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Thanks for your nice comment and, of course, your visit. Very much appreciated :-)
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"If your client’s business isn’t already on Wikipedia, chances are that the business isn’t “notable” enough. Its entry will likely be deleted." << Is it a catch 22 kind of situation? Surely, someone has to be first writing about a business that hasn't have a page already on Wikipedia? Does it have to be a prolific Wikipedia user (as opposed to a new one) for the page to be accepted?

Very interesting/educative stuff, by the way :-)

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Definitely :-) The cross was a very strong image and is probably the most recognised symbol of the Christian religion... The fish one is not so much recognised as it's not very strong (even so it is a nice one...)

Thanks for your comment and Happy Easter :-)
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Hi Karen :-) Looks like, sadly, they've missed the opportunity to make a brilliant TV series there...

Thanks for visiting and all the best for 2016 :-)

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Yep... same here. I laughed too when I heard about Donald Trump being a presidential candidate. But, then again, I also laughed when the French Front National started many years ago. (Mind you, it was difficult to take Marine Le Pen's father seriously in those years). But, now, it's seen as a major political force in France.

Re: "when people are scared...", looks like it, yep :-(

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Nice one! :-) Many thanks to you and your compatriots for restoring our faith in Humanity... <thumb up smiley>
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Thanks tor your visit and comments :-)
We do try to spread the Good Word when we have chance...

All the best

Loup Dargent
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I loved that Twilight Zone episode (the one about bigot reliving nazis atrocities)... :-)

Re: the child luring his victims... That could be Boney luring people into his mind. yep ;-)

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You're welcome :-)

Yep, seen that... he even made a post about it. He might be using @VoiceOfBonehi1 now even so he said in his blog that he is not on Twitter anymore (but as he said that so many times before, I'll assume that he lying about it again...) ;-)

BTW, I think I know why we can't access this post through the comment links: The url given by IntenseDebate is http://www.loupdargent.info/2015/03/serial-liar-j... but this post' url is http://www.loupdargent.info/2015/03/joshua-bonehi... Weird... I'm not sure why that happened. Perhaps the Bonehill Zone is also affecting my blog? Yikes! ;-p

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Ah, yes... I remember that. :-) That was when he dropped his failed NBR "experiment".

Feel free to post it on https://www.facebook.com/TheBonehillZone It's the FB page for this blog's mini series. It's a brand new page, so there is still loads to do but it should be fun once all the pics and extra bits are added ;-)

Talk soon