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yup. We have a running joke. every time we turn on the tv at night...... I wonder which "love it or list it" is on. we've even started calling hgtv the "love it or list it channel"

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I know there's gotta be some personality there? I just can't see it? Maybe if we change how we look at it?

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Why did neither team add cabinets to the other side of the kitchen? Where the counter and those odd shelves were?

It would have greatly added to the functionality of both spaces.

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pretty much the same scenario as Sam Adams, but around here he gats crucified. Since the guy's a Republican, and it's a girl, I guess he gets a pass?

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hmm, that's an easy one. Martin was walking along and Zimmerman approached him. That's what started the whole thing right there.

Zimmerman was told NOT to approach him by the dispatcher.

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has anybody ever opened a valpak?

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Let's see, Some guy comes up to me, we get in a scuffle and I see that he has a gun, I'd go for it too.

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It just bugs me to no end that this man wants to be president of the United States and he can't file his taxes on time? It's not like they had to broker a deal? It was just him, and he still couldn't meet a deadline?

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where do they get the rate for the "average" bill?

I can only wish that mine was that low. Even taking into account they're talking about monthly bills, while you get a bill every 3 months, it's still way too low.

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say what you want, but it says alot about somebody when they go against a democratically enacted law and prosecute people for something that the people of Oregon have said not to prosecute them for.