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We have got to stop ingraining society with the idea that violence solves problems. It should always be the last resort.

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Why stop to have a salad when I can drive 100 more feet and have Burger Madness at the Dark Horse? No contest!

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"If we're true to the idea of a Living Lab, we have to let it run its course," Tim Plass said.

Umm, I don't recall signing up to be part of any "Living Lab". This decission was apparantly made for me.

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They keep going this way and they will need a National Guard escort to get out of town. I'm investing in Pitchfork futures...

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Damn near ran over one of your genius cult members while turning onto Baseline this morning. 6am, barely light out, riding in all grey without a light. Didn't see here until she was damn near under my car. She's lucky to be alive right now.

But keep telling yourself it's safe. I know it makes you feel good to save us from ourselves.

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Haven't been to McGukin's since. Ironically, they've driven me to the dreaded BigBox retailer on 30th that we're all supposed to hate. You can't make this stuff up!

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Having worked with many Zealot Industries over the years (Environmentalists, Natural Foods, Religion), the common thread between these people is the concept of "saving" something (the earth, your health, your soul). But in reality, it's not about saving anything, it's about THEM being the savior.

I'm sure the "Living Lab" cult is smiling smugly, filled with self satisfaction over saving us Luddites from ourselves.

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TAB is still debating their respsonse. He'll be here soon enough.

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This is NOT about cars vs bike. It's about the city shoving the ideals of a small group of elitiists down the throats of the unsuspecting masses, then being utterly arrogant and indignant in the face of overhwheliming oppostion.

It's that simple.

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Again. This has little to do with bikes vs. cars or saving the environment. We are protesting these arrogant city planners who've been jamming their specious ideas down our throats for far too long. The "Folsom event" was just the tipping point. The 80% are taking the city back from the zealots. Their time is over. They would do well to take heed and act accordingly.