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I certainly won't argue with you about that 50 points, extrapoint.

I guess what I'm saying is that for the past 3 seasons, losing by 4 to 5 scores was the standard for the Buffs. This year, until the USC game, all four of our loses was by 14 points or less, and two of those games are by 5 or less. Is our Defense at all where it needs to be? Absolutely no. But it is finally giving us a chance to win games and that is huge IMO. Defense is such an emotion-based unit, and in the Oregon State game, when it mattered, they brought the emotion, forced a 3 and out with Mannion and company and gave us a chance to win. That is improvement.

But you and ckhutch are correct that overall, it is the D that is losing games. But along with that, our O is not producing when it must. I'm just spreading the blame.

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I hear what you are saying ckhutch, but I would just point out that the Defense wasn't on the field at Cal when our QB and RB went opposite directions and turned the ball over on downs. And our D got the ball back for CU against Oregon State with over 2 minutes left on the clock! Also, Special Teams got it for CU at the Oregon State 44 yard line... Yet we couldn't even manage a 1st down!

No one is saying our D is ready for prime time, but they are keeping us close in games and did exactly their job against Oregon State and it was our O that couldn't produce when it mattered. Heck, when CU was down 28 to 7 at USC, Crawley forced a fumble and Awuzie recovered. Remember what our O did with it? Yep, 3 and out. What they should have done was driven down and scored so it was 28 to 14 and given us some actual momentum and our Defense a rest.

Go Buffs!

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Me thinks McKinley is a knucklehead.

Go Buffs!

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Opening Drive:
We hand off the ball and gain 18 yards. We hand off the ball and gain 12 yards. Then we throw... and it is an interception. What is that coaching rule? Keep doing the same play until they stop you? Turns out we stopped ourselves.

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The first interception was just bad in the fact that he should have never thrown it. The 2nd one was unfortunate that the ball bounced the right direction that a defender could grab it. Not quite as much on Liufau. But he does need to get those throws dialed in as he managed to get his receiver hurt, and might not have gotten him hurt if Bobo hadn't had to go so high to try and catch it.

Even with all of that, the back-breaker was the running into the kicker call that wasn't. How that call got made when our player was blocked into their kicker is beyond me. It was right after that when the wheels fell off, IMO.

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Actually, Liufau had the identical passing yards of 446 to the Cal Bears QB, Jared Goff... but Sefo had nearly 70 yards in rushing to Goff's minus 3. Goff won all sorts of Offensive player of the week awards after beating the Buffs. So if we had won that game, all of those awards would have gone to Liufau. The guy is good, but he just needs to stop forcing the ball into double coverage. Period. Might be the difference between us sitting at 2-5 and 4-3 right now.

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This is exactly how I look at Saturday's performance against the Trojans... growing pains:

"When you are rebuilding a program it is not just a smooth uphill climb, there are going to be peaks and valleys. Today was one of those deep dark valleys. We are hoping players learn from this, realizing you have to show up every single week. The fact that you played tough the last two weeks doesn't help you this week..."
- Chad Brown on KOA Post Game Wrap Up http://www.cubuffs.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?id...

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Saturday's game will be an important one for the Buffs to see if they can bring the fire and bounce back from a lack-luster 1st quarter at the coliseum.

One of the important things against UCLA is to have a defender always eyeing their QB Hundley. He burns everyone with his running ability. You must stay home or he'll score a 50 yard TD on his own.

Liufau must take care of the ball. No more unforced errors like the first interception that he threw at USC. That was something he should have learned by now. Show us you have learned from it, Sefo!

Go Buffs!

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Sometimes teams over-prepare, come in too high and too emotional, and don't take care of business. I feel like that is what happened today. Personally, I wish MacIntyre had burned an early timeout and gathered the team and told them to settle down and do their job (just like Leach did when Washington State found themselves down 21 points in the 1st quarter against Utah... and came back to win that game). Instead, they just kept over reacting to everything and didn't settle down until they were down by 4 TD's. It's a shame. We know they are a better team than what they showed today.

Liufau throwing an INT into double coverage AGAIN! He MUST learn to protect that ball and not try to force it in situations like that... how many times have we seen it this season? (and the Utah game ended on a INT last season, too). And that roughing the kicker penalty by Special Teams, oh man. That was worthy of the turnover right before the half in the Arizona State game. Totally killed all positive motion and we never climbed back into the game after that.

I hope the team will focus and come together this week and then bring it against a beatable UCLA team.

Go Buffs!

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Oops, accidentally thumbs-downed you on that one buffbobby. I totally agree, was pleased to see Creer get some carries.