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I'm not saying that no changes are good, but it does drive me nuts when they are ALWAYS changing the uniforms. I agree with this quote from Galloway: "There are so many times now you turn on the TV and you don't know who is playing." Amen. I remember the first time Maryland took the field with those crazy unis that looked more like an English Pub sign than a football uniform. UGLY and didn't immediately know who was playing.

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Nicely done, Buffs! Thanks for helping out while having a great time at the games!!

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WOW! Great work Ms. Coburn!!! Keep it going!

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Hate, hate, hate these games! Rick George, I hate these games!! I have said it over and over... And I don't buy the "Well the SEC does it"... BS! I don't care and I don't buy that argument. UCLA and the Trojans have never scheduled an FCS team, we should follow suit by never doing it again. You cannot win these games... If you win, you should have won and the fans get screwed by a non interesting match up. And if you don't win, well:

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Stay even and run your own race, Ms Kipp, and the rest will take care of itself. Good luck!

Go Buffs!!

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To some degree, USC and their AD Mike Garrett made this worse by trying to stonewall the NCAA investigation. But with that said, I have to admit that the whole thing is a sham and the NCAA over reacted with the penalties leveled against the Trojans. The NCAA needs major penalties leveled against it for abuse of power and crazy inconsistency in the use of its power.

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And I would split this award with Frensno State Bulldogs who raised funds for flood victims during their game against Boise State!

Go Buffs!!

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Let me see... they have held 3 Pac-12 Championship games, and the least attended was the one in the bay area due to traffic and rain. So now we have committed the next 3 Pac-12 Championship games to the same location? ??

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What a great race the Bolder Boulder is, and this is great news that it won't be affected by the construction of the NEW FACILITIES!! Two great pieces of news!

Go Buffs!!