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Obama despises PM Netanyahu. Netanyahu, a politically moderate Israeli prime minister compared to someone like Naftali Bennett, represents everything Obama hates about Israel.

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Things could be much worse. Things could be better.

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"Obama Wishes Muslims Around the World 'Eid Mubarak' "

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Right you are!

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This is a question Jews have been asking for centuries. One historian (Paul Johnson) wrote the rabbis recommended or enforced "anti-sumptuary" laws -- at certain times in the past -- that restrained open or overt displays of luxury and extravagance by Jews lest gentiles cast an evil eye upon us.

The problem I have with the tenor of this piece. The author seems to be suggesting Israel defending herself in the face of bloody terrorism and violence causes anti-Semitic feelings among the nations, especially the among the Europeans. Maybe it does but what should Israel do? Put herself at the mercy of genocidal killers lest the gentile's fury be aroused?

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Raphael Magarik says "the Jewish state is (thank God!) a powerful force," therefore this piece is about how Israel's actions can cause or stimulate anti-Semitism. Because Jews in Diaspora are an essentially powerless (a sometimes oppressed) minority like any other powerless minority.

Over the years I have observed manifestations of anti-Semitism relating to Israel's actions. They are not only about how Israel treats the Palestinians or the wars Israel has been forced to engage in or the U.S.S. Liberty 'incident' a perennial bugbear.

I've seen or read manifestations of anti-Semitism over Israel's laws which discourage proselytizing. I have seen or read manifestations of anti-Semtism relating to Israel's liberal abortion law.

Anti-Semitism "generated" by Israel's actions come from both the political right and the political left depending on the issue at hand.

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Strong reaction to Obama statement: 'ISIL is not Islamic'
By Ashley Killough, CNN

Obama Is Wrong That ISIS Is 'Not Islamic'
Posted: 09/18/2014 5:14 pm EDT Huffington Post

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Yosef Abramowitz is concerned about man-made global warming. “’Who will live and who will die?’ which we will be saying in our prayers on Rosh Hashanah, is not theoretical,” he said, noting that deadly storms and droughts will worsen thanks to climate change “What we do today and after today will determine that.”

I am concerned about the rising scourge of authoritative Islam. Who will live and who will die might not be theoretical one day here in the West if this great world religion continues to gain steam in tandem with the development of deadly weapons and technology.

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What worked for Democrats when they were underdogs in America during the last decade was not so much MoveOn.org, Media Matters and the Center for American Progress as a party (the Republican party) that lost its way over the past decade or so during the years of George W. Bush. I say this as a forty three year registered Republican who voted for Bush in 2000. Bush's misguided foreign policy post 9/11/2001 (not all but much of it) badly damaged the conservative movement and the Republican name leaving an opportunity for Barack Obama and the Democrats. Few Republicans are willing to acknowledge this.

Mr. Guttman says now some believe it (progressive political activism) can work for beleaguered liberals in Israel. But Israel's political right looks to be moving in a more principled direction than America's political right. With political activists like Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home party) and other religious Zionists and nationalists, I see a brighter political future for Israel than the United States.

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Implanting "democracy" in Iraq, something that cost thousands of American lives, lengthy occupation, nation-building, winning hearts and minds of peoples who despise us, was a huge blunder; the Utopian vision of dreamers.