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If anyone need more proof that the fringe left is just as idiotic as the fringe right, I give you Exhibit A.

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So, you know art? Please post a link to your portfolio. We'd all love to see the brilliant art you've created so we can bask in the seasoned opinion of a master.

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Growing up blue colar in Detroit, I made it a point to study extra hard every night so I could go to gollege and then work my butt off as a professional so I would NEVER, EVER have to eat food from a truck. Honestly, I'd rather eat fast food.

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Perfect examples of why this debate is best left to people who actually understand it. Art is not about beauty or harmony. Art is about human expression (beautiful and harmonic or ugly and raw) which is just as natural as the mountains, sea and sky.

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Well, I for one would trust the word of a privately held, for profit corporation over the concerns of my friends and neighbors. But then again, I'm an idiot.

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A cyclist could cut off a school bus and send it over a cliff and Cult Velo would be out en force squealing about the rights of their besieged brethren. They can do no wrong.

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What she failed to mention is that all of the recorded radio signals were playing the 7" version of "I'm Not in Love" by 10cc for some reason... Freaky!

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Once again our leaders have failed us. Time for a Constutitional Amemdment. Put it beyond their reach.

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Property rights do not trump your neighbors health. There are many, many laws on the books restricting what you an and cannot do on your property. That's the price of living in a "society".

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"The legal action brought by plaintiffs Willmeng and Griffen is without foundation and again reflects the utter disregard Mr. Willmeng has for our judicial system and the taxpayers who fund it," Tuesday's statement reads.

So, let me get this straight– Filling a law suit to enact a law that was passed by a democratic majority is "frivolous", but filling a law suit "less than four weeks after Election Day... seeking to reverse the ban." does not show "utter disregard for our judicial system and the taxpayers who fund it"? Did I wake up in Bizarro World?

The COGA must think that there are enough dumb people in Colorado who will believe this folly or they wouldn't invest the time or money in peddling this insolent logic.