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Bush and Rice could have said all they wanted, it wouldn't have mattered. Cheney Inc. was going to war no matter what. We will never really know what a W Bush presidency would have looked like, because he was essentially relieved of his non-figurehead duties on 9/11.

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"Twenty-one percent of top users said they could not maintain a relationship with a significant other without the apps on their phones"

So... 21% of smart phone users are complete idiots who have no idea what it actually means to HAVE a significant other? We've hit critical mass alright. There are now way too many people who are way too stupid to contribute in any meaningful way.

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Good start. Now if can we get the rest of the elected shills in Washington to follow suit, we might actually make progress.

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This is what happens when people vote for blind ideology over common sense.

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"The kneejerk reaction to the events of 9/11 with the ill-thought reinforced cockpit door has had catastrophic consequences," he added.

Very dangerous statement. How many passengers have landed safely in the last decade because of that very rule? Before 9/11 we never thought that it could happen. I felt the same way yesterday about this scenario. There are many ways to address this without opening the door to terrorists.

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"The illusion of opportunity" - keeping poor people poor for over 200 years! Keep on' tricklin'!

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Since we are making specious arguments, one could say that the reduction in guns due to ramped up gun control laws is forcing people to use knives to commit violent crimes, in which case the laws are working. Plus three of the victims lived, which would be exponentially more unlikely with a gun shot.

Lazy logic can work both ways!

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Ha! I'm going to turn on every light in my house and let my cars idle in the driveway all night, just to offset any possible gain. This isn't about saving the earth. It's about saving humans, and honestly, they just aren't worth saving. The sooner we off ourselves, the sooner this planet can return to it's normal state.

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Positive articles don't generate comments (which then don't generate clicks/revenue).

Case in point...

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When I was nine I liked to play. Playing was good.