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My thoughts exactly. Mechanically alone it makes no sense.

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Have you ever taken a lesson in grammar?

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Hillary supporters have been complaining about the fraud during the primaries since 2008. It was NOT just one state. A documentary was even done about it.

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Ryan Clayton sounds like a tool.

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I knew the douchebags from the left would waste no time mocking him. But lefties seem to not comprehend humility and honesty. Both of which were expressed in Boener's speech. It brought tears to my eyes and to all the eyes of the people I was with.

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I support this man's bravery.

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I covered a small tea part for another video show I do. And some guy came onto youtube and started calling all the people racists. Even though not one racist statement had been said. He wrote something like "I don't get it.....why don't these people just admit they are racists, I know they are racists, they know they are racists, the whole world knows they are racists." So I just came back with "yeah. And anyone who didn't vote for Hillary is a sexist misogynists... I know they are sexist misogynists, they know they are sexist misogynists.... the whole world knows they are sexist misogynists."

The reason I bought into your first statement is because people actually say shit like that. I have many a friend who believes what you wrote. It's so odd to me how many liberals staunchly defend Sharia when it goes against everything they stand for. So from here on in anyone who calls me a hater for speaking out against Sharia is going to be called a sexist, misogynistic homophobe. Because they are defending peoples rights to be all three.

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Oh thank God!

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Maybe she means it's humane for the perpetrators of rape. After all... if you are a man who rapes a woman you can get off scot free. She on the other hand will be punished. But given the fact that she's not even fully human... who cares?

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@ ThinkRight And your comment makes YOU A SEXIST HOMOPHOBE!. Either that... or completely clueless to what Sharia Law is. Are you aware that a judge in NJ just let a man off for repeatedly and violently raping his wife? It was a Muslim couple. The woman was very young and it was an arranged marriage. Why did a New Jersey judge let him off? BECAUSE HE LOOKED AT SHARIA LAW! And under SHARIA LAW a wife is NEVER ALLOWED TO REFUSE SEX TO HER HUSBAND! Someone needs an education... and I'm certain it's NOT ME. So it MUST BE YOU!