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The concept of free speech requires no one to provide a venue for it, or to host ill-mannered speakers in their own parlor. Without the help of a spambot, allowing comments on a popular blog would be untenable. Tweaking its filters to just the right level of tolerance, is always problematic. I find RR to be reasonably tolerant of dissent, and uncommonly gracious to dissenters. I appreciate his relatively troll-free comment sections, populated by some of the politest thinkers and thought provokers on the web. ◄Dave►

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Sealing the border could be easy, if we were serious about it. Instead of wasting a fortune on a wall, station an armed guard every 1/4 mi. along its length, with unambiguous orders to shoot to kill, any man, woman, or child who crossed it, anywhere other than at an official port of entry. The word would get out quickly, and fewer people would die every year than do now, at the hands of the ruthless coyotes or mother nature in the merciless desert.

Just imagine all the lives saved and serious injuries avoided, from trying to climb over high fences or tunnel under them. How is that for a compassionate foreign policy?

I suspect that there are enough gung-ho militia member volunteers, willing to bring their own rifles and take a few shifts on their vacations, that total border security would cost less than we spend now, for the Border Patrol joke. As an added bonus, drug smuggling would be effectively over too, so we could cut back on the DEA budget. ◄Dave►

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Thanks for the defense; but if you follow the arrows carefully, you will see that RR was responding to IMHO, who did say he had lost respect for him. ◄Dave►

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You don't have to support him... Just cheer him on. I refuse to vote for any Incumbrepublocrat, Trump included; but I sure wish him well in his endeavor to best the establishment, and hope he wins. Stop judging his lifestyle and business ventures, and realize the immense favor he is doing for us, while satisfying his own selfish interests. Synergy at its finest... ◄Dave►

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I used to admire Ted Cruz, until he had the audacity to run for POTUS. If a serious Constitutional scholar – especially one claiming to be an originalist – really respected the Constitution, he would happily settle for a career in the Senate, and not try to usurp the office of POTUS, for which he knows he is ineligible. Lawyerly obfuscation, about it now being ‘settled law’ that subsequent legislative action has overridden the natural-born citizen clause, is pure horse pucky. I have lost all respect for the man. ◄Dave►

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Although probably lost on most sheeple, my all-time favorite is: "Don't vote! It just encourages the bastards." ◄Dave►

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Fair enough. If communication is not your goal, in the future I may read your comments once, to see if anything useful I might need to know falls out of them; but I'll waste no more time trying to decipher them. Thanks for the clarification. ◄Dave►

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Not just nuclear. I remember writing home to my parents begging them not to vote for Goldwater in '64, because the Army Times seemed concerned that he would start a war with China. I was stationed at a key communications facility less than 5 miles from the DMZ, and we knew the North Korean puppets of China had our strategic hilltop site already zeroed in with artillery.

It took reading his campaign book, "None Dare Call It Treason," soon after my discharge in '66, to square me away in time to vote for Reagan for Governor of California. :)

I am still cheering Trump on, and becoming ever more disgusted by the GOP establishment, including all those so-called conservatives writing for "National Review"; but you have not yet convinced me to actually vote for him or anyone else.

Have you seen the YouTube video of him praying with all those evangelical shamans? I get the necessity of pandering to the Piously Correct crowd for their votes; but that he didn't deck that Oral Roberts wannabe jerk, for sticking his clawed hand on his face, or at least push it away, was inexcusable. How anyone could want the job bad enough to put up with such nonsense, is beyond my ken. ◄Dave►

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I enjoy solving an occasional riddle as much as the next guy. Yet, I seldom muster the interest and time required to unwind an ungrammatical, stream-of-conscience, musing riddled with them. I cannot speak for others; but if that was meant to actually communicate something to me, it failed. If instead, it was merely cerebral masturbation for your own amusement, contemptuously intended to confound, not convey - then, nicely done… I suppose. ;) ◄Dave►

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You mean WWV. WWIII was the Cold War, which the West supposedly won. WWIV is the ongoing War on Terror, or more precisely the War with Jihadists, which the West is decidedly losing. In the imminent WWV that you speak of, their will not be any winners.

The suggestion that the aftermath could be unification of all sheeple under a One World Government, I find risible. Blue helmets are targets, not badges of authority. ;) ◄Dave►