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It would take several lifetimes of dedicated service to offset the damage her father and her family have done to the world. Several.

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Will they have a drill on how to handle a tripping college kid with a hammer?

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Oh please! You've been the lone voice of insanity during this whole fiasco. Like any rational person cares about your unbiased "observation" on the "uptick" in bikes on Folsom. This is totally specious. They fortified the bike lanes on Baseline months ago and there has been absolutely no uptick in usage there. None. Why? Because most people have enough common sense NOT to ride a 10lb aluminum broomstick next to multi-ton vehicles coming from behind you at 45 mph, regardless of how many parking blocks and plastic reflectors there are to "protect" you.

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"Bonus"? Pun intended?

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The Dali Lama and a Republican debate in the same month... Should be fun!

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From a story in the Detroit Free Press this morning:

"While increasing numbers of people are on bikes throughout the metro area and beyond, cyclists are finding special affection for Detroit's wide and often little-trafficked streets."

Sounds like twowheelrider and his ilk should head for less congested pastures. There are plenty of shelled out urban areas where they can have the streets all to themselves. We don't have that convience in Boulder and we never will. (The main difference being that people actually WANT to live here.)

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Pitts' only mistake was assuming that any Republican would have working knowledge of the term "Hypocrisy".

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I'm sure that the thousands of drivers being inconvienced daily feel better knowing that 12 people had an enjoyable Sunday ride at their expense...

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Bet the pews will be filled on Sunday. As well as the collection plate.

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Gee.. I wonder where a mentally ill sociopath got a steady stream of anti-governement paranoia?