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But if all she can do is send love notes, how powerful would she really be on their side. I think they just need to kill off Katrina and be done with it.

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Well if you recall, back in Terminus, Bob was lined up with the rest of the group to be slaughtered. He could have told them his name then.

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You have to remember that she was not counting on entertaining Barbara. She did this to bring Fred back into the fold of the family since it's clear that Henry and Lucille have not forgiven him. Barbara was a boon in the end because she gave Lucille someone to rage at while at the same time, hopefully (from Margaret's point of view) bringing Fred closer and establishing that all he really has is family.

Janine's change of heart is part Jesus for sure but the other part is womb bonding and that makes me uncomfortable. Let's face it, over the years, Tom and Janine could have adopted but instead they prayed to Jesus for a baby. Yeah, this smacks of the Lord works in mysterious ways and that makes me super uncomfortable.

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We’ve had a few moments of David trying to protect his daughter from Killian and it’s getting old. It’d be dubious in any event, throw in that Emma is an adult, far more capable than David and the fact David has only actually known her as an adult and it’s infantilising and all kinds of nasty.

Come now, surely you realise that the family vagina must be kept pure. <snark> I actually hated David going all protective Dad about this. Not only is it infantalizing it screams of sexism to me. Why don't they just let Mary Margaret and David run away together so that we can be done with the both of them.

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I suppose with body-switching episodes it’s a chance for everyone to flex their acting muscles – and it was decent. Not amazing or shiny – but then, that understated acting elements of each other’s characters was definitely the way to go.

I was actually far from impressed with the switching of characters. I have seen it done so much better than Haven but then I never thought the actors on this show were great. At best it was passable. It didn't help that the whole thing with Audrey/Moira, Duke and Nathan BORED ME. I am sick to death of it. I want to know what is going on with the Teague's. I just know that next week we will have yet another trouble of the week episode and the Teague's will be on the back burner yet again.

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Can I just say holy shit. I didn't see Garnett's death coming at all. I really hope that Warren becomes the leader of the group. It will be the first dystopian with a WOC leader and that is worth something to me. Z Nation has worked hard to separate itself from The Walking Dead and with the death of Warren, they have created a firm demarcation line: the willingness to allow anyone to die as well as not needing a straight, white male protagonist to save the world. Z Nation has my full attention now.

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"And, seriously – this poor girl is crying so I will murder this other girl? Really? Are Caroline’s tears that precious?

You are forgetting that Caroline is White and Blonde to boot, how can a WOC possibly compete with that on the vampire diaries. Who cares if she has a habit of snacking on Black people, White women's tears must almost be paramount.

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They revealed it in the season finale last year. The family kept talking about a missing son and that they could identify him by a moon shape on his back. In one of the last scenes of the year they showed Bellamy with the moon shape.

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Oh my goodness I agree with times ten. Of all of the Netflix original programming Hemlock Grove was the worst. Not only is the acting horrendously bad, the plot and the characters are either wooden or horribly problematic.

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They didn't really explain it but she did tell James that.