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Hi Teddy Tight End. We would like to give you this snickers bar, in fact have a truckload of them. Such a bummer you destroyed your knee playing for us. By the way, you won't be on scholarship next year because of that. Shame. You were so close to getting your degree. Box of milk duds before you go?

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Congrats to all the inductees! Hagan was such a great player at CU, so many great plays and games, and that 20-0-1 record... WOW! Go Buffs!!

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What is "grossly inappropriate" is the NCAA not requiring schools to guarantee an athlete's scholarship, even after injury. Or when a coaching change happens and a kid is cut simply because he doesn't "fit" the new coach's scheme. How can that be appropriate, Mark Emmert!?

Wake up NCAA and modernize, or it will be forced upon you. Players aren't looking for a weekly pay-check, they are looking for proper treatment in a situation where their talent brings in huge dollars, but they have little say in any of the process.

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Thanks for a good season, Buffs! Next year will be a great season!!

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Perhaps. To me it just looked like a lack of effort.

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I don't know if college athletes need to be "paid" in the sense of a weekly salary, but things do need to be made honest... like: If a player is injured and it ends their career, the player should be guaranteed the remaining years of eligibility/scholarship for getting their degree. I think it is completely criminal that schools are allowed to drop a kid's scholarship because of injury.

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Great job, Buffs! Shoot like that 2nd half and no one is going to stop you!

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Wow, what a supremely disappointing end to this season. I don't know what Boyle is doing to prep his team for these big games, but this one, coupled with that horrible ESPN Game Day match up with Arizona tells me he is doing something not quite right. Boyle can talk about weight room and working out in the offseason, etc, but that wasn't the problem today. It was the completely unmotivated play, lack of team work, lack of hustle in transition, and multiple attempts at 3 pointers when we can't even handle the ball in the first 4 mins of this game that sunk it. None of those things have to do with offseason prep. They had to do with pre-game prep for this specific game. Frustratingly unprepared for tip off today!

With that said, it was an impressive season given Dinwiddie's injury and I do look forward to Boyle getting some shooters on this team.

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And one of mine from 132 weeks ago. What gives?

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Just seeing how frustrated the AZ coach was during his half time interview made me pleased with the Buffs play. They hung with one of the top 5 teams in the nation and without our star player in uniform. Not surprised the 2nd half went down the way it did. AZ is on a mission that will likely see them to at least the final four, and simply took care of business in the 2nd half. If Dinwiddie had been healthy, that 2nd half might have been something to behold, however.

Go Buffs, looking forward to an invite to the Dance!!