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So it appears you are all in for this carbon trading/tax scheme no matter what the costs or benefits which are next to nil.
How would you twist the arm of Communist China? Don't be too hopeful our Commie-in-Chief will have political pull.

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I expect no less from that Leftists organization.

Wikipedia: "The UCS is regularly criticized by conservative, libertarian and right-wing groups for being "left-wing" and "liberal". David Martosko of asserts that the organization harbors a "pro-regulation, anti-business" agenda. The UCS has also been criticized by inidividuals who reject the theory of global warming.

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Keep feeding 123! I love his in depth responses.

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And your steps are a world carbon taxing authority with enforcement power that will redistribute income from producer nations to taker nations and hasten the insolvency of the West.

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Since you are in to watching long videos. Please give this one some consideration. It shows a 1%er (Peter Schiff) trying to have a meaningful dialogue with the people attracted to the Occupy Movement. It clearly demonstrates the disgusting mentality of people attracted to your movement.

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Fast forward to the girl abducted in the Walmart parking lot which was recorded by security camera. How mush time was devoted to trashing Walmart for not 'actively' monitoring the camera? How many mom & pop stores actively monitor their cameras.

Occupy is a movement of Socialist minded big government types who want to redistribute income - take from the movers and doers to give to the slackers.

Get the corrupt government out of our way and support movement toward Laissez-faire capitalism and we will all prosper.

Watch these Penn and Teller videos:
Part 1: (4 minutes)
Part 2: (8 minutes)
Part 3: (9 minutes)
Part 4: s05 e (2 iminutes)

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I don't feel safe using my real name around people who think like you and I'm not on a soapbox promoting my opinions. Just responding to the propaganda and disinformation of others such as your 1 hour and 40 minute youtube video trashing Walmart. Since you have such a strong opinion regarding Walmart can you answer my simple question? Are you part of that same violent disruptive crowd?

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Are you associated with those Occupy numbnuts who poop in the streets and don't clean up after themselves?

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Why pick on Walmart salaries? (From for cashiers)

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Compassion is a Leftist ruse for enslavement.