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Every time I visit a new state I bring my mom a Christmas ornament to symbolize where I was. It is usually the silliest thing I can find- like a mini cheese-head from Wisconsin and a pasty from Northern Michigan. Sometimes they are 'normal' like the blown glass baked potato from Idaho or the carving of the National Cathedral made out of stone from Washington DC. But this year is one of the best-a cloisonne shrimp I got in South Carolina. It's elegant and silly and I can't wait to see her face!

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We have changed all the bulbs in our apartment to cfl, we keep the thermostat at about 78 in summer. We live in Atlanta and have a ceiling fan which keeps our apartment cool even though we have tons of windows. We also keep the heat low in winter, and adjust the window coverings to take advantage of the sun to help heat in winter. Unfortunately we have no control over the appliances, but so far our bills have been pretty low.

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I live in a one bedroom apartment with a balcony so while my gardening is limited, it's still relaxing. I have tomatoes growing in pots and fresh herbs I can just run out and grab when I'm cooking. I have baskets hanging off the railing with wave petunias and I used velcro to attach smaller pots to the top of the hangers. I just added another planter that hangs off the railing. I've saved bulbs from last spring to plant this fall, so I'm hoping to have an almost year round garden soon! When I sit outside, it's relaxing because of the greenery and I enjoy not having to pull as many weeds as in the past :)