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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for giving SendGrid a try in your app! I'll do my best to get you up and running ASAP. To start, could you please email me (elmer at SendGrid) and I'll walk through the details with you.

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If you are willing to use another service besides GMail, check out

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I have updated the code, tutorial and video based on your feedback. Thanks again for the awesome feedback!

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Thanks Mark!

This feedback is awesome! It will surely help make the tutorial better and I'll be incorporating your feedback shortly.

*thumbs up*

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Thanks Cordoval!

I appreciate the kind words and thanks for sharing your slides and video with us.

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Thanks Jeff, I hope the other half not explored will prove useful to you. Enjoy!

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Great idea freddyC! I'll add this to my list of sample apps to build and post on our Github page.

For now, you can check out some examples here:

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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Thanks Jon! Much of the idea came from Tim Falls.

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Yes. Every time you send out an email there is an accumulative effect on your sender reputation. Whether that effect is negative or positive will depend on how closely you follow the above tips.

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Thanks for the additional insights Brandon! I appreciate the kudos also.

Love Mind Maps! I use MindNode Pro on the Mac and iThoughts on iOS, though pen and paper or a white board is still a great tool and helps break the monotony of staring at a computer all day. Here is an interesting video on mind mapping:

With regards to the 20 minute tasks, I've been using Vitamin R as a Pomodoro tool to help keep focused in small bursts of time for certain types of tasks such as programming, researching or brainstorming. Typically the time frame I use for a Pomodoro slice is 25 minutes. Most important for me though, is remembering to take that 5 minute break. Otherwise, I'll get stuck in a programmer hunchback pose and wreck my neck and back, though a stand up desk helps reduce that issue. The 5 minute break is perfect for our ongoing SendGrid Burpee challenge ;)