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Red Cross = Red Crescent. An as an aside, have you ever noticed how these Islamic losers copy and pervert Western ideas?

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La Raza and their racist ilk are boycotting Arizona? What a break for the great people there. Now if all of the opponents of this legislation boycott and stay out of Arizona, there will be no illegal problem! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT!

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The study failed to note that the vast majority of the 2.6% has been abrogated by later verses. Islam is as antithetical to civilization as Nazism. Wilders understates the danger.

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Arabs and leftists hold delusional worldviews and are thus suited to unite against the Jews. Pharaoh Hussein Obama like the Pharaoh of old will soon be up to his keister in his own wicked brew.

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As a retired senior NCO, I can tell you that the previous posts are dead on. There is undeniable pressure for inflation of performance reports for the minority de jour; and, the current flavor of the day is most certainly Muslim.

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"It's got to be something mental" YES!!! Islam.

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With today's CIT bankruptcy filing, we lose $2.3 billion in TARP money! And, this is just the beginning. The so-called stimulus has just prolonged the inevitable - look for a double dip. How's that hope 'n change working?

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Obamao is a loser - it won't be too much longer before he'll make us all losers, too. When will the heart of America wake up and realize that he is a cult revolutionary NOT a president?!

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What ever happened to separation of press and state?

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How's that hope n' change working out for you Hawaii?