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Thanks for this, Mr. Howell. I feel like Henderson has the Heart of a Buffalo and somehow gets dogged on by some of his own fans... He is a solid player who, if he were 4 inches taller would be a lock for the NFL. The fact that ASU stopped throwing his direction means something (Jalen Strong is 6'4", Henderson is 5'11"). Keep playing like he is, and Henderson will get a pick for us (and even better, a pick 6) before too long!

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LOL, bufftrax!! That's a lot of work and great way to show your pride in the sooner / cowboy dominated plains!

Yes, the Stampede is coming...

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One of the things I forget is that the CU defense forced ASU into a 4th down play on that very first series. ASU went for it and got it, but I was pleased they did that much. If they had stopped them on 4th, just think how different the rest might have gone. If the Buff's D can start playing in the 1st quarter (and for 4 quarters) like they were playing by the 2nd, they are going to really make some teams struggle going forward.

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Kyle writes: "Well, it was a great environment until many of the fans decided it was over very prematurely. That has to stop. Fans have to realize they are part of the solution and the team feeds off their energy. It was pretty disappointing to see CU fans leave the stadium basically empty early in the fourth. I mean, with 8 minutes left, CU was down by 14 with the ball. That's a winnable situation, especially with the other team's starting QB on the bench hurt"

Cannot agree more Kyle! This is a Very important point!! It was a winnable game, but the noise from the fans was missing when ASU was on Offense. Need them to stick around!

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You know what was the best thing about Powel's 55 yard run? The first 2 yards where no ASU defender seemed to even realize Powel was on the field and he just started racing up the field. Beautiful play by the O-line. And like old_BEL says at the top, he would have gotten at least 5 or more yards if he'd just run and not broken stride when he felt a defender coming.

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"Slowed it down when Gehrke came in..." Unfortunately, Gehrke coming in was Mac conceding the game, IMHO. We were only 2 TD's down and then we send in the back up QB? I mean, it's an okay decision because Gehrke got some reps during game time. But I'm not sure that Mac will agree with his own decision after he watches the game again. Yes, it was frustrating when that 2nd Liufau INT happened, but still, we were only down 2 TD's and our D had taken control once the ASU QB went out injured. Should have left Liufau in and put the pedal to the metal. Again IMO.

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By my count, Liufau has yet to play an entire season (12 games) and he had a pretty good game last night against a top 20 team. And yes, Gehrke looked good against ASU's prevent D late in the game, but I don't think there is a QB situation by any means. Sefo, among all things, is a proven leader. Not saying Gehrke might not be, but right now the pulse of this team is with Liufau and there isn't much reason to think that will change, IMO.

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Wow, this is the first time in a long time that I woke up after a Loss and still felt like we had Won! That game was there for the taking and that is significant over last year's blow out. If you remove the fumble by our Offense and the ASU QB's 50 yard touchdown due to our Defense, this would have been an overtime game.

And when is the last time we had as many BIG YARD plays from so many players all in the same game?

In fact, not having our D cause a turnover is about the only element missing for things that went right (outside of a win, of course). And about our D, it was clear we were starting to control much of ASU's plays way before their star QB was injured. They just weren't consistent, yet. But they are learning and getting better.

Once the confidence of this teams builds, we are really going to roll. Having such a young Buffs team means some more frustrating games are likely coming. But overall, we are clearly aimed in the right direction. Boy are we headed in the right direction.

Go Buffs!!

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Then you confirmed what I was worried about... that our own Offense played Defense in that play. McCulloch needs to clear his head. And TOTALLY agree about DD... when he gets focused on the task at hand, he is going to start making highlight plays for the PAC channel all season long. But first, he needs to catch the ball.

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In full agreement here. Not sure we have the horses to pull off the upset, but I want to see a solid game. This is not unlike we did at the Rose Bowl last season against UCLA. We were clearly over matched, but we played solid football. The scoreboard didn't show it, but you could literally feel the team growing in that game. Against ASU, if we play our assignments, don't self-inflict problems, and show some creativity, I think we can at least be competitive. All things that will help get some more W's the next few weeks in the schedule.

Go Buffs!!