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I'd say that there is a special room in the underworld for real estate developers, but a single room wouldn't hold them all.

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Anything that irritates the developers, I'm all for. They are soulless locusts...

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You can sum up this entire problem in one word: Religion.

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What can I get from a 2000 word professionally reasearched and written article that I can't get from 140 character tweet from some guy living in his mom's basement?

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They found my keys?

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Ten thousand years from now, human settlers from around the galaxy will return "home" to watch radioactive primates fling feces at each other in the desert, still fighting a pointless war they've long since lost the capacity to comprehend.

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I'm as liberal as they get, but I could give a crap about a dead moose. This is about being oversensitive, and I know many oversensitive conservatives as well as liberals.

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Lower? How about we eliminate it, as long as we substantially raise income taxes on the upper brackets to cover the loss. Corporate taxes only punish small business. The big cats laugh all the way to the bank (or move to Canada).

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At what age do you hand a plugged in circular saw to child? Because I have a young daughter and I'm wondering when I should let her practice her constiutional right to cross cut plywood?

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"And what kind of idiot country does not prohibit such things by law?"

It's called 'Merica. And it's getting dumber by the minute. Bring your Kevlar if you intend to visit long.