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Fortunately the LID Statute (CRS 30-20-601) only provided for public improvements and not maintenance or rehabilitation.
The Home Rule statute CRS 30-35-902 provides for "special taxing districts", to "facilitate the furnishing of services and improvements" and such taxes "shall not be in addition to or in lieu of" " any taxes or charges, or both, specifically provided for and limited by any statute for the same purpose, including, but not limited to, taxes for law enforcement authorities, roads and bridges, and the like."

Hopefully, I'm understanding it correctly

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Did you notice that my statements were quotes unless you are referring to the image? I'm only trying to find out what it is all about and I appreciate your contributions to the dialog.

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RE: "Home rule would enable residents to better defend the health and welfare of all"

There will certainly be unintended consequences when county home rule "gives the commissioners virtually unrestricted power and authority to act however they choose without accountability".
I hope when home rule hits the ballot, people take the time to fully understand all the ramifications beyond fracking issues should it pass.


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MIT economics professor and ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber certainly has you pegged.

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Not possible. The powers to be don't wish to interfere with illegal alien migration.

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You are a hopeless cause and not worthy of a response here. Please visit the letters-to-the-editor section and see how most people responded to your view of the police and thugs. No use in rehashing this same old story again.
http://www.dailycamera.com/letters/ci_27095370/d-... http://www.dailycamera.com/letters/ci_27103818/tr... http://www.dailycamera.com/letters/ci_27095370/d-...

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Your use of sarcasm was not immediately apparent!

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And you are the idiot who uses the race card to promote your ideology. I watched the video on YouTube which I found with a simple search. It was not Fox News. It clearly shows the length of time the choke was applied and Mr Garner rolling up onto his right elbow as the choke hold was released followed by his shouting loud and clear "I can't breathe" nine times according to you. I heard seven times on the video.
I repeat to idiots like you......you cannot not yell "I can't breathe" nine times if you are being choked.
I have been choked with a rear naked choke and I have choked people with a rear naked choke. You can't talk! Grunts maybe!
Crawl back into your hole!

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If Mr. Garner was effectively choked he would not have been able to talk much less shout "I can't breathe nine times" AFTER the officer's choking arm was released. The officer had his left arm around Mr. Garner neck for 14 seconds before Mr. Garner rolled up onto his left arm and started shouting that he couldn't breathe. Six to 10 seconds is more than enough to render a man unconscious with an effective choke hold.
On the video I didn't hear the officers telling him that he was under arrest, however, I've seen enough 'COPS' videos to know their procedure which is "You are under arrest, turn around and put your hands behind your back". The one officer grabbed his left hand and Mr. Garner raised his hand up and away resisting the officers attempts to arrest him. THAT IS RESISTING ARREST!
Mr. Garner poor physical condition, obesity and the exertion of resisting arrest led to his death.
I think the tragedy here is the exorbitant cigarette taxes in NYC that entices people to profit from selling 'loosies' on the street and the police departments enforcement of those laws. Don't blame the COPS but rather the liberal tax and spend lawmakers who wrote the law.

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Hollywood liberals have special priviledges. Remember OJ?