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Once government gets used to the toll revenue they will never end it. The SF Bay bridge opened in 1936 was suppose to be toll free after repayment of the original bonds, however today hey are still paying $5-$6 in one direction.

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Out of control abusive government sucks doesn't it?

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I'm with you Bradley!

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Will the sheep be willing to pay $43.50 for a hot dog in order to have this enhanced infrastructure? http://www.cnbc.com/id/102362885

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You're a classic enabler who feels good about himself while perpetuating the problem!

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You can see them on foxnews.com.

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People, groups and governments spend OUR money on things a lot more ridiculous than a park bench. Who cares what they spend THEIR money on? It might serve the purpose of highlighting this heinous act and prevent it's re-occurrence plus the community gets a bench To get nauseated over what someone else goes with THEIR money is ridiculous. I get nauseated over people who continue to vote for big corrupt government.

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What do you think is the biggest factor contributing to homeless deaths? Being homeless, substance abuse or too ignorant to come in from the cold?

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Never had a problem with different brands of gas. I wouldn't trust your regular service station owner who is making more money off you.

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Can you imagine the lives that would be saved if we could tell the Middle East and Venezuela that they can eat their oil. Pull out completely and let those who need their oil deal with them.