay and were naive for doing so? '

In fact, I didn't even come anywhere near it. So you can just back the hell up because nowhere in this review did I victim blame. The issue here is the forgiveness aspect. Black made it clear that for Cassel, family can do whatever they want to them and he has to forgive because "blood is thicker than water," and that's utter bullshit. He is fully aware of what his family is and what they have done to him and others so the whole "blood is thicker than water" line is absolute and utter bullshit. If Black had made it clear that Cassel was staying because he was vulnerable and couldn't take care of himself that would be one thing but the idea that we should simply forgive any wrong done against us because it's done by a person we are related to is dangerous and ethically wrong. I absolutely refuse to support that idea.

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Right so I should give points to this and ignore the nicely whitewashed cover. Ummm, thanks but no. She did nothing to make him obviously of colour just lots of innuendo and his brothers are described as olive skin which could Mediterranean and several other background actually.