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In a Democracy, a Parliamentarian has a duty for the RAKYAT.

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If Hadi is sick, it's only fair that he steps down gracefully as there are many in PAS who can replace him. No man is indispensable.

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It is very unbecoming on the part of this Shafee to put down a qualified Doctor Osman as a lier in the open court. Dr Osman is just carrying out his duty.

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Let us wait for the Judgement. Is it that easy to hoodwink our Learned Judges by coming out with statements in front of the Judges.

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The presentation of the Defence is based on facts and is clear to all. Why is this Shafie DPP wasting a lot of the Courts time and the Rakyats money by going 'merry-go-round' when he should have prepared his case well and completed his submission by Friday.

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What a common man visualizes is that homo-sex is just impossible to perform without the mutual consent of the partner. Even if homo-sex is performed with mutual consent, will any human expose this sort of 'shameful act' for the Public knowledge.Guess the motive behind!

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It is timely that our PM neutralise the whole issue by issuing a statement that all of us are MALAYSIANS regardless of race. Anyone raising any form of race issues as pendatang
Should be arrested under the Sedition Act and placed under cold-storage to rot in the prison.
Sedition Act should be used to maintain racial harmony as we are MALAYSIANS working for a Good Home - A Malaysian Home.

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Aiyah - cannot reason out - easy way out - 'conspiracy...conspiracy...conspiracy. These 'streo-type' comments are very common to become popular. Have an open debate for the real truth to be known. Each individual has his or her own opinion and interpretation. We are all in a Democratic Country.

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Our PM should call this guy for an open debate on National TV and let our KJ represent the PM.
This type of comment is a bad publicity for our NAJIB'S Govt. THE PM should not stand still on his comments but to clarify to the RAKYAT that every sector of the RAKYAT will benefit from the
BUDJET 2005. This guy should be nipped in the bud. If he is not happy, he could put up an appeal to YB NAJIB for his review, if it need be, rather than expressing the discontent vide the Media.

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YB Anwar should be kept in the post to steer SELANGOR into Greater Heights as he was our Ex-Finanace Minister and Ex-Deputy Prime Minister. He is the best man for the job.