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If they wanted want the council 's blessing they should have built condos instead of a basketball court.

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Since corporations are people, why don't they just run for office? Cut out the middlemen. It's not like we don't know...

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" they can tell their kids not to touch mom and dad's 'special candy.'" – Bryan LeFever

"What is you fascination with my forbidden closet of mystery?" – Chief Wiggam

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Damnit! Janet! I've already got plans tonight...

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One for Bill...

Bill Vielehr is gone. It happened so suddenly. It might have went unnoticed on such a beautiful fall day, but a family has lost it’s center, Boulder has lost a legend, and I have lost a mentor and friend.

In 2005, I received the honor of winning Best Animated Short at the very first Boulder International Film Festival. The trophy was called the Vielehr. I normally don’t care about winning awards – having been on multiple film festival juries over the years has taught me to take wins and losses with a grain of salt, but this one has become special. Not so much for the trophy and what it represents, but because I got to know the man who made it.

We met regularly (probably much too regularly for our wives!) The bar at Centro was our forum. The veteran and the hungry chump swapping war stories over happy hour wells. Who paid the tab always depend on who was working at the time. Two artists at different points in their careers, keeping each other from drowning in the surf. It was magic. Bill was magic.

Bill Vielehr kept a drawer in his studio. I assume it’s still there. He would boastfully expose it’s contents to new visitors. The contents? Documents of his many accolades? Letters of recommendation? The joke was all his. The drawer contained over 1,400 rejections letters. He saved them all. The message was harsh – If you can’t handle rejection, get out of the business. A lesson I’ve come to know all too well.

Being a professional artist isn’t easy. "Starving" is the most associated verb. But Bill did it for decades. And his perseverance is as much of his legacy as the art he leaves us behind. Thanks to Bill’s famous drawer, the challenge is clear: survive and you'll find success. But survival is anything but guaranteed. There are many days I want to quit this crazy circus of my own invention. And the reason don’t, and won't, is because of Bill Vielehr.

Thanks Bill! Keep one cold for me in the next.

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Police profiling. Illegal search and seizure. Denying American citizens their Constitutional rights. One would think that Libertarians, the Tea Party and NRA loyalists would be outraged over such broad governmental overreach...

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Ummm... the Government is made up of our neighbors who were voted into office by our neighbors. You can't separate the two things. Doing so would create a society were a small faction views the Government as some sort of foreign entity bent on their destruction, and that would be counter productive for all. Oh, wait....

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#2 is giving 13% of his income and #1 is giving %10, so #2 is giving MORE of what he has than #1, which was the point of the article. Spin spin spin!

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Point your phone at a cop, start recording and see what happens. I guarantee the results will be less than favorable.

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It's clear that Americans now champion industry over their neighbors. Capitalism has entered end game...