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I'd say decade, not year.

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Sorry. I'm an American. If you can't sum it up on a bumpersticker, I'm not interested.

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This isn't about not fracking, it's about not fracking near neighborhoods were the homeowners don't want fracking. nearby. Get that? The people are (supposed to be) in charge of our society, NOT corporations. Why do you want to let corporations stomp on homeowners rights? Big fan of Oligarchs, or just another Fox news lemming chomping at the bit to vote against your own interests?

The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing people that private corporations are more trustworthy than a democratically elected government of their piers. What nonsense!

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Not sure why anyone would go into teaching these days. It's one thing to be underpaid and under-appreciated if you love your job and feel you are making a difference in the world, but why would anyone put up with that to teach kids to regurgitate answers to standardized questions? Isn't there an app for that?

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Gunga Galunga.

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Fear? This is about Corporations vs Communities. The only fear is that we've already lost that battle.

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Clint should donate every cent he makes from this movie to Veterans. If you're going to exploit our soldiers for profit and fame, they should at least get a slice of the take.

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It was like a flashback putting together the envelope! Surprised I remembered, all things considered ;)

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Thank you. Nothing more to say.

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Let me sum this up – A Denver developer comes into Boulder and throws out an established 25 year old local business so a California company synonymous with spying on it's customers can build a monstrous campus soon to be overpopulated with smug hipsters polluting our town with coffee scented flatulence.