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Awesome x 32

Go Buffs!!

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Yes, in full agreement here, BuffMan6236. I was saying to the TV (after we'd been stuffed for the 4th down "miscommunication" play) that Mac needs to focus because his D could stop them, sack the QB for a big loss, or block the kick... Never give up until the game is called "Final" by the officials.

And you certainly can't think straight when you are that wound up, which is why I didn't like Coach Mac getting that Unsportmanlike penalty earlier in the game, either. Must stay calm to stay clear headed.

Hopefully he will review those parts of the film (showing his behavior) as well as the actual plays in the game. He will find both could be modified just a tiny bit. But still, I'm so impressed with our play in that game!

Go beat the Beavers at Folsom!! Go Buffs!!!

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There is no reason we can't beat the Beavers IF we play at the level we are capable of playing. USC actually kept Oregon State's offense from scoring a TD in the whole game... OSU's only TD came from a special teams play. I see no reason why our D can't contain Mannion and company as well... Mannion is looking a lot less stellar now that Brandin Cooks has gone to the NFL. Our Offense will have to play well against OSU's D, but I'm certain we can get points. Can't wait for Saturday!!

Go Buffs!

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Way too early for Spruce to even worry about this... Need to finish an entire season, without injury, and still looking like he has for these first 5 games. Also, don't know where he is in his degree, but that should factor in.

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Agreed. The way our team played yesterday, I think we'd beat just about anyone this season, AZ. I think any team coming to Boulder should be seriously concerned because we are not likely to be favored in many of those match ups, but we are going to win several of them. Heck, I'm getting excited about our trip to the coliseum against USC. But one game at a time. First to beat a team that lost last night in the coliseum... Let's get a big win against the Beavers and their hot-shot QB!

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My wife and I debated this same point JoeBomma. She felt CU had managed to both frustrate and outlast Cal's on their home field, and taking them to OT where the Buffs could take some time to install some plays would give them the best chance, especially because Cal had already shown in the AZ game that they wear down at the end.

I was of your thinking. Just go for 2 point conversion. Do you remember that creative play call that got CU their very 1st TD in the 1st quarter... the one where even Nembot split out to wide receiver? Something like THAT call and we win the game!

Oh well, it was a heck of a game and I think the future is quite bright for this team!

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The Spruce is loose! Keep it rolling man, you are really something else!!

Coach, Coach, Coach. That's why you got your team a 15 yard penalty? Arguing with the refs like that is like hitting your head against a brick wall. It's best to just not do it. I think you got yourself so wound up you weren't thinking clearly. And I don't know why none of your staff tried to walk you back to the sideline? Someone should do that for you next time. But hey, you are going to watch this game and see how GREAT it was. Shake it off and go get the win against Oregon State!

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WOW, that game rocked!!

First team with a successful 3 point kick... wins! Oliver, you are normally money and you showed you are a man by coming in and taking questions after the game. We can't hang this loss only on you. You will shine again, don't worry.

What I don't understand is all the negativity by so many "fans" on here! Need I remind you that the last time we played in Berkley it was Schlawkins football and we were down by 5 scores at half-time (and it wasn't even that close). And need I remind you we have played that way for about the past 8 years?

The Buffs may have lost today, but they were playing really good FOOTBALL!!!! Don't forget that!

Today's game showed a lot of really great things for a team that doesn't have quite enough ability to overcome some mistakes. Even so, WOW! We are really playing football! SOOOOooooo many great things today.

The loss stings, yes. But everything is going in the right direction!

MacIntyre is correct, this game should have been won in regulation. The kicking game stunk. But so did that dagger of a interception inexplicably thrown by Liufau near the 3 minute mark in regulation play. And Special Teams in the 2nd half, yikes. And I would like MacIntyre to answer for his unsportsmanlike penalty that he got in the 2nd half.

But even with all of those things, that was a really REALLY good football game! And soon we are going to be on the correct side of the W/L column, no matter who we are lining up against!

Go Buffs!!

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Not sure I agree with Note 3... in fact I know I don't. Yes, should have had those, but I also put it on Liufau's TERRIBLE decision to force that pass with 3 minutes remaining in regulation. Must. Not. Do. That. That interception really gave Cal momentum late (not just game momentum, but mental momentum). Oh well. Overall, that game rocked!

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Was watching this with good friends, one of which was a Michigan fan. I remember as we watched it, altho we were down by two scores in the 4th, it didn't really feel like CU was ever really down. The Michigan fan seemed to sense that too as he was never relaxed during the game. There was just something about that team that kept grinding and fighting and never really felt like anything was out of reach.

Proud that the Buffs were the key factor in one of College Football's most memorable plays!!