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Quite stunning the remarks on this comment thread. I can't see the need for a geographically sarcastic t-shirt either. Pretty lame excuse for a t-shirt expression. Thanks for your introspection Debbie, especially on something that was supposed to be funny, but actually fails miserably. It''s remarkable no one could come up with something a little more creative and less rah-rah bellicose on a t-shirt representing Boulder.

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Too bad I'm such a prude, but nasty discriminatory words are not appealing to me, in fact they are not only not funny but quite revolting and inappropriate.

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No your negative attitude is the sad part. Have some empathy. Sarcasm is not what it's cracked up to be.

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I get what you said and I agree.

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Microbionomes and folate, also maybe endocrine issues. Endocrine disruptors in the water from contraceptives? Talk to Steven Leigh Dean of A and S @CU brought up spikes in folate from possible overdose in prenatal vitamins possibly linked to autism in children of those pg.'s

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Yup. I got towed with those guys. And I never even drive. I was at the Dems-17th/Walnut. Extortionists. I was there before they even put the bars under my car and I offered them $75 the Dems collected NOT to tow it. Nope. Wouldn't even let me get my keys out of the car. You better walk around with $375 in your pocket at all times to deal with those guys. Crazed,

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It's a wonder that Xcel would even build centralized solar infrastructure against the less rampable coal plant, which is a direct disincentive for renewables. However two things: one they can get centralized solar paid for from the ratepayers through the PUC and two, they can see the writing in the sand.

We still need manufacturing plants to make cars, but there's not much to positioning a solar panel to your roof. It is just another consumer commodity. Does Xcel think anyone doesn't know this? How much of their finances are transferring to the solar leasing market? There are better ways of funding those who can't afford solar, and it is not the triple P we need to do it. We can be our own banks. When we all do better we all do better.

Big banks no more. The world had enough in 2008.

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RE = Renewable Energy EE = Energy Efficiency

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Distributive in the guise of centralized solar projects is the new panacea of profit for corporate industry. And it represents a takings of the common good. Same as with centralized agriculture (to include groceries) and recreational and pharmaceutical drugs.

Distribution and transmission system purchase is necessary for the more rapid transition to RE and EE that Boulder plans. Can't be instant, but much more rapid over time.

Plenty of gripes about China. What is Bob's plan for that? And if the US is so pure, how come we have been directly contributing to their dirty manufacturing of the solar panels we buy from there? Relativistic arguments can't be used to justify bad practices.

Does the cost-effectivity of 900 acres centralized PV include the costs of distribution and transmission? Yet Boulder is criticized for purchasing distribution and transmission? Double standard.