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Agreed on Santa Barbara, Jim. I currently live about 50mi. north of there in the Pismo Beach area, and it is the mild climate that keeps me here. I missed Alaska, because one cannot just drive thru it on the way to someplace else; but have visited the other 49 States. I have lived in 16 of them, and 7 countries; but keep returning to the Central Coast, because the year-round weather is simply unbeatable. ◄Dave►

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Interesting, Jim. I avoid metro areas like the plague; but I do live on the CA coast. Inflation! When I got hooked on this stuff, a cup of coffee was a nickle. Then, I could buy 4 gallons of gas for what I now pay for a cup of Joe. Come to think about it, back then one could buy a gallon of gas for what one cigarette now costs, and one could have sustained a serious heroin habit, on what one now pays for a pack of smokes. Of course, back then a beggar only asked for some spare change. ◄Dave►

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Where I live, the best fresh cup of coffee in town is at McDonald's, which also provides free WIFI. This makes me a regular customer. Although not permitted to panhandle on the premises, it is also a convenient pit stop for the homeless.

Until I finally quit a couple of years ago, I would have to step outside for a smoke, which naturally made me a welcome target. I always shared a cigarette when asked, and vicariously enjoyed the "instant gratification," so obvious in their eyes as I lit it. If I thought I could trust myself to resist the temptation, I'd probably still carry a pack of smokes, just to enjoy the genuine gratitude so easily earned.

While that was obviously feeding a vice that I shared, I got even more pleasure out of inviting someone looking hungry, to come inside and let me buy them a hamburger, without even being asked. I still do. Since my "Senior Coffee," with unlimited refills, only costs 95¢, I figure the few bucks I save over going to Starbucks, is readily available for charity. After reading your thoughtful perspective, I will now probably be less hesitant to contribute cash, even if I suspect it will be spent unwisely. Thanks. ◄Dave►

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I got to meet him at a small Libertarian Party political event in '96, when he was running for President. While it was a true pleasure, I still busted his balls over the cognitive dissonance I was experiencing, regarding someone of his principles actually running for office. :)

I certainly concur with including Ringer in the same class with Browne and Rothbard. Speaking of essays, have you ever read Browne's provocative 4-part 9/11 essay? Reading it now, with 15 years of hindsight, is remarkably sobering. While like most, I too was thirsting for revenge at the time, Browne's warning regarding Liberty lost, without accomplishing anything significantly constructive, was spot on prescient. ◄Dave►

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Jim, Harry Browne's masterpiece is my all-time favorite book. I have reread it at least once a year since 1979, just to keep me grounded and free. ◄Dave►

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Gun-Free Existence - Part II

I have shared this vignette to make several points. First, those advocating for gun-free zones and/or a gun-free society haven’t a clue what they are suggesting. Even a nominally pacific society of cheerful people, which ours certainly isn’t, can be riled up to commit violence by demagogues. Access to and skill with repeating firearms, can make the weakest man or woman the equal of a gang of brutes. It is incredibly foolish not to avail oneself of such defensive tools.

Secondly, as long as any teenaged punk or crazed Jihadi, can buy gasoline, the notion that gun control would make society safer is a cruel joke. The Orlando shooter, who was unlikely acting alone anyway, could have easily created even more carnage, with a few simple Molotov Cocktails in a backpack, which do not require a background check to acquire. A cigarette lighter, a couple of gallons of gasoline, an old T-shirt, and a twelve-pack of bottled beer, or a case of mason jars, is all that is required. We should hope the Jihadists stick to knives and firearms.

Then, notice the effect of the arrival of the armed Marines, who never had to confront any rioter. The appearance of a few firearms, and the implied threat to use them, trumped hundreds of machete wielding malcontents, who quickly faded back into the jungle. At first glance, that appears to be a good thing, which bolsters the argument for defensive guns; but think again, a little deeper.

This time, from the perspective of the hoi polloi, who (rightly or wrongly) felt they were being oppressed, by the ‘establishment’ controlling the government. The wind went out of their sails, because they were outgunned and thus effectively disarmed. Again, it would depend on one’s point of view, whether this was a good thing or not. At the time, I reckoned it good; but as an educated and apparently ‘rich’ American, I was effectively considered part of the aristocracy of that Third World country.

