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Discussing this on twitter, but Jack Miles's "God: A Biography" refers heavily one school of interpretation that posits that the angel actually was Esau, and Jacob couldn't really see his features but figured it out while they were fighting enough to coyly refer to it during their face-to-face reunion later. Which is just sort of an incredibly SIBLING HIJINX way to end the story, and also totally makes all these paintings of hugging it out and holding hands pretty much exactly perfect and so this will forever be my biblical headcanon.

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Not going to lie, I didn't actually manage to read the article because I was too busy marveling at the utter perfection of the Zelda screenshot accompanying it.

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wow really makes u think

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A shame the Community one isn't more detailed, because "Wish (but actually one person faked it to avoid dealing responsibly with his social relationships and the other one played along because first guy is his best friend and didn't know any other way to help)" is honestly the MOST plausible method of body swap

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Extremely long-standing. What history exactly do you think William F. Buckley was standing athwart?

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To be perfectly fair, though, "F*** you, white devil!" is basically the only appropriate way to greet Kevin Williamson, and even imaginary 9-year-olds are aware of this.

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Twitchy is deeply sorry it allowed the dogwhistles to drop down into the human register

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The pounding heart is such a great touch here omg

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Idk I think Bristol raises a good point. Why can't Obama be more like Reagan, and never publicly mention gay people even once, not even when faced with a major public health crisis that disproportionately effects them?

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Somewhat sticky, but African-Americans are conscious enough of history that they will come out in droves against someone if they start suggesting they're about to give extra scrutiny to black people voting in the next election. That's a big part of why the A-A turnout in 2012 was as high or even higher than it was in 2008, and it was also a big factor here: one major thing that happened between runoff and primary was a lot of fearmongering about cross-party voting from McDaniel allies, along with threats to place partisan "observers" in polling places to challenge black voters in particular. McDaniel probably did as much to drive African-American turnout as Cochran himself did.