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Rick George: "I'm really pleased, really pleased."

Me too! Great work and these will make for some good games!

Now can you replace these terrible the Div II teams that are on our schedule in the next 3 seasons? If we Never play an FCS team again, it will be a great thing for the program.

Go Buffs!

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The Pac-12 Network guys did a good job of explaining what was going on and why.... still, it was not good format. Last two year's of Spring Game were fun and showed how much potential the team had. This year was... Meh... at best.

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Good Luck with your future, gentlemen!

Your dedication is certainly commendable and something that will come in valuable as you enter the working world. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Go Buffs!

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Wonderful News!!! Like PhiBuffalo says, this article makes my day!

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It will be great news to have Bell's ability and know-how back for 2015. I remember actually wincing at the news that he had gone down with a major injury as Bell was going to be key to so much for the D last season. He might have been the difference in either of the 2 OT games, and maybe even in the Oregon State game... among others. Get healthy, and get ready, we'll be looking forward to your contributions in 2015, Mr Bell!

Go Buffs!

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I agree CUBuff2004. This was a high-profile coach who was fired from a college head-coaching job because he allegedly hit a student-athlete. It would be wrong if Kyle didn't ask about it. Now that he has, and has given Leavitt a chance to say whatever he wanted to about it, we can all move on.

I took the time to read the piece by Dobb on cbs .com and it was lame. If anything, it showed me the player involved thinks the world should revolve around him and seems amazed it hasn't handed him everything he wants on a silver platter. At least that is how he comes off.

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Yes, well I am old enough to know you don't back any coach 100 percent. And let me tell you why:

Not long ago, there was a head coach at CU that came with a great W/L record. But he was really struggling at CU. By his 3rd season I was convinced his OC was the problem and I wanted them to fire the OC. Well, the problem resolved itself when Oregon came calling and Helfrich went to call plays for Chip Kelly and took the Ducks, in his first season there as OC, to the Rose Bowl! That made it clear that the actual problem was Dan Schlawkins.

So, no. I was not willing to throw in the towel on Baer yet. Plain and simple. But now that MacIntrye has thrown in the towel on Baer, I do believe the replacement Mac came up with is a great choice. This is one dweeb's opinion. Deal with it.

And there is no proving anyone is right or wrong on this unless you can take us to the alternate universes where next season we see what CU does with Leavitt as DC, and the other universe where we see what CU does with Baer as DC. It is possible the W/L records are the same. But we will never know, will we?

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Thanks for this buffhole. VK thinks it is his way or the highway on this site and then forgets what he has actually written.

Considering VK wrote above "Never called for the head of Lindgren", my favorite VK quote you found is "And they give that OC a pass every time. That guy has got to go". No, you are right VK, you never called for Lindgren's head... It must be our interpretation. Guess we are all just "dweebs".

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Yes, harrassing me. Why don't you go back and look at my comments about losing Baer and searching for a D coordinator and see who was the first person to reply to it... every time.

And I believe my exact words were that I was surprised MacIntrye would make any staff changes himself in the 1st three seasons here.

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Wow. I state that I like the person who replaced Baer (which does not negate that I wasn't prepared for Baer to leave, btw) and you instantly go back to harassing me about Baer. I guess it really gets in your craw when someone dares to disagree with you, huh, VK? Oh, and look at that, you instantly have a plus 6 at the same time. Go figure.

Now, onto this article. The D will be better next year NO MATTER WHAT because they finally have talent and maturity on that side of the ball. I thought Baer was going to do much better this coming season because of it. But MacIntyre has stated that he encouraged the change. Okay, good idea by a coach that I trust. MacIntrye I trust. VK's random opinion I do not always trust. Deal with it.

So, now that Baer is gone, I have every right to state that I'm pleased with his replacement. It is my opinion. Deal with it.