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Love all the vintage charm of the place! It will be a cute renovated cottage for one lucky winner! And FL is a great place to vacation!

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Congratulations Mari! It's such a beautiful spot and a beautiful home. I hope you and your family will spend many happy days there. God Bless all of you!

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Wow! Can't wait to see the rest of the apt. on the virtual tour! Hope to be the one to take possession of the beautiful apt. in the beautiful city of Boston! Then would have a place all my own to stay when visiting my son. Or... maybe he could move in and save me a little space for visiting! Can't wait for the reveal!

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Haven't gotten the balloons or the surprise visit so it isn't me.... oh well, maybe next time! Congrats to the winner!

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Can't wait to see some updated pictures of the UO. I would like to win because my son is there. Someone said the sweeps will begin in Aug.? I certainly love the drawer pulls. They are old but look modern. They will be a nice fit for the kitchen of the UO.

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What a great place to have the 2013 Urban Oasis! The city certainly has a lot to offer and for me to win would be heavenly! My son lives there! How great would that be! Even if we decided not to move he could have the place! Whooooo-whooooo! Can't wait for more pics and info. Thanks HGTV for the pick!

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Haven't been following this Smart Home as closely and haven't even posted one comment. Not too much time. But I love this home and especially the color schemes throughout. Finally have some time to read some of your comments and like you all am excited to see who will win. Hope it's me of course as I enter all the Dream Homes and Urban Oasis homes and DIY Blog Cabin sweeps. But whoever it is the best to you and your family! Can't wait for the reveal!

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Love the kitchen! Each thing shown on the video was just what I need in my kitchen at home which is way too small. Don't know I did it all hese years with no storage or counter space but I guess you learn to do with what you have. I guess that is the lesson of life! But to have a new home with so much style and storage and space would be a dream come true for anyone right? Here's to the winner! Be blessed!

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Too bad the tours didn't start earlier. I was in Charleston in the beginning of Dec. and would have loved, loved, loved to have taken a tour. Believe me I wanted to go out to Kiaweh Island but didn't have the time. II woulf have loved to see even the neighborhood. Who knows, maybe I will be living there someday?!

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I just accessed the housewarming gift vote! YAY! I am so excited that they fixed it! Now I can enter again. Thanks to whoever fixed it!