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This guy seem to be too smart - smarter than PM NAJIB and the Malaysian Cabinet.
Our PM should tell him to shut up and look after his constituency. He talks further,
then PM NAJIB should take disciplinary action to the extend of expelling him from the
The Government after so much deliberations finally decided to employ a person who has
Proven track record to steer MAS back to its Golden Days. This Person has to be given wide powers as the CEO of MAS to do his job to the best.
The decision by our Government is in the right direction.

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Nothing better to do except Anwar Anwar Anwar. What fear that make this case drag for years
and the Rakyat are getting fed-up with the amount of money spent in this 'Trivial Case'.

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In silence we watch. The Almighty God knows between the right and the wrong. He is our witness. Just Pray for all goodness to happen as the Almighty GOD is watching every move and he knows the rightful price one has to pay if one does not act according to his conscience for the benefit of all.

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It hurts the non-malays for every time UMNO AGM is held sensitive issues which could be termed seditious are openly discussed. What bad have the non-malays done to this beloved
Country of our s which belongs to all MALAYSIANS.
The Non-MALAYS work hard and they are doing their best to get their daily bred and at the same time generate the economy of our Country. The huge amount of taxes collected goes into the various development of the country like the huge Skycraper Buildings which we are all proud of. Non-MALAYS should not be hurt but as usual carry on working hard and do your best for our Beloved Country. Take pride in your hard work and non-dependency as the Sunrise is always there for you. This is your land, so toil hard and make this land a heavenly place admired by the World over.

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In a Democracy, a Parliamentarian has a duty for the RAKYAT.

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If Hadi is sick, it's only fair that he steps down gracefully as there are many in PAS who can replace him. No man is indispensable.

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It is very unbecoming on the part of this Shafee to put down a qualified Doctor Osman as a lier in the open court. Dr Osman is just carrying out his duty.

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Let us wait for the Judgement. Is it that easy to hoodwink our Learned Judges by coming out with statements in front of the Judges.

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The presentation of the Defence is based on facts and is clear to all. Why is this Shafie DPP wasting a lot of the Courts time and the Rakyats money by going 'merry-go-round' when he should have prepared his case well and completed his submission by Friday.

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What a common man visualizes is that homo-sex is just impossible to perform without the mutual consent of the partner. Even if homo-sex is performed with mutual consent, will any human expose this sort of 'shameful act' for the Public knowledge.Guess the motive behind!