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Awesome!!! Go Buffs!!

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"MacIntyre rewarded wide receiver Wesley Christensen and defensive back Richard Yates with scholarships this season..."
Congrats Christensen and Yates!!

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Garrett Grayson, let us introduce you to the rebuilt CU D-line and Secondary... CU D-line and Secondary, say hello to Garrett Grayson. Often. Preferably while knocking down his pass or stripping the ball out of his hands.

Go Buffs!!

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I like all the talk about a Bowl game and certainly want them to make it to one! But we'll have to see what happens against our first three opponents, particularly Arizona State, before I'm ready to believe we are a Bowl-bound. Even if we don't beat ASU, how we play that game will be very telling. We just didn't even show up last season. I know Mike Mac has talked about that one in particular as a slow start, but it was awful in all phases. In fact ASU and the game at Washington were our two worst showings of last season, IMO. Anyway, beat CSU, win at Foxboro handily, and then play ASU tough and I am firmly on the Bowl bus! Go Buffs!!

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I will be completely shocked if we can beat Arizona State. However, the other 5 of the first 6 games seem winnable to me. Including Oregon State. But no one can understate how important the CSU opener is... Go Buffs!!!

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No mention of Creer at RB? That's a shame. And I'm really curious who will take the bulk of return duties on special teams as I feel like we are going to see someone really make some positive yardage there, finally, and that person won't be Spruce (no dig at Spruce, but I think someone with as good of hands, but more speed will be the person).

By the way, these articles always seem to imply that Liufau started all of last season at QB... or maybe a better way to say it: they always fail to mention that Liufao did not start a game until the 6th game of last season... puts his stats into much better perspective, I think.

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LOL, Awesome!

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There is nothing wrong with CU/CSU series... as long as it is on campus. The trip to Mile High stadium is not worth it for this game.

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So frustrating! Heal up well Mr Bell, all of you're Buff fans are thinking good thoughts for you, and will miss your great work on the field this season!!

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LOL! Is that you in the broom VK? Or the one lounging next to the pool?