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Glad to know that I didn't disappoint. The truth is it's full of gooey cheese. Going forward the idea of Lucifer in therapy and solving crimes may not work out well but for the first episode at least, I enjoyed it.

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I think part of the problem is that Beowulf is moving at an absolute snails pace. Nothing seems to be happening at all. The highlight of this episode was the big reveal about Abrecan which was obvious. They need to get this storyline moving because a beautiful set will only entertain for so long.

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I think it is important to be intelligent consumers. There's not really anything created by the media that isn't going to be problematic in some way. If you look at our five fang reviews, you will see that as much as we may have loved something they all contain some form of criticism. I think the important thing is to be aware when we are consuming media that we are watching something problematic and not just let it go for the sake of entertainment and funsies. The only way to avoid watching/supporting something problematic is to stop consuming media altogether.

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The idea that Finn's name had been taken from him and that he was only known as a number is problematic given the fact when slaves arrived in the new world the first thing that was changed was their names. I also agree that the naming of Finn by someone who while Latino was meant to perceived as White is equally problematic.

Going forward, all of the problems that exist with anything that Disney creates will most certainly appear in this series. This means continued erasure, problematic female characters and passive racism. I certainly will not be going into the next installment with anything near the excitement that I approached Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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I apologise, I should have mentioned the erasure myself when I wrote it up.

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The problem with the Leftovers is that it asks a lot of questions but doesn't give any answers. If I didn't know that the show was based on a book and therefore had an explanation as to what was going on, I think I would have given up on it already. The Leftovers does however have to start providing us with some answers. I want to know what the deal was with the Guilty Remnant, The man hugging people and taking away their pain, the connection with the prehistoric lady who died in episode one, why Mercy didn't lose anyone, as well as where the people went and why. I am sure if I thought about it, I could probably find a lot more questions that The Leftovers has raised but haven't come close to answering. They can only keep this up for so long.

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My biggest worry with Clive is that they will make him a zombie. I want him to be in on the secret but I want him to stay human. To zombies changing each week because of brains would kill the show. It was bad enough when Ravi was taking drugs.

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So we're finally done with the Stefan/Damon/Elena love triangle and they introduced another one? I know that this is season seven but I think the writers need to find a new bag of tricks.

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All as good as long as they keep Betsy in the past. If they move her forward she will become Katrina 2.0 and no one wants to see that.

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The whole thing is absolutely incoherent and the little plot we have seen has been used as a backdrop for gratuitous rape.