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My guess is from the insurance money they get every time they kill off an adult. and to think the GOP was worried about people get lazy from Obama care

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It's worth noting that with the death of Liz, all of the adults in a supervisory role are now gone. Liz lasted the longest and if we're all honest, the supposed kids on TVD never acted like kids, what with all the swilling of hard liquor.

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There are no LGBT characters in the entire season. This would be annoying and wrong on any show – but is doubly offensive because John Constantine in the comics is bisexual. He has been straightened (something which isn’t shocking since Goyer is behind this show and he did the same straight wash on Da Vinci’s Demons). The only thing more disgusting than seeing John turned straight is seeing a fandom being more upset and concerned by him not smoking sufficiently than him being turned into a straight protagonist. This show should have been one of the very very few shows we have covered that has an openly non-ensemble LGBT protagonist. Instead it joins the list with the vast number of shows that erased LGBT existence.

This cost Constantine and by the time the writers/producers realised this and started doing desperate tweets, it was far too late. When are those in power going to realise that diversity in media is a true selling point. How many examples do they need to see for them to just get it and let go of their biases.

Look at Lost Girl for instance. That show isn't great and I firmly believe that had it no been for the fact that Bo is bisexual and her relationship with Lauren, it would have been canceled some time ago. Minorities, no matter what category they belong to not only want to see themselves represented but deserve to be represented. What more, when they do see themselves reflected, they are hopelessly loyal something Goya really needs to get a clue about.

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For me, it depends on how long reaching the event is as well. When True Blood invoked the inquisition and had vampires murdering witches, I was livid.

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Not Romanian but Romani people.

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Yeah I thino Gabaldon wanted to acknowledge that slavery was bad and that Is why she had Claire make those statements about slavery. It’s nominal however because her white characters have no trouble enjoying the way they benefit from slavery.

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Why do Enzo and Matt even exist?

Yep, this.

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It wasn't given the special treatment that Randal got but it was made clear when Bree caught him sneaking out the slave cabins, before she blackmailed him. A slave because he is a slave, cannot consent to sex.

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Which is just sad really because to truly be a fan, one would have to overlook the IPV, homophobia, rape, child abuse, racism, fat shaming, sexism and of course the bad writing, all to invest in Jamie and Claire's relationship. I wouldn’t recommend this series to an enemy, let alone a friend.

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I doubt it. Grey is a rapist just like the other two gay characters in this series.