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Understood. :) ◄Dave►

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Interesting. Comparing envy with jealousy, I would have chosen envy as the more benign emotion. My envy of your writing ability, Robert, has no component of ill will. Profound admiration can manifest as healthy envy, without my harboring the slightest desire to diminish your talent in any way. If anything, it stands as a testament that my own pen wants improvement. Without latent envy, from whence comes desire for achieving lofty goals? Thus, envy strikes me as a useful, often positive, and perhaps even inspirational emotion.

On the other hand, a component of anger, unhappiness, and/or fear is usually attached to jealousy. It seems more likely that the impetus for retribution or belittling another would flow from jealousy than envy. No? Semantics… of course. :) ◄Dave►

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Agreed. It can't be an either/or dichotomy. What about the sheepdog? He looks a lot like a wolf, yet appears to be the protector of the flock. Unfortunately, this too can be rather deceptive. True, he will ward off the occasional wolf pack and won't kill a sheep himself; but that is because he is well-fed mutton stew leftovers by his boss. His primary duty isn't to protect them; it is to herd them. For it is the damned shepherd with a taste for mutton and lamb, routinely fleecing the flock for his own living, that is the real villain. The complaisant sheeple haven't a clue...

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Why should I care what others think?
Most clueless sheeple don’t.
Emoters choose instead to feel,
Dogmatic faithful won’t. ◄Dave►

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Very well said, Robert. I wholeheartedly concur. The comparison to Beck's trajectory is rather poignant. I once admired them both and now can hardly stomach Beck. I used to find Kelly's giddy child-like enthusiasm and wit disarming if not charming. That's over.

I had not heard of her ex's remarks. LOL! Thanks for sharing. :)

BTW, my only interest in Trump is my hope that once the GOP manages to kill his efforts to reform them, he runs as an independent and uses his fame and fortune to finally do what Perot failed to do - break up the Incumbrepublocrat Duopoly, and open up our political processes to legitimate third party participation. ◄Dave►

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Agreed, Jim. Gatto's tome is one of the most important books I have ever read. Before reading it, I thought the dumbing down / indoctrination process in public schools was a fairly recent phenomena. Not so. Even though I am almost 70-years-old, it still pisses me off every time I think about how they got me too! I often wonder what my life might have been like, had they taught me how to think, rather than what to think.

Fortunately, the Vietnam War kept me out of college. I enlisted straight out of high school to get the then unavoidable draft over with (and earn the GI Bill) before starting college. Fortunately, while in uniform, I never met a college educated junior officer that had a lick of common sense. Thus, I eschewed college when I got out and I became a thankful autodidact. Instead, I used my GI Bill to pay for flying lessons and a couple hundred hours of flight time for my pilot's license. I have never regretted it. ◄Dave►

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Ah... the tortoise would be behind the groundhog, wouldn't he? :) No wonder you remember her birthday, and now by the association I shall always remember yours. I hope you had a good one. ◄Dave►