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I'm pretty sure that of the last 8 loses by the Ducks, 6 of them were in Autzen Stadium. Just sayin'.

Go Buffs!!!

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Henderson certainly does have the heart of a Buffalo!!! I have said it before, if he were just 3 inches taller he would be a lock at the NFL level because of his football IQ. If he were 5 inches taller he would be a lock for the 1st round.

I hope he gets a look for NFL. Either way, thanks for all the hard work (on and off the field) Mr. Henderson! You have been a great contributor thru turbulent times. You will certainly be remembered for part of the reason this program finally turned upstream!!!

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Get well soon Mr. Zimmer, we are missing you!

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The Ducks had better prepare for a some Liufau magic of our own!

Go Buffs!

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Wow, what is Howell looking at? If Liufau is healthy, play him! The margin of error for this team is paper thin, and the reason we have been so close in so many games this year is BECAUSE of Liufau! This is the most "grass is always greener" look at the QB position I've read. I want the QB that gives us the best chance to win in both of the remaining games and that is undoubtedly Sefo. Sure, Gehrke has speed with his legs and he showed it against USC's 3rd team D. Other than that, I don't see an upside here if Liufau is healthy.

Go Buffs!

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It will ROCK if Spruce returns for his senior year. I expect the whole team will make such a huge jump, and he would just add to that exponentially. And would certainly be next year's Biletnikoff winner!

Spruce on the loose!!!

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AWESOME, simply AWESOME! Spread the word to vote!!

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Whoa, there VK. Where did I tell you that you were "wrong". Don't ever remember using that word with you. Opinion is opinion. But I never said "wrong". If I did, I would certainly be out of line.

And I stand by the thought that the Alias "OldCU" is you... The idea that someone would write "First time poster. Long time reader." and then proceed to make their very first comment about two other readers (VK and 93Buff) arguing and not actually about the Buffaloes Football team? Yeah, okay. Sure seems fishy.

To Sum so you know:
I read all that you post and agree with lots and don't agree with some.
I certainly don't agree about your opinions on Lindgren and Baer.
That is my right as much as it is your right to believe they are not the right guys.
If things are this way half way thru the 2015 season, I may change my tune about them.
But right now, I see lack of experience and lack of mature minds and bodies on the field to be the greatest problem, more than the short-comings of the coordinators.
Just My Opinion.


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I believe this news is as much about Liufau's concussion as it is about giving Gehrke a look. I hope Liufau is back to feeling normal very soon!

Gehrke certainly has wheels, and I'm with those who pointed out it was strange that they didn't call one designed QB run when they sent Gehrke in at the end of the Arizona game. But I'm not sure about his passing accuracy after seeing him in both the USC game and the Arizona game. That can get better.

I do hope Liufau is healthy against the Ducks... Oregon lost some key players in their win over Utah and I see no reason why we can't give them a run for their money. And I certainly want us to beat the Utes!

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Wow, when did you become a total Troll on this site, VK? Just because we don't fully see eye-to-eye doesn't mean we don't both want the Buffs to succeed. But tearing people down simply because they don't agree with you is internet nonsense, IMO.

Whatever helps you pass the time, I guess.