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Thanks! Fixing now. I think an update must have broken it.

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Hey Scott,

Reviewing your notes, I maintain that these tests aren't flawed. We're purposefully benchmarking the combined memoization and lookup times as a part of this experiment. You have highlighted however a very interesting (and important) point - from the perspective of the latter, it's just as critical that one analyze the lookup times independently to gauge just how well this part of the process performs. Your jsPerf test indicates the Fuchs implementation to be the fastest here and we have no problem admitting that when it comes to the look-up phase, it is. I guess it boils down to where someone is hitting pain-points in their application, the actual memoization phase or (arguably, depending on what you're doing - the more important lookup phase). I'd advise others to checkout your test just to be aware of all the gotchas.



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You'll be happy to know that our design team at jQuery have been working hard on a new layout for all the jQuery projects (core, UI, mobile etc) and (in my opinion) the design that's going to get rolled out sets the bar quite high. We're hoping to release it in the next few months so watch that space!.

You're absolutely right..there are OSS projects that just don't grok the importance of a well designed site, but there are solutions to that: if someone was to create a better looking website for them in a fork and showed it to the community, they could then let the project maintainers know whether or not thats the direction they'd like the site to take. Progress in these areas is definitely possible, even if it can take time.

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Nice, Mike! We hadn't thought of that one. Definitely an interesting usage example.

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Thanks! I believe I corrected it earlier, but I've just flushed the site cache in case it hasn't showed up yet. With respect to that article, I've indeed read it before but couldn't for the life of me locate the link back to it again. Thanks for sharing!. I'll update the post with some references to it when I get a chance.

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You'd be surprised just how useful even reporting bugs can be :) . I like to think of the open-source community as some sort of giant, wonderful hive where we're all able to do our part, regardless of how small, in contributing back. Without bug reports, library authors/contributors wouldn't be able to ensure erroneous behaviour is patched for everyone else, so keep doing that!. In time, when you're ready, you can always do more!

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@webXL @aaronlpeterson Thanks for pointing that out. I think it was just an oversight on our part as we only wrote this up this morning : - ). I've updated the post to use the (better) .extend() pattern you've mentioned.

I think the sentence about avoiding some of the uses of the OR operator mentioned is critical for any post like this. There are hundreds of interesting "quirks" with the language that are useful to know, even if useful means knowing when *not* to use them :)

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thanks! correcting now.

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Hi Kyle,

I would recommend checking out the RequireJS optimizer (if you haven't already), which allows you to combine your various script modules into one (or more) files and then minify them using UglifyJS - it's actually part of r.js, so unsure if you've explored it. Using this, your users don't have to rely on a script loader and a lot of the process doesn't require significant manual effort to get setup. Check out the optimizer here:

Are you looking to generalize the module namespaces into a more global one using the process you mentioned or are you just looking for a solution like the above?


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Hey Stuart. It looks like SoundCloud is being (very) slow today. I've updated the post with a direct link to the play page in case anyone else has the same issue.