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As a Dish user, I feel bad for Direct TV users (not really, because you just have to move). I watch a lot of PAC-12 Channel and really enjoy much of their coverage of the non-football/basketball sports... Baseball, Softball, some of the Track meets, and the coverage of the Women's PAC-12 Golf tournament from Boulder have all been great.

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Henderson may not have the preferred NFL size, but for playing one of the toughest positions in football, he certainly has football-smarts in large doses. I hope he gets a fair look by a couple of teams. Good luck Mr. Henderson!

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Yes, noticed this too and thought it strange. Seems like helmets would be a good idea all around.

Great game for the Lady Buffs... go get 'em in the quarterfinals!

Go Buffs!!!

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Wow, that is a lifetime worth of sadness for such a young man.

So pleased to hear you want to be a doctor, Mr. McCartney. With your drive, you will go on to help countless people and stop some of the grief that you have already experienced far too much of in losing people close to you. Cheering you on in all of your pursuits!

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Wow, great story! How interesting that Bell and Scott have shared so much history together. Looking forward to them both having healthy 2015 seasons!

Go Buffs!

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+1000 nRWE. The fact that this would have been such an awful law is exactly the reason that conversation about it reached beyond political news pages and wound up on sport pages, etc.

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First, I read as much of the law as you did.

Second, you are right. All these people from Apple, Walmart, Pat Haden, Charles Barkley and myself just decided to get together and make a stink about nothing. We didn't use the fact that some of the most hateful religious leaders in Indiana stood behind the Governor and high-fived as the thing passed. We didn't listen to people who DO understand the law explaining the glaring difference between what the federal law DID and what this Indiana law DOES. And of course Indiana didn't decide to change the wording this week because there was any wording in there that would allow bigotry.

No, no, no.

They changed the wording because NQNQ had never read the law himself! And so they thought they'd better correct it so VK would have something to b!tch about. Oh my goodness, can you imagine!?

Thanks once again for trying to forbid people from having an opinion that doesn't fit King VK's opinion. Very classy of you. As always.

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What are you talking about? Seriously.

Oh and look at that, something VK disagrees with me on is magically at a minus 3. Imagine that.

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Great piece, Kyle! Thanks for including it on this site. Treat others as you would like to be treated. No one wants to walk into a business and not be served based on what they look like. Period. Incredible that Indiana would ever approve this piece of bigot-driven legislation.

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We have to win 7 because you must be at least .500 to qualify for a bowl game per NCAA rules... anything less than 7 wins on a 13 game schedule equals less than .500. That is the reason.

And no reason we can't reach 7 wins if we take care of all 4 non-conf games. Go Buffs!