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I do love the idea that Regina is going to save someone. I even love that it was her sacrifice and power with the aid of others that saved Robin. They had to believe in her for her sacrifice to work. I am really enjoying the direction they are going with Regina.

Also, Gold needs to wake up. Yes we have his other half whispering away to Emma but I also miss Gold.

It's season five and the Charmings are still getting on my last nerve.

And finally, did I miss it or was there some reason why the Knave was dropped into the plot box? He's too cute to be dropped off like that.

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I'm just going to say it. You were entirely too generous on the ratings for this one. For the first part of the show, I wasn't even certain that I was actually watching The Leftovers. What the hell did the cavewoman have to do with anything? Honestly, they are just throwing shit at a wall to see what will stick. How many times do they think that they can do this and have people keep watching. Lost may have been able to get away with that years ago but today, people want to be sure that someone is driving the ship before investing.

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" oh well, i guess 'liza' has to go back to prison orange w/piper and tasty, and be a grandma in her other life".

I knew I recognized her. I refused to google because I kept thinking that it would come to me but it never did. Yes, I am going to miss her character as well.

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Well the Doctor is never going to die - that is a given. I think it's a reminder that everything around the dark is always dark. As viewers I think we are to ignore that part and fixate on how we think the Doctor is going to get out of his latest scrape.

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I agree with you when it comes to the girl in the slab; however, not in the case of the Family of Blood. What he did to them was to punish them for the life they cost them. He knew damn well what he was doing when he was doing it. The look on his face speak volumes. In fact, if you remember, the son who described what was done to his family explained that when the Doctor originally ran from them he was doing them a favour. This isn't about life winning out this is about the Doctor's vengeance - the oncoming storm.

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Presents are just coins, if you put enough into the womanmachine, sex falls out!

LOL that cracked me up and is such an excellent description of how Felix described his actions.

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I really think that he should have given Donna the choice of what she wanted. He couldn't bear to see her die and she couldn't bear to have her identity erased. I think what he did was selfish because she begged him repeatedly not to and then the Doctor obsessed about his loss and his loneliness. He made it all about him.

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No it's not just you. Honestly, despite the racially diverse cast, I didn't expect anything good. The same people are behind Fear The Walking Dead.

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Sorry I missed this comment. I would have responded earlier.

I honestly cannot stand JCVD and find him to be an arrogant ass. To then watch as he is held up as the model of masculinity by two African men simply sickens my stomach.

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I am a fan of all of the Whoverse. I do however find Sarah Jane and the Ponds to be horrible. I made it through them both but I felt like I was being tested.

Mickey just grates on my last nerve. His character does get more assertive when he starts making choices for himself without thinking about what Rose would want for him but always feels like an additive. I was particularly pissed that he ended up with Martha Jones because it made it seem like they both settled. Martha got Mickey instead of The Doctor and Mickey got Martha instead of Rose. It particularly stung because Rose ended up with a human version of The Doctor.

Also, we started with NuWho because a new season is about to start but we do plan to go back into the Whoverse and look at the Old Doctors.