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OK, what would you do? I think we need to bomb them to oblivion, however, since we are not immediately and directly threatened, I would like to wait until ISISL creates enough havoc to stir the rest of the world who are directly threatend into action.

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I bet you believe everything Rev. Al says!

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Our argument is that I DO NOT believe Al Sharpton went to Ferguson based on a request of the victim's family no matter who says it. As I previously stated, he is the President's point man on race relations and they both benefit from racial upheaval.
You offered a summary of what you interpreted from the Brietbart article and you offered a selective quote. This article was written by a black Tea Party activist somewhat tongue-in-cheek and apparently you overlooked a lot of the irony.
"If I, as a conservative black woman, can admit Al Sharpton isn't the devil and reflect on the positive aspects of his outreach strategies, I beg Black America to examine the poisonous price that comes with Sharptons megaphone."

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My source is me.
I want you to site a source for your statements that Brown's family asked Rev Al Sharpton " speak to the community to refrain from violence" and that was his motivation for going to Ferguson. Rev Al just pours gas on the fire and builds his base with charges of racism and police brutality..

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"I saw the interview as well"
If someone said it in an MSNBC interview then it must be true! I might be "Cum Laude from the University of Missed the Point" but you have a PhD from the University of the Gullible"

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The lie is that Rev Al went to Ferguson at the request of the victim's family! I don't have a problem with the family trying to stop violence but you don't stop violence by supporting divisive race hustlers like Sharpton or Jackson.
Here's a list of 60+ blacks who would offer a better message to the rioting community than those two race hustlers:
Meeke, Addison
Will, Addison
Deneen, Borelli
Wayne, Bradley
Nyel, Brogen
Lesli, Brower
CL, Bryant
Jennifer, Burke
Charles, Butler
Herman, Cain
Jennifer, Carroll
Dr. Benjimin, Carson SR
Ron, Christie
Jada Jackson, Collins
Stacey, Dash
Artur, Davis
Kira, Davis
Erica, Drayton
Wayne, Dupree
Larry, Elder
Gary, Franks
Virginia, Fuller
Kenneth, Gladney
Elbert, Guillory
Niger, Innis
Roy, Innis
Kevin, Jackson
Sonnie, Johnson
Reginald, Jones
C J, Jordon
Darlene, Kennedy
Alan, Keyes
Alveda, King
Ola, Lewis
Marcus, Lloyd
Charles, Lollar
Mia, Love
Kevin, Martin
Angela, McGlowan
Michael, Meyers
Karl, Miller
National Black Republican Association
Council, Nedd II
Burgess, Owens
Starr, Parker
Charles, Payne
Jesse Lee, Peterson
Earl, Philllip
Joseph C, Phillips
Katrina, Pierson
Colin, Powell
Alfonzo, Rachel
Condoleezza, Rice
Frances, Rice
Jason, Riley
Erik, Rush
Tim, Scott
Thomas, Sowell
Michael, Steele
Carol, Swain
Stacy, Swimp
Clarence, Thomas
J. C., Watts
David, Webb
Allen, West
Harold, Williams
Chystal, Wright

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Rev Al doesn't need no stinkn' invitation to inject himself into racial upheaval! You have been duped by your liberal media because Al Sharpton is Obama's point man in Ferguson. Yes, Obama's fanning the flames by offering his "deepest condolences" to his family. No mention of the white officer who may be suffering from injuries inflicted by this thug. In any case, we don't know the facts of this case related to the shooting, however, we do know that Michael Brown was a thug who strong armed robbed a convenience store.

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The number one problem is that Al Sharpton is a race hustler!

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The honesty and common sense of Jason Riley is refreshing!

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Us? You and Al are buddies? He is a race baiting buffoon and his truth is self aggrandizement.