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Letts not.

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You're not wrong there, and it's also bad for some jobs to be monopolised by men or women.

Most notably, the whole culture in which men don't become primary school teachers, or try to. If a boy doesn't have a father at home he can at least have successful men to look up to in some way. Unfortunately it is seen as un-manly to enter various jobs in teaching and caring, and those men who do take up such jobs are, bizarrely, viewed with suspicion. A drive to recruit men to such jobs would be very useful in that sense. We are opening up jobs to qualified women that have historically been men's preserve, but it hasn't happened enough the other way round and we see what happens when a boy isn't taught how to be a good man by seeing good men living out the roles a 21st-century man is called upon to.

You don't have to be a Sir Bufton Tufton type to think family breakdown is bad. But I'd argue that this is mainly not down to social liberalism, but to the inability of men to make a living in a heavily casualised workforce in which permanent jobs are scarce. And you can debate the causes of that, but it's a problem that should be discussed and the "right" has tended to either avoid or blame it all on immigration, rather than ask other questions about the economy and society we live in.

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There should be free access to museums to underline the fact that even the poorest in society can access culture, and those of us who can afford should donate as much as they can. The fact is, if you don't want subsidies, do you donate to the museum and hit the donation box on an artist's website? Because any other way, some people will be shut out for financial reasons, which isn't right.

That is the sort of thing that's unacceptable, and we almost lost the Wedgwood Museum here in Stoke. It is thus the responsibility of lovers of the arts, if they have any money, to make voluntary donations to keep it free at the point of access. It is a delight that when I go to the museum here and the equally excellent museum in Birmingham people of all races & classes are to be found, but that's not guaranteed forever.

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support gary johnson then

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A case can certainly be made for banning foreign funding of mosques as well. Unfortunately this government's shameful coddling of Islamist dictators (as long as they're reasuringly rich) is notorious and even Comrade Corbyn has pointed this out.

If you don't like Islamism, stop selling arms to Islamists and allowing them to fund propaganda in this country and stop illegally invading secular regimes as in 2003 and as Dave tried to do in 2013, and tragically Killary Clinton wants to do now.

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You're not wrong there Victor Southern, HS2 and this shameful cringing are relics of the Osborne era which will hopefully come to an end.

Philip Hammond certainly isn't on my Christmas card list either though, is there any hope of things getting better and less compromising our country for spurious economic "gains"?

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As a Remain voter I'd certainly vote Leave under this circumstances, the electorate have done this and I think it's a self-inflicted wound but it's what we (thought we) wanted, there can't be even 20% of this country who would wear it, not abiding by the result.

The fear is that Boris is too unfocused, unserious and inattentive to detail to do the hard, grinding, mind-numbingly boring but vital work of negotiating this thing. It's like running a "free" school, harder than it looks and Leavers are going to be held to all of their promises and claims.

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I wouldn't have thought Mr Gladstone (or Mr Asquith) were to blame for the failure of their legislation, I'd blame the ascendancy for alienating the Irish in the first place. What fools we were for not early accepting a solution (excluding Ulster is need be, as the Asquith proposals would have done) that could have kept the British family of nations together, of which Ireland is very much a part, instead of all the pointless rancour. We can't be turning our Irish cousins into foreigners again.

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So basically it'll be even more wasteful and environmentally ruinous than what exists now?

Brexiteers' strongest card is the CAP/CFP (and Turkey). But you undermine your own point by proposing policies that are even worse. I tell my Leave friends that what Boris, Nige et al have planned is even worse. If you seriously imagine Roger Helmer and Owen Paterson as the men who are going to prevent the next flood being as bad as the last one, I've got news for you.

In general, what direction do you think the rEU would take after Brexit? Not one that anyone would want to see, but I've never seen an honest explanation of what Leavers actually think will happen.