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Sheila, I usually find you to be intelligent and articulate too. I do applaud you for refusing to vote for the lessor of two evils. Voting against a politician one dislikes, gives the other one the false impression that he has a mandate for his agenda. While I certainly consider Trump to be the lessor evil, and do cheer the dismay and consternation he is causing the GOPe, he is still a statist, who wants to be a ruler, and I too will boycott the duopoly's sham election in November.

That said, how is it that you do not recognize that your disparaging remarks about the "Crackpot Clown," are every bit as distasteful ad hominem, as those of us here disparaging Cruz, et al? This is certainly nothing new in American history... it is called politics.

I am somewhat surprised that you have fallen for the media meme, that Trump was accusing the elder Cruz of being involved in the JFK assassination. He said no such thing, and as he tried to clarify again the other day, he implied no such thing. My own initial reaction to that photo, which I saw well before Trump mentioned it, was, "Whoa, I thought this guy supposedly 'escaped the Castro regime,' and came to America as a refugee. How does that square with him handing out Castro propaganda alongside a known Castro agent/sympathizer?"

All Trump said is precisely what I thought - What's up with that, and why isn't anyone in the media even mentioning it? One can certainly notice evidence of an incongruency in the Cruz family narrative, as I did, without jumping to the conclusion that his association with Oswald, somehow extended to involvement in the JFK assassination. You are intelligent enough to see that, Sheila. Think about it. ◄Dave►

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If you think you did adequate research to determine that Cruz was not a Canadian Born Citizen, you are mistaken. His Canadian birth certificate is readily available online. He was several years old, before he immigrated from Canada to the U.S. of A.

I watched Cruz himself try to explain on camera how his wife's association with the CFR was innocuous. CFR documents with her name on them, are also readily available online.

I am not the one needing more homework, am not a Trump supporter, and will not be a Trump voter. I am an anarchist, who considers voting for anyone an unforgivable act of aggression. I am just thoroughly enjoying the job he is doing vanquishing the GOPe. ◄Dave►

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Word salad. Declining to empower the state to use their guns to prevent a rape victim from taking a 'morning after' pill, is not the same as "supporting" abortion. It is entirely rational and legitimate, to personally find the concept of abortion immoral and abhorrent, without wanting the state involved in such private matters either way.

How could a bully possibly "take over," in the absence of a police force to protect him from the wrath of his well-armed victims? The biggest bully is the state itself. The state demands half my income for their shoddy protection. Given my choice, I would hire the Mafia instead. They will do an infinitely better job for only 10%. ◄Dave►

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Canadian Born Citizen Cruz is indeed a lawyer, with a wife who is a globalist banker and a member of the CFR. Aren't those enough strikes against him, without him also constantly reminding us, how much he is a thoroughly disagreeable, oleaginous, ambitious, arrogant ass, who is constantly feigning piety? He makes my skin crawl. ◄Dave►

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"You're a dope..." Are you projecting, Bobo? Although many are using the term 'ghostwriter,' it isn't quite accurate, because Tony Schwartz' name is on the cover of the book as the co-author. All one need do is look the book up on Amazon, to see this for oneself. The New Yorker article itself is well worth reading... and pondering. Particularly his inherent difficulty in focusing and concentrating. This rings true to anyone who has ever watched one of his extemporaneous speeches. ◄Dave►

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I couldn't agree more on all accounts, RS. However, I did thoroughly enjoy Sheriff Clarke's evisceration of CNN's Don Lemon tonight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAu44wVgb58
I look forward to his speech Monday night in Cleveland. ◄Dave►

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LOL... Alex, like Trump, doesn't play by their rules. Your comment about the police being too busy is profound. This is likely to be an interesting week. Buckle up! ◄Dave►

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My blogging partner keeps reminding me that months ago, Bill Bennett predicted that 'they' would kill Trump, before ever allowing him to become POTUS. Now that he has made the deal with the GOP to select Pence for VP, they would probably wait until soon after the election...

I still think Comey's move was a gift to the GOP, which left the Dems stuck with Hillary, after brutally verbally indicting her. Perhaps, it was meant as a gift to Pence, rather than Trump? It sounds like a three rail bank shot; but think about it... ◄Dave►

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Single digit IQ is joking, of course; but double digit certainly wouldn't be. It has been a very long time since America's average was anywhere near 100. I sincerely doubt that it even reaches 90 nowadays, since we bought into the Malthusian ZPG nonsense, and have outsourced our reproductive duty to third world peasants. ◄Dave►

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Come on, Robert... Gordy's comment deserved at least a LOL, if not a ROFLMAO! ◄Dave►