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This is the price genuine Malay Intellectuals have to pay. It is a pity for Malaysians to have lost this Professor who has the guts to tell a 'spade a spade'. Malaysians are watching closely on the road we are treading. Come GE-14, Malaysians will have their choice vide their vote.

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Malaysia is a Secular Country as endorsed by the Federal Constitution. Malaysians achieved their Independence from the British basing on the accepted agreement of the Federal Constitution by the 3 major races of the country - The Malays, Chinese and Indians.
It is a hard solid fact that MALAYSIA IS A SECULAR COUNTRY as enshrined in our Federal Constitution. There are more important issues facing us to achieve our Vision 2020. Our focus should be to make sure that Malaysia achieves her dreams and aspirations by 2020.

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Biarlah Anak Muda KITA, tak Kira BANGSA naik ke tangga yang BOLEH dibanggakan.
FITNAH yang di lemparkan KEPADA DYANA ADALAH DOSA Dari segi ISLAM DAN juga
Lain-lain agama.
Kami berdoa kejayaan yang Luar bias a DALAM PILIHANRAYA TELUK INTAN MINGGU DEPAN.

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Malaysians all over the country are thankful to you for having stood up to stand for the Election and be elected as our MP. It is SUNRISE FOR MALAYSIA to see the son of a GREAT POLITICIAN (late YB KARPAL SINGH) to be voted in to continue the legacy of the father.
At these emotionally troubled moments for having lost a GREAT DAD, you have the blessings of not only the PENANGITES but ALL MALAYISANS. Our Choicest Blessings for a LANDSLIDE VICTORY in tomorrow's ELECTION.

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Teresa Kok is a well respected lady MP. Malaysians know that whatever said and done by her is carefully thought of as we have been following her dynamic performance as an Opposition MP from day one. Keep up your good work Teresa.

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We do not know the cause of the incident. Perhaps, the UMNO man has been provoked to resort to such action. Let us be fair and wait for the investigation.
The Deputy Minister or the UMNO man is equal before the law. Let the police investigate and leave it to the decision of the Court. Palanivel should not pass any remarks as the police have not its investigation.

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MALAYSIANS have more important things to do and not simply pick on each other and create disharmony in this beautiful multiracial country of ours. This is a Malaysia which belongs to all MALAYSIANS irrespective of race or religion.

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YB Gan Peng Sieu is a Kluangrian from where I come from. He is a young dynamic personality who has all the qualities for the post of MCA President. He is a lawyer
by profession and he is rightful person to represent MALAYSIANS and safeguard the
legitimate rights of all Malaysians as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. He knows
his stuff. At this moment of crucial time he would be the right person to lead the MCA.
Our blessings are always there for you Mr GAN to get the mandate from the MCA delegates in the Presidential Election.

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YB LGE - you have proven by all your actions in administering PENANG to be a clasdical example of a truly Malasyian. Your transparent action in all your deals are done in a clean and just manner. Thumbs up for your exemplary moves for the goodness of all Malaysians. Move on with a smile and do not be shaken by some who just envious about
You and YB Tan Sri Khalid and how you both manage PENANG and SELANGOR efficiently with surplus budget. Good Work - Keep it up and pave the way for a astounding victory in the coming GE-14.

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If it is proven that he has done it, then he must be the VERY FIRST PERSON TO BE CLEANSED. Come-on man, dreaming of the impossible. We are now in the 20th.
Century. This case must be thoroughly investigated and if he has done it, then he
Deserves to pay the price - Clean him first.