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The pounding heart is such a great touch here omg

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Idk I think Bristol raises a good point. Why can't Obama be more like Reagan, and never publicly mention gay people even once, not even when faced with a major public health crisis that disproportionately effects them?

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Somewhat sticky, but African-Americans are conscious enough of history that they will come out in droves against someone if they start suggesting they're about to give extra scrutiny to black people voting in the next election. That's a big part of why the A-A turnout in 2012 was as high or even higher than it was in 2008, and it was also a big factor here: one major thing that happened between runoff and primary was a lot of fearmongering about cross-party voting from McDaniel allies, along with threats to place partisan "observers" in polling places to challenge black voters in particular. McDaniel probably did as much to drive African-American turnout as Cochran himself did.

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My main medium is sarcastic internet verbiage. That, and performance art. I'm currently in year seven of a piece I call, "Squandering My Education and Intellect at a Dead-End Receptionist Position I Should Have Left Three Years Ago"

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We won’t claim that we love factory farms, but we can say with all honesty that we’re every bit as offended by overwrought writing as we are by animal abuse, because we lost our moral compass years ago.

I feel the same way, but in my case I'm pretty sure that it's because dairy products have made me autistic ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Or maybe, just maybe, the Obama administration didn’t care about Frenkel because he was a Jew.

Jewish blood is cheap to this administration.

I mean, Genocide Ben does have a point in there, right? I think it's safe to say that Americans would be comparatively up in arms if there were, hypothetically, counterfactually, a case where agents of the Israeli government were suspected of killing an American.

No, not like that time.

No, not that one, either, geez.

Not THAT -- okay, LOOK, I said suspected, and all those incidents are pretty unequivocal so they don't count

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What if we stand in the doorway of Hobby Lobby stores in a way that, uh, totally doesn't prevent people from entering and "gently counsel" everyone who enters about birth control or whatever?

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This is almost, but not quite, as great as the time someone caught Walmart selling knockoffs of the Banksy "Destroy Capitalism" print. I'm starting to think there's a brilliant satirist working stealth at Walmart's online listings department.

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Also America still has something like twice as many guns per capita. Also too, Switzerland's gun homicide rate, while still nothing to sneeze at, falls to solidly middle-of-the-pack when compared with the rest of the EU.

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Mallory tweeted about Ayn Rand's Harry Potter a little bit ago and HPatMoR was basically the very first thing I thought of!