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This is one of my favorite things ever in life.

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“Little problem in the kitchen. Nothing trivial.”

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I internally screamed “EW!” so loud my ear popped.

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Hopefully what they also learn is that they live in a protected bubble that doesn't exist when you're a public servant. You can't do and say what you want. You can't create an environment that serves to protect your personal interests. You can't think that every questionable thing you do and say won't somehow make it to the media. All those creature comforts enjoyed by being a billionaire no one would cross, don't exist in politics where you will have built in enemies from the day you're sworn in. Oprah should know that her now nationwide beloved status will be ripped right down the middle if she were to be elected to high office.

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I try really hard not to hate. It's not something I want to do or to teach my son, but my God do I hate this man. It is utterly unconscionable that this person is taking up space and residence in the White House. He should be dragged out into the streets like the bastion of evil that plunked itself down at America's dinner table to rut, grab, and wreak havoc that he is. If this country can't find a way to rid itself of his vomitous carcass soon, then we will be well and truly doomed.

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Joy Reid who opened All In detailing her parents' African origins has said "Shithole" about six times already this hour, and I have a feeling the MSNBC brass said nothing to object.

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Yeah, no. Ben Stiller was a turnoff. As long as I still yell at Bridget Fonda for wanting Matt Dillon every time when I re-watch Singles I think there's still hope for me.

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I'm really trying to enjoy Grown-ish, but I'm finding that I'm too much of a *gulp* mom to fully get into it.

WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?! (I mean, I know when technically I became a mom, but when did I start seeing the world through mom eyes?! Oh, no.)

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I'm thinking the best way to get Kamala as a future prez, is to have someone put her on the ballot as VP in 2020.

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By all means Oprah, jump into a local race. Try your hand at smaller government, but I'll say nope to a presidential run right out the gate. She's been careful for most of her career to not show her hand about her political leanings as not to alienate her viewers/fans, so many of us just have a very rudimentary view of her politics -- and most of that is assumption. No idea where she stands on many issues. Could she charm heads of state and foreign allies and enemies? Sure. Is she adept at policy and engagement? Who knows? And as we're aware, this isn't something you should try and learn on the fly. That's not to say that she doesn't have keen journalism savvy that could work in her favor. At least we know that she knows how to ask a tough question, suss out a lie, and prior to some missteps with OWN, her business acumen was enviable.