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Political invertebrate.

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No one knows what happens when we die, and anyone claiming such knowledge is a liar that probably wants your money. "Love, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion and taking care of each other" are all quite possible without religion. They are not, and should never be considered the exclusive province of prophets and con men.

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I remember the exact moment I first read about him, too: This week, when he foolishly robbed his friends and family of the gift of his life by diving head first off a cliff for no reason. Nothing romantic here. Just a selfish dead guy and a needlessly grieving family.

At least he spared the dog...

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"Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah!" – Corporate Shill #654753-R3Z

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Write all the traffic laws you want. The laws of physics will win every time.

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I thought the whole point of food trucks was to bring food to people where there isn't immediate access. Why on earth would I want to drive across town to eat out of a truck?!?

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I hope Pitts doesn't expect a lesson to be learned . Those affected are incapable of the cognitive gymnastics required.

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Only in Boulder can a cyclist hit a parked car and the driver gets the ticket. Anyone who rides a bike traffic clearly doesn't grasp physics.

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Apparently we're not worthy to decide what is worthy...

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For some reason, as I was leaving work last night, I turned around and went back in for my guitar. Played the blues all night. DIdn't know why unitl I woke up this morning. When his energy was released back into the universe, B.B.'s children all have heard the call...

Thanks man. See you on the other side.