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Sarah never disappoints!

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It's a Democrat county in a Democrat state. Had she joined the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, she would never have been shut down.

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God bless Senator Sessions and his staff for standing up for American workers and taxpayers.

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The moral and intellectual dishonesty of pudits like Wehner is astonishing. The Senate bill providing for 46 million mostly unskilled, poorly educated imigrants has almost nothing to do with amnesty and almost every thing to do with big business' desire for an unending supply of cheap labor. The profits of the labor would all accrue to business and stock owners, and the costs would all accrue to taxpayers and those Americans unfortunate enough to lose their jobs or suffer a decrease in wages. (Where have I heard that phrase, 'the privatization of profits and the socialization of loss'?) What a coup for crony capitalism.

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Thank you, Andrew, for reminding us that the truth matters, and that it is worth fighting for.

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Romney has impeccable character despite spreading false and malicious information about Gingrich's ethics charges? I don't think so. Please, read the historical accounts. Gingrich was not forced to resign as Speaker as Romney claims in ads and at the debates. The charges were found to be without merit, and Gingrich was never fined $300,000 as Romney claimed.

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In the absence of a public apology, it doesn't matter whether Abrams was misled or not. He is allowing his untrue and malicious statements on Gingrich to stand.

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Our candidate has already been chosen for us by our "betters." Terrific --- another candidate with connections to Wall Street.

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When you "own" the mainstream media, you can be far more open about your corruption --- the media, and consequently the people, will never hold you accountable.

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Thoughtful, calm, in depth --- I loved this show.