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Carrie!! I'm so sorry you're going through that! I know that my little run-ins with illness since I've been pregnant are nothing compared to what you are experiencing. I've thought often that I can't imagine trying to take care of myself AND a baby while sick (because I'm so bad at just taking care of myself!) - but I guess it's just one of those things you learn how to do when you have to do it. I hope you all get to feeling much better soon. I definitely believe in God and have been praying for us and will keep you all in my prayers as well!

I've been very frustrated by being sick over and over but I was mostly making fun of my situation with this rant - I hope that came through a little bit!! I really hope that no one took it the wrong way - we are okay! Just feeling over it, ya know? So many prayers for y'all!! <3

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Seriously - I think it helps so much. I had no idea there was a smell to it at all until that day I drank it without the lid and it was just .. hard to ignore. Haha!

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Yes they are!! I'm really hoping to be able to wear them for a while, and then I may take your advice and get a few that will work when I get bigger! I have a feeling I will want the comfiest clothing on the planet at that point. ;) Thank you so much for the compliment, Claudia! <3 We are sooooo excited too!

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Hahaha! I totally wore leggings and sweaters all of the time in the winter before I was pregnant, too! But I started to feel a little bored when I felt like that was ALL I had to wear. I still need my dresses! :D

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I *was* using one of those to "keep me from getting sick" and then I got sick. So I never used it again. Haha. I should probably continue with it though!

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It's hard to decide! I don't really know what my reasoning is for keeping the name a secret! So we will just have to see. :) And thank yoouuu - we are so freaking excited!

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I'm glad you like it! I have felt that exact way many, many times! I wont deny that I do my fair share of complaining now and then on social media, but I really try to be mindful of it. I really do think you get back what you put out! =)

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Yes! I am so excited. I know it will be a huge help and weight lifted to not constantly feel like we need to make arrangements to get down to Florida, especially with a baby. Plus it will be so nice to just be able to go to the mall or get coffee with my Mom, ya know? I haven't had that luxury in years! Can't wait.

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I\'ve had so much fun with it! And the thing is that sometimes I\'ll go a few months without using it but then once I start up again, I\'m right back in the game. I like that because life can get busy, ya know? :) Let me know how you like it or if you have any questions!

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I tell ya, I wasn't expecting it! I truly thought that if I continued to do something (especially if I'm being public about it) people would assume automatically that I have made sure it's ok to do. But you're so right - I've continued to get comments/questions about basically everything I'm doing with my body now. If I post a photo of myself eating sushi and guzzling a bottle of wine, then alright! ;)

I'm sorry you couldn't continue to keep running! But ah, twins - what a blessing!! Crossing my fingers that I don't run into any complications!