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But iZombie has a problem – far too often mentally ill people have been used repeatedly to bring comic quirks for Liv’s brain of the week. It has happened way too much, the issues touched on way too shallowly.

It breaks my heart to agree that you are right on this one. I love IZombie but it seems to appropriate a hell of a lot from people who are neurologically atypical. It's further problematic that not only is it for the purposes of comedy, it's also for the purposes of Liv's character development.

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Taht scene with Allison and Donny dancing is something I wish I could unsee. It’s problematic in so many ways. I do agree that they either need to bring Allison intp the story or drop her altogether.

As for Paul, his death almost made his character seem sympathetic. Almost.

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I was so caught up in this episode. It was epic and necessary because Vanessa has to often taken on the role of the victim. It informs us that this is her active choice and that is important.

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I must applaud the writers of TVD and The Originals on this front though. So terrible are they at this particular area of representation that I even begin to worry when one of these token gay characters (always white) appears on-screen and actively desire that they stay in the margins of the show because through experience I've learned that their increased visibility means their brutal murder isn't far off.

So much this. I loved Josh and Aidan totogether though their love and romance was quite different than the straight characters. Because they were never given a storyline one of them was destined to die. I knew it was coming but it still upset me so much when it happened.

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I love how this season ended it almost made up for the horrible Frozen fanfic we were subjected to for the first half of the series. Regina deserves her happy ending and I love that Emma not only realised this but acted to ensure that Regina got it. It was made more awesome by Regina declaring that her HEA was not solely about Robin. I suppose this means that Disney is learning a little bit.

I love that Henry is the new author.

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and you can bite me.

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Well, it's worth noting that there is a Damon and Bonnie romance in the books. I know, TVD have strayed far from the source material but it's possible. I don't think however in this case that this is something I want to see. Bonnie has essentially been the only one to hold Damon accountable. Their friendship alone challenges this. I think with all of the retconning that went on to make Damon a viable love interest for Elena, a lot of Damon's horrible deeds have been forgotten.

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3.5? You clearly liked this a lot more than I did. There were way too many characters. Not having the love triangle thing didn't distract me from the fact that society is going to fall apart because a bunch of teenagers will be running things. This has been done to death. The electric fence had me thinking of Under the Dome and for making me think of that alone I would have lowered the fang rating. I cannot say at this point that I am the least bit intrigued.

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I think it's because it's not ridiculously pronounced. I can actually see someone standing like that.

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Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea when I started this series. At least I wasn't overly in love with the world the author created.