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Ah, yes... I remember that. :-) That was when he dropped his failed NBR "experiment".

Feel free to post it on https://www.facebook.com/TheBonehillZone It's the FB page for this blog's mini series. It's a brand new page, so there is still loads to do but it should be fun once all the pics and extra bits are added ;-)

Talk soon

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Hi, "stressedoutidealist"...

Who exactly are you talking to? FYI I'm a Christian.

As for your fascist wet dream, it's funny that you're sharing it on a post that is Joshua Bonehill related. I do hope that you're not deluded enough to believe that he will make your wet dream come true. If you do, then you really need to check his background a bit more carefully.

The guy is a joke and is laughed at by most people on the Left and the Right... even most of the Far Right peeps find him ridiculous and think he is a fraud.

But, hey, it's your wet dream after all...

Have a nice day!

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Thanks :-)
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Hi Ian! :-)

Thanks for your nice comment. It was one of those posts that I strongly felt I had to write.. I hope my blog's visitors will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. While it's a political kind of post, it's also about some of those things that can be read on Twitter and make us all say "WTF?" (and I sure said it quite a few times when I saw the replies from Bonehill's alt to Beth and myself...). Killing two birds with one stone, in a way ;-)

I'm not sure about the "balanced ego" bit though... as I can be a right diva at times ;-)

Thanks, once again, for your nice and encouraging comment.

Talk soon

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Thank you Bellaisa for your input...

Yes, forgetting Valentine's Day is probably the worst stupid mistake ever to make :-)
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Hi James! :-)

Thanks for your input.. and, I hope you're right: the sooner terrorist groups die out the better.

Thanks for visiting and commenting :-)
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Hi Karen! :-) It is a great infographic, yes... Glad you liked it. It was the perfect timing as I've become a fan of the show quite recently... I've watched seasons one and two of Game of Thrones with my son on DVD (we fast forwarded the embarrassing bits though as he is not 18 yet) and got hooked straight away. Of course, now I need to buy the DVD sets for the other seasons now (good thing we have a Cex not far from where I live... saves a few pounds that way).

Thanks for visiting and commenting :-)

Talk soon...

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True :-) As long as we're healthy, we can still do quite a lot of things that younger generations can do. I mean, hey, we're able to surf the net, publish blogs, etc...

Mind you, I would be really worried if I couldn't remember events/things from my younger years... then, I would definitely think I'm old ;-)

Thanks, Lisa, for visiting this blog and taking the time to comment... very appreciated :-)

As this post was a guest one, I don't know when Lizzie will check the comments, but I'm sure she'll be pleased too.

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You're welcome :-)
Hosting it was a pleasure.

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