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This blogger should not be let off the hook. We hope Melati makes a Police Report and bring this guy to court. Sue him heavily so that his mouth will be kept stitched the rest of his life and
his blog closed. Dont waste time Melati, fix this guy right and proper. We would like to see his face in the Newspapers and TV's soon. This fellow is too much.

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Every now and then POLICE REPORT after POLICE REPORT. This was never the SCENERIO during our Ex-PM Dr. Mahathir's era. Being a Senior Citizen, I am saddened at the course of direction we are moving towards.
It is a Pity that our PDRM is being burdened with the frequency of Police Reports. They are left with no choice but to do their duty.

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Prices of good and services have risen many folds thus making it hard for a Pensioner to survive.
Thus a 30% increase on the present pension would give an helping hand to the pensioners.
We are the Pensioners who toiled to bring this Country of ours to what it is today.

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The INTERGRITY of our Malaysian Police is affected if immediate action is not taken on this issue as all MALAYSIANS are watching the development. This suspect should be exposed in all the National TV and charged in court basing on the evidence and reports lodged by the victims.
How many more victims have this guy cheated?

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YB AZMIN - Get all the facts right before it is made transparent. RAKYAT will back you up 100% if you expose the truth for the benefit of the Selangorians.

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Marina, call this guy for an open debate in our National TV with other prominent ladies like Sdr.Ambiga and see that he is well-cornered to make sure that he does not open his mouth
And pass unwanted/racial comments. Personalities of your calibre are the right person to put this guy in his place.

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Janganlah jadi Batu Api. Ini adalah suatu perkara dalaman, kenapa hendak heboh-hebohkan dalam media massa. Apa tujuannya?

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The Sultan should be admired for the way he neutralized the whole SELANGOR MB issue.

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PAS should be satisfied that at least 3 Exco seats are given to them. PAS has to take the blame on the latest Drama.

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Let us give YB AZMIN a chance as he is also from PKR and due to the surrounding circumstances YB DR WAN AZIZAH has given her blessings to YB AZMIN to helm SELANGOR.