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I think the JN1 video was edited. It would be interesting to see what the full length of the quote was, though.

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That's because you never see a mohel use it. It's only used in hospitals.

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Saved by the Bell. He played A.C. Slater.

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Like grandfather, like grandson. Apparently, Yeshayahu Leibowitz was the original "seruvnik".

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I thought Eretz Nehederet was Israel's answer to Jon Stewart.

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Um, OK, but I think the Thing (Ben Grimm) busting up Foreskin Man was a lot better. Another character from the Marvel Universe that would be awesome would be Sabra, who is actually Israel's answer to Captain America (though Marvel can't make up its mind whether to make her a super-soldier like Cap or a mutant).

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I have a problem supporting someone who admitted to "tricking" everyone about ACORN, ruined an innocent person's life (Shirley Sherrod), and seeks to deny poor women proper gynecological care (Planned Parenthood video cut-up). If one has to resort to dirty tricks to get his point across, then his point wasn't very strong to begin with. Doesn't mean that said point can't get wide traction. And here's where I invoke Godwin's Law...

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In other news, Gil Scott-Heron is beginning his 11-month sentence in Gehinnom for his slander against the Jewish people. Enjoy your punishment, "wimp"!

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You're forgetting the one title that she does deserve: draft dodger.

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And is she wrong about that?