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Commenters such as Tony only help to further out the "peaceful and tolerant" left.

Just point and laugh.

It worked for Andrew and it works for me.

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Thanks Mr. Davi.

Look forward to seeing you at the next Hollywood VRWC meeting... ; )

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Thanks Andrew...

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MTV Presents... The Real World: Human Centipede

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Interesting how all these black leaders only get upset when it's a black liberal being demagogued.

I don't recall Ms. Angelou lamenting the nastiness, vulgarity and pulling off of sheets whenever conservative "house negros" are being strung from democratic plantation trees.

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I was surprised to learn this morning that "Occupy 90210" (LOL) will be protesting this event.

So there's that...

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Why did Ratner allow himself to be manipulated by the gay gestapo in the first place?

For cripes sake guys, step out of your elitist Hollywood bubbles and STOP GROVELING. It's embarrassing to watch grown men offering up their dignity just so they can make crappy films and tv shows.

I'd have more respect if they just said "screw it" and left the business entirely to sell vacuum cleaners.

Political correctness is the fascism of our time.

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I'm voting for Mitt Romney simply because he's so creamy white like me.

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Some good choices, especially “The Assassination of Jesse James,” which I think is the best film of the aughts.

Great casting, locations, sets, costumes and most importantly the music score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Definitely in my Top Ten from the 2000's.

I would have included Bottle Shock on this list. Any film that features Alan Rickman is always a bonus for me. I could sit and listen to that man read the entire Los Angeles area phone book.

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They left out the Patton opening monologue?