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We are confident that HRH would in a friendly manner settle this whole issue with a smile in the interest of the majority of the RAKYAT who elected the PR to administer SELANGOR. HRH knows the pros and cons of his impending decision and we Selangorians are wishful that he
won't let down the majority of the Selangorians who voted the PR to administer SELANGOR.
We pray for his rightful choice.

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DR MAHATHIR comments based on facts. Malaysians respect him for his firmness in running the country during his 22 years as PM. There were no Street Demos and racial comments by the many NGO's which is mushrooming and damaging the good name of our country. During Dr Mahathir's Era

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MAS should be manned by the best qualified MALAYSIANS regardless of race. Just see how Air Asia is being run by our Malasyian Sdr.Tony Fernandez. MAS should never be race-based but 'brain-based MALAYSIANS' to see positive results like Air Asia.

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What happens if a vote of no-confidence on the MB happens in the State Legislature as PR commands the majority? Selangorians are now in a Delima. We pray that the matter is wisely settled to avoid unpleasantness as we are All Peace-Loving Malaysians.

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They won on PKR DAP support.

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Mat SABU who signed the joint agreement of support for Dr Wan Azizah is representing PAS.
Do why this sudden drama by PAS by not supporting the document signed by their own man.
What game is PAS playing? My whole family and relations in SELANGOR voted for PAS in the last GE13. Why are the remaining highly dynamic Personalties in PAS are keeping quiet. It is a game of Now or Never for PAS.

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PAS has many dynamic personalities who would act on principles. Needless to mention the names we are confident that they will come out to openly support Dr Wan Azizah and make
The PR Govt. even stronger. Selangorians who voted in these dynamic personalities have a duty to the voters.

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PAKATAN is the 'Democratically Voted Choice' of Selangorians and the selection of Dr Wan Azizah as the MB of SELANGOR is the choice of the Selangorians. The Selangorians choice should be respected and upheld at all cost to give the true meaning of Democracy as per our
Malaysian Constitution.

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To most of the PAKATAN supporters, the choice of the two best in PKR for MB's post is befitting.
But when we look back the struggles this Dr Lady has gone through to hold the post of PKR President and Opposition Leader in Parliament, we would appreciate and salute YB Azmin if he could decline the proposal for the MB's post but Instead Lift up his hands to propose Dr Wan Azizah. This would a Great Move by Azmin to be admired by all Malaysians. Since you are still younger than Dr Wan Azizah and has a lot of good days ahead in PAKATAN. So please toe the line for the sake of PAKATAN SOLODARITY.

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Dr Wan Azizah has all the qualities as a Malaysian Woman to be the MENTERI BESAR of SELANGOR. See the many countries throughout the World the many Women Prime Ministers who have performed their duties efficiently. Why not we give her an opportunity rather than
Coming out with all kinds negative comments to penalise her. Are we being fair? The responsible parties should ponder on this famous Quote - It is easy to find other peoples faults but very hard to find ones own. The lake can reflect the clouds and trees but the lake knows its own depth.
PAKATAN was established on consensus. Due respect should be given to PKR to make their choice on the appointment of Selangor Menteri Besar.
PAKATAN has won the hearts and minds of Malaysians in the last General Election,
Majority of the Malaysians voted for PAKATAN in the last General Election and is expected
To do even better in the coming GE-14.The Solidarity of PAKATAN should come into play in the appointment of MENTERI BESAR SELANGOR. STAY ONE - STAY STRONG.