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Uh-huh. This is what I thought. I figured Hubby and I could write the hell out of a pitch idea, but who knows about an entire screenplay. We're gonna have to do some research.

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Serious question.

If you have an idea for a movie is it better to pitch an idea, or try and write out an entire screenplay?

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I didn't expect it to be quite as scary and unsettling as it was. Good chills on that one.

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1) Photography (Was pretty good at it years ago and should have kept with it.)

2) Texting in the movie theater

3) Ox Tails

4) Interior Decorator (No joke. I used to collect Architectural Digest. I still have a stack from the mid 80's

5) Spain

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Malcolm Nance says it was either WH or Russia who leaked it, but leaning toward WH... Devin Nunes and his fool ass specifically. It's absolutely about getting Sessions out to appoint a new AG in order to fire Mueller.

Also, Chuck Grassley,that senate Nosferatu has determined that he doesn't want to talk to Dump Trump Jr. and Manafort about colluding with Russia, but would rather find out who ordered the Steele Dossier because that Dem is obviously colluding with Russia. Up is down, night is day, and the fix is in and being run by corrupt fuckers from burrowed deeply inside Trump's ass.

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No, shan't.

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I also think Trump knows the news coming out about him will become increasingly terrible, so he likely thought he needs someone who will offer hardcore push back against the press. It's been said that Spicer in his own mind at least is incredibly patriotic. Trump probably didn't want to take a chance on Spicer growing a conscience and/or becoming conflicted enough to lose control of the narrative. He's worked for the DNC for years, so he understands this world. The new, rich Wall Street guy is just like Trump and will give the finger to the press at Trump's whim. No questions asked, and nothing to lose.

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Spicey likely resigned in his mind weeks, if not months, ago, just needed a reason to make it public...if he wasn't directly fired.

But really, to save any shred of his credibility he should have done this after that crowd size fiasco.

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I really appreciate all the lawyers pointing out that asking for a pardon for oneself is essentially an admission of guilt.

I also think he's going to fire Mueller, because he thinks the end result will be like the firing of Comey -- it became a circus for awhile while fresh and then it will die down

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Personally, I find it an un-fucking sustainable premise to begin with. What makes any of these people think that slavery could still be an institution in 2017? Is this just all based on the fantasy world of things, because it seems to me if we were still living in some sort of pre 20th century slave holding "utopia", than the rest of the world and everything in it probably devolved as well. So maybe this fantastical movie they think will work so well should really be marketed as the "Hell on Earth" show where the entire world is shit and and there's no saving grace for anyone....and no hope at all. Yup, that sounds like a great HBO hit!

I'm also insulted by the fact that in this slavery utopia they're imagining the slaves haven't killed all the masters in the last 200 years. So, basically fuck them twice.