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I agree all are cheesy but I still like them though...except Battlefield Earth...that was just a bad movie altogether.

Nice list.

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Plots within plots....gotta love it! Most of the intelligence agencies get the bad rap in movies and novels and I approve of that. I understand the serve a purpose but mostly it\'s to spy on their own people....not a good thing. So I like hearing stories where they messed up.

Nice list.

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Could be ANY of the religions out there.....they all have some major skeletons. It\'s the religion itself, not so much of the people within. If people actually tried to be nice to one another and not shoved their religion of choice down someone else\'s throat...we\'d all be a bit happier. So moral of the story...keep your crap to yourself.

Nice list.

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Disturbing is right...every one of them. Gruesome for a few as well. Deliverance will always be a cringe-worthy film....nice to include that one.

Good list.

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Big fan of trees. Living in AZ...not so much green going on here. However my yard harbors the most trees in the entire neighborhood. Having seen both of these lists, I think I would love to have a Teapot Baobab in my yard...those look just amazing.

Nice list.

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Love the list. Evolution is an amazing concept....to see what we were and what we might become..quite neat.

Good list.

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Thanks. I made Jamie aware of it. I\'m not a fan of people who steal without giving credit where credit is due. :/

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And here are 10 foods I\'m not going to try. :) Although the shrimp cocktail has caught my interest.

Neat topic and content....well rounded, too.

Good list.

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Thanks. Will forward that link. No mention of Listverse as credit....just posted without it. Not a nice thing.

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If you gave credit then that\'s good, however, it seems that the page was taken down. No worries now.