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No one knows what happens when we die, and anyone claiming such knowledge is a liar who probably wants your money.

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I would take advice from Kim Jung Un before I listen to Bill Ritter. At least Kim Jung is human.

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"We understand the fear and apprehension the Benassis have regarding this change and have gone to great lengths to provide good and wise alternatives for their business,"

If that quote doesn't send chills down your spine, then your the the kind of sucker cults like this are looking for.

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Good question: Why does a church own a strip mall?
Better question: Who would attend a church that owns a strip mall?
Best question: They payin' taxes on that?

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The fundamental structure of our society was designed for a world with less than a billion people. As we approach 8 billion ten years from now, the system will be further strained. The real questions are: where, when and what will be the breaking point?

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So... you get hassled once by a couple of junkies and your response is to boycott Downtown Boulder entirely? Nice reasoning.

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Must be a better way to practice law enforcement than killing one's own citizens.

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"Density" is just a PC way of saying "Development".

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The deregulation of the FCC created an environment where greedy con-men can easily, willfully and legally manifest extreme cognitive dissonance in their low IQ audiences and then offer up themselves as the only solution from the madness that they themselves created. Straight from the playbook that brought us organized religion and astrology...

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Stupid Liberal Media..