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Oh my goodness I agree with times ten. Of all of the Netflix original programming Hemlock Grove was the worst. Not only is the acting horrendously bad, the plot and the characters are either wooden or horribly problematic.

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They didn't really explain it but she did tell James that.

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Girl, were you trying to make me cry? Thanks so much for the birthday wishes honey and it's an honour and pleasure being your friend, despite the fact that we met because you determined to cuss my cute little behind out. P.S. I still say you need to put down the damn hose.

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Correction again, the actor who plays Alcide is Italian but the characters ethnicity is Cajun. My mistake.

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The character Alcide is Italian not Latino and therefore makes him White.

I still think the discussion of alcoholism as a disease was nuanced and very well done.

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Elijah used a pin to prick the baby's finger which then released a droplet of blood and Hayley sucked on the finger.

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She died with the baby's blood in her system which triggered her change. To complete it, she needed to feed from the baby again. Because Hayley was already a vampire, she is now becoming a hybrid.

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I am so damn fed up with this show. All of this shit and no book of leaves. Enough already.

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I couldn't get into Blacklist. I tried cause everyone kept talking about it.

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I think if they gave him a Walter White ending, it would only redeem his character.