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I still think Jon and Daenerys will marry. (I say this mainly because I know Renee cringes every time I say this. Jon and Daenerys marry).

You're just an awful person. It cannot, will not happen.

Yeah that last scene with all the brown people falling to their knees in front of Dragon Lady really pissed me off. Can we be done with the White Saviour nonsense?

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Ramsay is absolutely terrifying of that there can be no doubt. Yes the writing is great but I also think we would be remiss if we didn't mention the fact that Iwan Rheon, sells the hell out of this role. This man plays creepy so well, I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.

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Leana Heady did in fact use a body double for the walk of shame.

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I am so tired of Vanessa's victimhood at this point. I like that she sought out therapy and had begun to seriously hope that this season would be different for her but of course, Dracula is going to nip any potential happiness in the bud. Yes, she is strong in so many ways but Vanessa is the ultimate case of victim.

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Yes, I'm suspicious of her myself. I know that they love to have monitors and I am wonder if Adele has been sent in to keep an eye on Felix so that they can learn what Sarah and the clones are up to.

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According to the actor, Strand didn't start out that way. Strand's sexuality actually evolved out of trying to create an interesting way for him to end up on The Abigail.

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I agree with you that there's no reason for Robin to forgive Zelena. She hasn't even had the decency to say that she violated him. I am sick and tired of rape being brushed aside as though it's not a harmful and disgusting violation of one's person.

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I tend to agree with you

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I plan to finish off the series but I don't really hold out much hope for anything good after the first book. I didn't like a single character.

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When I watched the series finale, I couldn't help but think that I'd just officially wasted three years. Revealing werewolves to the world was her big end game plan? Somehow she believes that there would be no repercussions from this? Oh and yeah, everyone suddenly has a choice and can live happily ever after? I call epic bullshit. Bitten is nothing more than a disappointment. What an absolute waste. I could have been so much more.