Now, I am only part of the hoi polloi of America, with a government that no longer seems benign, and more often strikes me as oppressive and increasingly tyrannical. From that perspective, my foreign experience only reinforces my resolve, to never allow the Progressives to disarm the citizenry on these shores, no matter what it takes. Does this make any common sense whatever, to the gun control advocates, who increasingly appear to be stuck on stupid? ◄Dave►

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Gun-Free Existence - Part I

To the timid souls and precious snowflakes, perennially advocating gun control and/or a gun-free existence:

Have you ever lived in a totally gun-free society, where even the police had no firearms, and there was no military? I did, back in the late ’60s on a tropical island out in the middle of the Indian Ocean. At one point, there was a frightening period of political upheaval, before an election. Whipped up by Chicom backed ‘community organizers,’ for the “People’s United Party,” the restless natives, drunk on toddy (fermented palm sap), began rioting.

The sparse police force, armed only with truncheons, was completely overwhelmed by rioters wielding pangas (machetes), and beyond useless at crowd control. Without an airport, and located a thousand miles from the nearest land mass of Africa, there simply was nobody they could call for mutual aid backup. It got pretty ugly for a few days. I can just imagine the special snowflakes ensconced on today’s Ivy League campuses, stamping their dainty feet over there being no phones, with which to dial 911 demanding their “safe spaces,” be cleared of the unpleasant riffraff.

The generally ex-military American expats living there, were on our own, and also unarmed; but not quite helpless. Yankee ingenuity was employed in preparing to defend our homes and families. After unstringing our spear guns, and fabricating powerful slingshots with surgical tubing, we turned our attention to what today are called IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). It happened that large 4 & 6 inch firecrackers were readily available, in the Chinese sundry shops scattered around the island. Encased in glued-on nails, they made passable fragmentation grenades.

Cherry bombs, installed with shortened fuses, in pipes capped on one end packed with pea gravel, made serviceable defensive shotguns. True, they were single shot; but incredibly easy and cheap to make, so we kept stacks of them at hand. The most formidable item in our arsenal, however, turned out to be the old insurgent standby, Molotov Cocktails. Gasoline and rags were readily available. Empty liter sized beer bottles were ubiquitous in our youthful environment.

Have you ever messed with one of these things? Be careful! Until my experiments, I had always assumed that they were just a convenient method for getting fire from point A to point B. Naturally, after constructing my first one, I wanted to test it. My home was on the coast, and there was a convenient large rock above the water about 20 feet offshore from my back yard. That seemed like a safe target, so I lit the wick and threw it.

Holy mother of Zeus! I just barely had time to hit the deck, as it exploded and sent shards of glass singing over my foolish head. I had no idea that they were a form of fuel air bomb, which work like a miniature MOAB. When the glass breaks, and the gasoline vapors mix with the oxygenated air, the burning rag ignites the highly explosive mixture, with spectacular results.

When finished, I was more prepared for standing off an angry mob of communist inspired, anti-American rioters, than had I been armed with a so-called assault rifle. Fortunately, my servants passed the word about my formidable defensive preparations in the community, which thankfully forestalled the need to ever use them. After a few days, a British frigate appeared on the usually clear horizon.

It anchored beyond the reef, and sent a shore boat with a dozen armed British Marines ashore. All they had to do, was parade up and down the main street a couple of times, at shoulder arms. The riots were instantly over, and the election proceeded without further ado. Incidentally, the communist Peoples United Party was resoundingly defeated, the Chicom agitators sent packing, and the friendly laid-back island lifestyle reasserted itself...

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As you suggest, Robert, only a fraction of the carnage could have been done, if a few of the patrons were themselves armed. Gun-free zones should be abolished, or at least rational people should boycott them. What if we all were to refuse to enter such dangerous places, without being provided personal armed guards, like the politicians are permitted to have. Does anyone think the Secret Service leaves their weapons in their vehicles, when accompanying the POTUS on a photo-op at a school, city hall, courthouse or any other designated gun-free zone? Why does he deserve any more protection from crazed Jihadists than we do?

Then, stop spending taxpayer money to pay police to protect hateful Islamists from irate vigilantes. Reportedly, the local Imam in Orlando has openly preached that homosexuals should be killed “out of compassion.” I would bet good money that if the police would turn their backs, the survivors along with their friends and families, could put a stop that sort of religious nonsense forthwith. Hell, if I lived thereabouts, I would be happy to hold that Imam down, so they could all bugger the bastard in turn. It seems that the number of Muslim youths in America now becoming ‘radicalized,’ is exploding exponentially. What if it became downright existentially dangerous to preach hate from a pulpit? ◄Dave►

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I am not so sure the drama is over yet, Robert. Consider: "Oligarchy Psyops?" if you have the time. ◄Dave►

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Of course he is having fun, and doing a bang up job at it. Spectator sports can be very entertaining. It is only those who choose to root for a team, and actually think it somehow matters which side wins, who get heartburn over political games and gamesmanship. That is OK, though; those cheering for the hemorrhoids deserve all the irritation and stress, while we laugh at them. ;-) ◄Dave►