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Agreed. Also, the parents should call up the crossing guard and thank him.

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This is like Bonusgate, but with more golf.

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Part time legislature = less Daylin pretending to work.

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Quack, quack. I hear a lame-o duck looking for relevance (of any kind).

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Wait a minute. How does Conklin get a chief of staff? Isn't he just a back bencher nobody?

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If memory serves me, and it rarely does, this Conklin has run for a lot of elected jobs. Seems like he desperately wanted to live the "political lifestyle."

Well, now, after reading this, I can only gather that he not only wants the cushiest of the cushy political positions around (Lt. Gov), but that he also wants to hold his old political job at the same time!

Only in Harrisburg! I hope the people retire this greedy leech.

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SO TRUE! Nathan, I salute you!

I fully expect that Adolf will be driving up the Turnpike in Doc Brown's souped-up Delorean; I can't wait until he hits 85mph.

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I always love it when the party poo-ba grandmasters chime in and try to dictate the outcome of a primary. Let the voters decide you hack.

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Not ready for prime time eh? Maybe he should focus on his job in Harrisburg first before jumping ship.

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Whenever I see Leach on TV, I think to myself, there is a guy who would have made a great clown. Wait a sec...