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You're not wrong there, I didn't agree with the Tory welfare reforms but the system as it stood in 2010 was a mess and needed to be intelligently sorted out, which hasn't happened.

The forest of benefits and "credits" (that word puts off many older people who associate it with debt and don't claim what they're entitled to), people not knowing what to do in case they lose their benefits, the whole thing is out of control.

Peope move into and out of ill-paid work and there is no more recognition of the realities of life than there was in 2010, the only answer is a basic income which will allow people to survive but isn't a lot, and therefore people won't starve but it will be made clear to them that any work will improve their lot in life substantially without their "credits" tapering off.

I would probably have voted against the October 2015 proposals but that's not to defend the status quo, it's to say that we need more intelligent thought on the matter and I wish Damian Green well but won't be holding my breath.

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So there was no poverty in the 80s, when immigration was a fraction of what it is today?

No one was unemployed in Thatcher's day, and all workers earned high wages!

Areas such as the north-east, where almost no immigrants live, are renowned for how well-off they are.

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"Free to choose", unless you're one of General Pinochet's peons.

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Yeah, let's go down the pub and make a free trade deal with the lads. How hard can it be?

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What about North Sea oil?

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You're not wrong about the BMAG,, it's one of my favourite places, and don't miss the Catholic and Anglican cathedrals too. This is my favourite:

Get yourself down Mission Burrito in the Bull Ring if you want something to eat, it's not far from the Waterstones where they've got free wifi. My girlfriend lives in Birmingham so I'm a frequent visitor.

Readers may be interested in "Our Joe" by Nick Timothy, who's gone on to become Theresa May's adviser, it's a recap of his legacy and what it means for the party he never actually joined but had and, it seems, continues to have a great influence on.

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At what point does it occur to people that disgraced former defence secretary Liam Fox and his friends are talking substance-free stuff based on utopian dreams that have nothing to do with, for instance, the livelihoods of Nissan workers?

You can't just go down the pub with world leaders and make a trade deal, or magic a prosperous future into the air with platitudes about going out into the world, head held high, etc. There needs to be something there and it's obvious that disgraced former defence secretary Liam Fox and speak your weight machine Boris Johnson have nothing to offer.

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Good job we haven't just pointlessly handed Russia a free gift at massive cost to ourselves then, isn't it?

I'm sure people in Eastern Europe will sleep easy at night knowing conservatives across the Atlantic will support them against... oh, wait.

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"Without the Tories’ Thatcherite baggage, UKIP are greedily eating into Labour’s Northern heartlands. This will continue"

Is this really a certainty in these days of Diane James? If she doesn't have the crossover appeal Farrago has, and UKIP slumps, what are the likely consequences of this? If James appeals to fewer northern, working-class folk than Farrago, they wouldn't be replaced by Comrade Corbyn's Labour, and certainly not the Tories. The Liberal Democrats (sadly, imho) are struggling to make their voice heard.

UKIP's forward momentum (no pun intended), will it really last now? You can see what Diane's strategy would be, but I don't believe it will work and I think we should consider the consequences if it doesn't.

A divide within the UKIP camp has opened up with, I think, the likely outcome being the southern, lower-middle-class wing getting behind May and the northerners dropping back out.

When her victory in the leadership election was announced I was enjoying a lunchtime visit to Birmingham Botanical Gardens and it came through on the World at One, and I think we still don't know what the consequences will be, but more likely a hollowing out of politics in the north, the drifting away of Scotland and the continuing dominance (the northern powerhouse having never been real) of the southern rentiers and their followers.

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EPIC DALE has brought about historic agreement between Jews and Arabs.

They both think he's a bellend.