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What is the point of having this discussion? The city council will rubber stamp whatever the developers want to do. We are just waisting air until we diecide to get these crooks out of our governement. Why should we think that the future of The Hill be any different than what happened Pearl St or the 29th St disaster?

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I see the "bumper sticker prohets" are out in force today. Aren't you guys supposed to be tithing or something?

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It's the lure of easy momey it's got a very strong appeal...

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Anyone who sexually tarrgets childgren in our society owes us an explanation for EVERYTHING they do from that point forward for the rest of their damn lives. Period.

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Until we pass a law baring anyone with real estate or development interests from city council, this will be a cut and paste story. Check out what is being done to the West End for the most current incarnation of money over community...

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Thanks for keeping those dots on the paper Ron. Enjoy your well earned retirement!

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Awwww, go easy on 123. This is all he's got!

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No. But he did find happiness in a warm gun. (How the gun got warm is an entirely different topic ;)

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So NOW you take the high road?!? Priceless!

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Seems to me, most Replublicans would rather side with their former enemies than side with a democrat. How 'Merican!