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Rich Berman has made a huge impact on young tennis players in Boulder and beyond for four decades. He tried mightily with me, and through no fault of his own, I was never more than average. But he has coached more No. 1 players than you can imagine.

Congratulations, Rich, on an amazing career.

Chad, Ryan and Alan, I know you'll carry on the Rich Berman legacy with pride!

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Thanks for the kind words.

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My guess is that the crime will never be solved, sadly.

I spent time with Patsy prior to the murder, in 1994, while working at the Camera. She seemed sort of "spacey," but nice.

I also was granted access to John Ramsey after the media circus really got rolling, after the family felt that it was being hammered by police "leaks" that tended to support the theory that they were guilty. They decided to put out some information of their own, and I was one of a handful of reporters who got to sit with Ramsey and his lawyer, Bryan Morgan.

I genuinely have no idea who committed this crime. What I've said for years is, no matter how you set up the puzzle - i.e. whatever theory you can put together - seems to have at least a couple of pieces missing.

That said — and I've never claimed to be a perfect judge of character — I never saw anything in John Ramsey to indicate anything in any way unusual. Nothing tipped me off about him.

So I remain a fundamentalist agnostic on the case, and I fear it never will be solved.

I do think the implication in the indictment that the Ramseys covered up whoever did it is fascinating.

That's my take, for whatever it's worth.

Clay Evans

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I have no idea who killed JonBenet, as I have not had access to the evidence. I've said that for years and I remain amused at people who likewise have not seen all the evidence, but are absolutely certain they have the answer.

However, your implication that any good DA would automatically prosecute an indictment is incorrect. The standard of evidence for a grand jury is considerably less than that of a prosecutor. That's why grand juries are said to be willing to "indict a ham sandwich."

The DA at the time looked at the evidence and determined, as legally was his within his duties, that he didn't think he could win a prosecution.

And consider this: Had the Ramseys been prosecuted and acquitted, they would have had a "double jeopardy" argument in their corner, and would very possibly have escaped further prosecution even if more damning evidence had turned up.

Clay Evans

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Full disclosure: I do PR for CSF and other performing arts programs at CU-Boulder.

In answer to the above post: There was, in fact, a change in leadership between the last six money-losing seasons and this season.

Just fyi.

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Howdy, Chorus.

I never post anything on the Camera site unless it's under this, my personal handle. I know some find it hard to believe, but I'm one of those "idiots" who thinks anonymous/pseudonymous posting is cowardly and pathetic.

Clay Evans

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A valid position, Connie, though I don't share it.

But with a ballot measure voters ALWAYS have a choice to vote "no" - and thus not replace the taxes when they expire.

However, I'm guessing that if voters said no this year, OS advocates would come back as often as they had to between now and 18-19 to get the result they want. I suspect, in fact, that this is one reason we are even talking about this 5-6 years before they expire.

Clay Evans

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Connie, you misunderstand the issue.

There will be no vote to "end the open space taxes early." The taxes expire in 2018 and 2019, as required by current law. However, some advocates are arguing that we should hold the vote to renew them now, so OS knows where it stands, bonds and borrowing can occur, etc.

The question is what, if anything, will they be replaced with. And that is a decision for the city council to make. In other words, how will they design ballot measures to put before the voters this year (or sometime): to continue dedicated OS taxes that will provide $260 million to a department that identifies $25 million shortfall for its "wish list," to restructure the taxes so that part goes to OS, part is dedicated to other purposes or to not renew one or both taxes.

Most people only know that they like open space - as do I. Very few know anything more about it. But with the city facing other critical needs - roads, police and fire pay, social services - whose funding is being whittled away, my guess is that some would vote to divert some of the excess in OS funding for other important needs.

Clay Evans

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I agree with you on this, Bleeth: the city, with full (if uninformed) endorsement from the voters, has made buying open-space land something of a sacred cow - even as OSMP works overtime to restrict use as much as it can get away with.

That's part of the problem. OSMP continues to buy ever more farflung and often expensive land that only marginally serves the charter purposes of open space and complains (without evidence) that we are "loving open space to death" - all while conveniently neglecting to spend more money on management (no, not just more tickets and fees) and maintenance (i.e. trail building and repair).

But virtually nobody in the community is even aware of the complexities of the situation. They just see the ol' owl signs - "Open space yes!" and think, "I like open space," and vote yes.

It's too bad. It would be nice if an informed citizenry could be more demanding of the monolithic, big-money OSMP department.

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Tao, please read my response above. As you describe it here, you are misunderstanding the situation. By law, the city cannot "raid" open space funds and redirect them.

They can, however, redirect them when designing ballot measures to replace them when they expire.

Clay Evans