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Yes, everyone. Why does society allow anyone they wouldn't trust with a gun, to possess a knife, or a baseball bat, or a car, or purchase explosive gasoline? Besides, if everyone else they encountered also had a gun, how much serious harm could they possibly do with theirs, before being summarily eliminated from the gene pool by a passerby? An armed society is eventually a polite society. ◄Dave►

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I think I already understand the nature of Money rather well. Why don't you just hit me with your theory on the length of Hayek's road? ◄Dave►

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Yes it has been an interesting and enjoyable life, well lived. I, too, have lived in 8 countries on 4 continents, two tropical islands, and 16 States. I never did decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I never bothered to do so. :)

Thanks for the advice; but my "militia" endeavors ended over 20 years ago, and were always defense oriented. At my age, I am beyond kinetic offense anyway, so I'll not be foolishly poking at any beehives. ◄Dave►

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RS, has it ever occurred to you that we are being played like a fiddle, and by continuing to delay the inevitable SHTF, our generation is letting our posterity down? It might just be that hoping Trump can again delay it, might one day be viewed as an act of cowardice by an old man, hoping to put off the unpleasantness until after he has gone.

I have been saying for years that they are delaying the implementation of their NWO dreams, until after we Vietnam era veterans have either died, or are too old to fight. At the same time, they have been indoctrinating and training the current kids in the military and DHS, to be ready and willing to confiscate civilian arms, and shoot or roundup dissidents when so ordered.

After the first oil crisis in '73, I became convinced that the US government was completely broke, and that there was no way the politicians could continue to get away with inflating the currency, to hide it from the sheeple. Today the term is 'preppers'; but back then they called those of us preparing for SHTF 'survivalists.'

By the time of the second oil crisis in '79, I was totally prepared to bug out on a moment's notice, to survive in the Sierra wilderness for at least a year. I found that I was actually rather anxiously awaiting the demise of society, so I could begin the adventure. Had I been able to find a rugged woman interested in joining me, I probably would not have waited.

By then, however, it was obvious that when the SHTF, it was going to be rather crowded in the hills, so I bought a commercial fishing boat and dropped out of society. I reckoned it would be safer at sea, than competing with other survivalists in the hills, and much easier to find a companion. I figured that there would continue to be a reliable market for protein, and that I could always trade fresh fish for enough fuel and supplies to go out and catch some more. Living fulltime at sea was an interesting life for a few years.

Beyond all reasonable expectations, the Feds somehow managed to keep the charade of solvency going, and postponing the inevitable reckoning. Fast forward to the early '90s, and I was living an enjoyable self-sufficient lifestyle on a 300 acre cattle ranch in the Sierra foothills, 30 miles from the nearest town, which I visited once a month to top off our year's storage of staples and supplies. After Ruby Ridge, Waco, and all the NWO propaganda, we in my ranching community once again anticipated the SHTF to be imminent. We formed a militia, to defend our critters from the starving masses, we expected would soon be "heading for the hills" in search of food.

That too somehow never materialized, and by the next over-hyped potential crisis of Y2K, I was back to living in a small town on the California coast. Somewhat prepared for it, Y2K fizzled too. Then came 9/11. Back to the gas station to top off the jerry cans and propane tanks. Then to COSTCO, for more stores of rice, beans, and coffee, etc. Nope… even though it triggered perpetual wars, and Bush doubled the national debt funding them, that didn't trigger SHTF either.

When the economy totally crashed in '08, the day of reckoning had finally arrived, and a lifetime of preparation would soon pay off. The smoke from the printing presses running 24/7 at the US Treasury, was creating a perpetual pall over DC, and even the most clueless sheeple were going to be alarmed by the massive inflation of the currency and severe unemployment statistics.

No, wait… they are getting away with that too. Obama has doubled the debt once again, and his obsequious bureaucrats and press have manipulated the statistics, to falsely report low price inflation and unemployment. The hopeless sheeple slumber on, and inexplicably, his approval ratings are actually rising.

Now in my 70's, I suspect they will continue to get away with delaying the reckoning, until I am completely out of the game. Given my recent flirtation with the concept of a laissez faire stateless society, to replace the corrupt state, perhaps I already am. I have been enjoying this election season immensely, and do look forward to seeing how it turns out, when Trump is sworn in as POTUS.

Yet, I can't help the niggling feeling that somehow I have shirked my duty to posterity, and allowed the forces of evil to slowly destroy the nation I once revered, and swore a solemn oath to defend. Am I wrong? ◄Dave►

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The 2nd Amendment is the reset button on the Constitution. Ultimately, if the 1st Amendment doesn't work, the 2nd one will! Leftist statists and their jackbooted thugs, need to be dissuaded from even considering "Gun Collecting." ◄Dave►

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LOL!! Perfect, Richard. Comment of the month! :) ◄Dave►

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Please explain, Jim. I was under the impression that the AG served at the pleasure of the POTUS, and the FBI was part of the DOJ. If so, then the FBI budget is subject to the whim of both of them. How is that not 'sway?' ◄Dave►

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I concur with most of yours, RJR. As much as I am still smitten with Sarah Palin, you are right about the public perception, and she doesn't have the DC experience he needs. Neither does Martinez, unfortunately.

He should avoid the treacherous Canadian Born Lawyer like the plague. I used to think he would make a good SCOTUS justice; but I don't even want the scoundrel there now.

Everything Trump has said about his criteria, suggests that he has likely already chosen Gingrich. The fact that Carson didn't mention him, is in itself rather telling. Newt already acts like he has it in the bag, and seems anxious to get on the trail with him to engage Hillary. I think they would make a very simpatico team, which could be a marvelous tandem wrecking ball in DC. I will be rooting for Newt. ◄Dave►

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Semantics. I am a regular reader here, and am more than happy to think these matters through rationally. Please explain the essential distinctions between such terms as 'civil disobedience'; 'riot'; 'rebellion'; or 'separatist movement.' Once any of them escalates into a shooting war, between contumacious civilians and the armed forces of the state, how could this not be legitimately considered a 'revolution' or 'civil war,' both of which are also synonymous terms, for the same state of affairs?

That said, RJR was not referring as yet to such a revolution against the state itself. He was speaking of a political revolt against the wishes of the Incumbrepublocrat Duopoly elites, by those sheeple still trapped within the phony two-party paradigm, who continue to participate in the well-choreographed Kabuki dance they call elections. It is more than fair, to call such a revolt a political revolution. ◄Dave►

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As you finally figured out in the end, I am the author of that five-year-old article on my own blog. I only shared it with you to demonstrate that I have indeed already carefully studied, cogitated on, and expounded on the abortion issue itself, both morally and politically. I long ago concluded that it was entirely outside the purview of the Federal government, and a curse on our political processes. I did visit your link; but found no new arguments requiring my deliberation. I have no interest in debating this always divisive issue any further here. ◄Dave►