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But autism season is nearly over!

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"he's never been sick", but he gets fevers often enough and severe enough that his clothes are soaked in vinegar or cold water to bring them down.

This sounds incredibly legit, you guys. It's a shame my parents injected me with autism instead of letting me run a fever for most of my childhood.

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I'm just glad someone finally spoke up about the very real and not totally made up dangers of the knockout game and chemtrails.

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Well he has Sean Connery's vote

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Sucks when the largest monument to the losing side of a war belongs to a corporation.

And yet, weirdly appropriate

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The Lorax?

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At least on the evolution front, and probably this one as well, it's because a lot of people worry that "debating" these people legitimizes their positions, and helps fuel the perception that the issue isn't good and well beyond debate for reasonable people at this point.

And I think there's a fair point in there: as noted above, the very framing promotes a "both sides" sort of thinking on the topic, and moreover, you have the likes of Ken Ham saying explicitly that no evidence would ever convince him his position was wrong. At some point, there's a genuine question of whether these sorts of public "debates" simply give more more harm in giving air to idiot conspiracy theories than any good the actual public education does.

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All Stockman has to do is lock up 100% of the undecided vote and then he will still lose by 5 points. This is great news for John McCain!

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Well kind of a blend of that and a strawman of the actual argument that raping someone who is intoxicated to the point of being unable to provide consent is, y'know, still rape, and not at all the same thing as a drunken hook-up.

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I'm pretty sure Brian Brown is referring to this part:

and guaranteeing that married same–sex partners would not be forced to testify against each other in trial.

See, now when The Gays get put on trial for murdering opposite marriage dead, they can't be compelled to testify againt each other.