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I'm pleased Liufau revisited his interceptions. My memory of last season is that about a 3rd of the INT's were balls that were bobbled or tipped by the receivers and were not fully on Liufau (1st interception at USC). Another 3rd were due to a wall of defensive backs in Liufau's face when he released the ball (which many, many times worked out as completions, but not always... like the final play in the Oregon State game that was an incompletion). But the last 3rd of those INT's were definitely on Liufau's shoulders as he should have known better at the moment in the game. That was the turning point in the game versus the Washington Huskies, for example. Either way, taking care of the ball in critical situations will be job #1 for him.

Cannot wait to see the revitalized Buff's D under Leavitt. Lot's of talent there that is ready to make themselves known to all the opposing Offenses.

Go Buffs!!!

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You may be right about the Admin, but I struggle to forgive Bruce Benson for urging Mike Bohn to keep sHlawkins another season when we already knew what a disaster that coach was... As unintentional as it may have been, Benson's request crippled CU's recruiting of talent as much as anything that had come from the Barnett era, imo.

Yes, 13 and no Bye Week. Yikes! Hope we have the depth and heart to get thru it. Either way, I think it will be an even more entertaining season than last year... and last year had some really, really entertaining games!

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"The Buffs have won just six games in MacIntyre's first two seasons..."

Well good, I think we will at least match that number this season. I'm not sure if we can get that elusive 7th win in 2015, or not, but we'll have a sense of how realistic that is after mid-season. Stay focused Buffs, stay connected Fans, stay positive Rick George, stay out of the way CU Admin (since you are the weak link, IMO) .

Go Buffs!!!

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Wow, that is great news and a quite an honor just to be nominated. Great job Ms Kresl!

Go Buffs!

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Great work, Buffs 4 Life, and thank you to all involved!

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Yes, facts are few. I'm wondering if part of this was made worse because Tupou wasn't forthcoming about the incident.... There were reports of players involved in an altercation on the Hill. But when spring practice started, MacIntyre said no one had come to them and said anything.

Regardless, it is a let down for the coaches, players, and the school... But even more so for Tupou and his family.

Bummed for all involved.

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Sounds great, ep. I wish I had done the NYC marathon before my running days (read: knee and back problems) made it so my greatest jogging distance is from the car to the grocery store door in the rain.

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For me, the Bolder Boulder is easily one of the best races in the nation... and certainly the best 10K. It has a great atmosphere with a great community cheering you on thru most of the 6.2 miles. Lots of cheers, music, and inspiration. And then struggling up that final hill, cresting, and dropping into Folsom Field, I mean come on! Nothing matches that for a non-elite runner. Nothing!

Good luck to the MacIntyres... Have a great run and lots of fun! Make sure and stay for the Memorial Day events.

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Wow, that is a great honor. Congrats to Ms Clark!

Go Buffs!

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Good thoughts! Fully agree that our worry will be about losing MacIntyre to another program because the Buffs have finally arrived on the field, not because we can't wait to get rid of him.

So few coaches are cut out for the rebuild job MacIntrye is doing, imo. One of MacIntyre's best attributes is that he does not promise anything... other than hard work. He hasn't talked much about post season or w/l records or anything beyond the usual "want to win them all" talk. He knows it takes time to build a program and has been stellar at managing expectations. Since we live in an era of immediate gratification and deafening internet complaints, this is important. I've wondered frequently if Bill McCartney would have made it to his 4th season during the internet age? Perhaps he would have, because Gordon Gee was a savvy guy at the time. Or perhaps not because of the huge, digital uproar the school would have faced.

Regardless, thank goodness we ended up with MacIntrye at such a time as now. He has done the heavy lifting while managing expectations of a program that should have never been as low as it was the previous 5 seasons to his arrival. I don't know if we can muster a bowl game this coming season or not (need 7 wins with at least 3 coming against a schedule of nationally-competitive Pac-12 teams in which all but 2 played in a bowl!), but I have a feeling it is going to be a very entertaining season with a lot of great games and (finally) some serious Pac-12 wins thrown in.

Go Buffs!