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Sorry I missed this comment. I would have responded earlier.

I honestly cannot stand JCVD and find him to be an arrogant ass. To then watch as he is held up as the model of masculinity by two African men simply sickens my stomach.

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I am a fan of all of the Whoverse. I do however find Sarah Jane and the Ponds to be horrible. I made it through them both but I felt like I was being tested.

Mickey just grates on my last nerve. His character does get more assertive when he starts making choices for himself without thinking about what Rose would want for him but always feels like an additive. I was particularly pissed that he ended up with Martha Jones because it made it seem like they both settled. Martha got Mickey instead of The Doctor and Mickey got Martha instead of Rose. It particularly stung because Rose ended up with a human version of The Doctor.

Also, we started with NuWho because a new season is about to start but we do plan to go back into the Whoverse and look at the Old Doctors.

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Well from what I read, it has not been renewed yet which actually has me a little worried. I really love Defiance though it certainly had its problems this season. I do however believe that if this is the end, they wrapped it up nicely.

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I know the last ship is basically an action movie scaled down for television but really, it needs some characterisation in the worst way. I can only watch fight scenes and things blowing for so long without wondering what the hell the characters are thinking. They are all so one note and Navy rah rah rah.

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Nope that was the sound of your denial. Get your reading glasses on my friend.

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I guess that means that Sparky needs to get reading. LOL

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I suppose I should have put it in quotation marks but psychotic is what she is called in the book.

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I think that Melisandre is going to resurrect Jon Snow as well. They didn't use Caitlyn and so it's open for Jon Snow.

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There isn't a time travel element. Wayne, the man Theresa gave the house to said that people were in pods. That suggests that they were frozen when they visited Wayward Pines and then defrosted when it became time to introduce them to the town. The only thing I can think of is that in the past, Theresa and Ben were taken and frozen by Pope before he was frozen himself.

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I actually found it predictable and irritating. The tropes got on my nerves because they're so obvious and indicate a lack of effort despite having a 50% cast of colour.