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Ironic. A quick Google search of the term "Liberals indoctrinate" brings up dozens of right wing web sites regurgitating the same identical talking points. Yet it's liberals who are the ones who "indoctrinate".

You guys would be highly entertaining if you weren't so dangerous...

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Yes they are. Their state's rights enforced on the other 49.

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I be bitter and jealous too if I lived in a pointless, barren wasteland bordering one of the coolest and most popular states in the country. Don't worry sweetie, someone will ask you to the prom....

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My three year old could give you a surprisingly accurate explanation of where babies come from. But then again, I wouldn't expect a rightwing/fascist/conservative to comprehend how we liberals educate our children.

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"...Boulder becoming another Detroit..."?!? That is the dumbest thing I've ever read on this forum, and that is saying A LOT!

You clearly know nothing about Detroit or Boulder.

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When will dumb liberals learn – companies are good, citizens are bad. Get it through your thick skulls!

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When Republicans decide to maturely explain their plans to improve this country in detail, beyond simply tearing down everything their arch-rival President has done, I will be more than willing to listen. Until then, all I hear from them are "LOUD NOISES!"

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I can assume all these positive posts are not from people who rent commercially in Boulder.

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So... we shouldn't blame people who willfully break international law and disgrace the Constitution because it doesn't suit your partisan agenda? Just making sure I'm understanding this correctly.

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If the DarkHorse ever closes, I will leave Boulder forever. Some things should be considered sacred!